Perfect Iced Tea

First Signs of Spring…er, Mud Season


Ahhhhh….spring is finally in the air. The birds are chirping, my crocuses are starting to peak their heads out of my garden, the temperatures are ever so slightly rising, and all my shoes, car, and running clothes are covered in…mud?

The first signs of spring are all so wonderful aren't they? Here in Vermont though, we have an in-between season called mud season, which is, in my opinion, the official kickoff of spring.  This “season” falls right after winter releases its grip on us and before we can breathe easy and say that spring has arrived. 

During this time of year, I am revived by the warming temperatures and the promise that I can finally get back to my garden and am able to run outside without a million layers on. The quick floods and fragileness of our roads and bridges in Vermont, however, do caution me a bit. This time of year brings the added worry of “will the road be washed out?” with every heavy rain and the prospect of taking a new route to work each morning. 

Nevertheless, all of the changes in the weather and landscape do truly make me feel alive. There’s nothing quite like it. It’s a reminder that time is passing, but that each new season brings its joys and challenges.  Spring is in the air! That must mean summer is just around the corner…so grab a cup of Celestial Seasonings® Half & Half Perfect Iced Tea and enjoy the sunshine! 


What is your first sign of spring?



Cheers to Health & Wellness



February is a month of runny noses, ice cold hands, and the anticipation of Snow Days for the kids! Don't let the winter blues get you down, however, and brew a cup of one of our Wellness Brewed™ packs.

If you’re looking for antioxidants to the max, we suggest Celestial Seasonings® Antioxidant Max™ Green Tea Blackberry Pomegranate Tea. This K-Cup® pack is bursting with fruity flavor as well as giving you the extra boost you need during those cold winter days.

If you’re craving a twist of orange, our Celestial Seasonings® Antioxidant Max™ Green Tea Blood Orange Star Fruit Tea K-Cup® pack is the perfect fit for you! You will love the tanginess from the oranges paired with the exotic flavors of the star fruit. 

If you’d rather get your healthy antidotes via coffee, have no fear! Our Green Mountain Coffee® Focus Blend® and Antioxidant Blend® K-Cup® Coffees are both calling your name. Our Focus Blend® Coffee gives you a rich, well-balanced brew, for all the craziness in your day-to-day routine. Our Antioxidant Blend® serves up Vitamin C and E as well as notes of sweet brown sugar and toasted nuts, to leave you feeling satisfied.

Our Vitamin Burst® Strawberry Pomegranate and Acai Berry K-Cup® Packs are both high in antioxidants and flavor! You will love the delicious fruit brew that both of these varieties give you. They are a great option for a crisp refreshment for our warmer days ahead!

So go ahead, relax, and grab a cup of Wellness Brewed™. 


Tailgating Time Recipes

Rosemary Party Nuts

Football season is upon us and if you’re like me, one of your most favorite activities (besides from relaxing on the couch and cheering on your favorite team!) is dreaming up fancy, fun and delicious treats to serve to your fellow fans.  I, for one, can’t resist a good party nut, and OH MY GOODNESS are these addicting. You ever heard the expression, “You can’t just have one?” – that will happen with these. I truly and honestly could devour the entire recipe as it is outlined below, so make sure to have a glass of Half & Half Perfect Iced Tea or Lemonade by your side.  I will say though, it is more fun to share with others so you can commiserate on how truly addicting these nuts are! 

Rosemary Party Nuts

Tips: You can use any variety of nuts you love, the key is balance, and you want to have nuts (like pecans, cashews, and a smaller “binding” nut or seed) that has a lot of nice nooks and crannies to capture all the glaze – YUM.



  • 7 ½ Cups total of whatever nuts you choose: Mine were
  • 2 Cups Unsalted Almonds
  • 2 Cups Pecans
  • 2 Cups Cashews
  • 1 ½ Cups Sunflower Seeds
  • 1/3 Cup Pure Maple Syrup
  • ¼ Cup Light Brown Sugar
  • 3 Tablespoons Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
  • 1 Tablespoon Chili Powder
  • 1 Tablespoon Paprika
  • 4 Tablespoons fresh chopped Rosemary
  • 2 Teaspoons of course salt



Preheat oven to 350-degrees. Place parchment paper on cookie sheet. In a medium bowl combine rosemary, spices, maple syrup, brown sugar and orange juice. Mix in nuts and toss to coat completely and add salt, toss again.  Spread nuts evenly on cookie sheet and bake for 25 minutes, tossing them half – way so they don’t burn.  Toss occasionally as they cool so they don’t stick to each other or the pan.


Another fun addition to the party is a slightly sweet shortbread cookie with chocolate ganache frosting.  The football designs are fun and bring the festive-ness of football season to a notch!

Shortbread Football Cookies

Tips: Make sure everything, cookies, frosted ganache (after application to the cookies) are cool before trying to decorate with the white frosting. I just used a generic, white tube frosting with a fine top to dress the “footballs”.


Cookie Ingredients:

  • 1 ½ cups unsalted Butter at room temperature
  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 1 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
  • 3 ½ Cups Flour
  • ¼ teaspoon Salt


Preheat oven to 350 Degrees. Place parchment paper on cookie sheet. Combine ingredients in an electric mixer, or by hand.  Roll dough out on floured service into two long “loaves”. Wrap in plastic wrap and chill for 30 minutes.  Once cool cut cookies into ¼ inch thick disks and shape into football shapes. Place on cookie sheet.  Bake for 20 minutes, until the outside edges are just turning a light brown.  Cool completely. 


Ganache Frosting Ingredients:

  • 12 ounces semisweet or bittersweet Chocolate Chips
  • 1 cup Heavy Cream
  • 1/8 teaspoon coarse salt
  • 1 Tablespoon corn syrup



Bring Cream and corn syrup to just a boil over medium heat. Pour over chocolate and add salt. Let stand for 10 minutes (don’t stir!). After 10 minutes, stir with a whisk until smooth and shiny. Make sure cookies are completely cool and then spread evenly on top. 



Vermont Country Blend Cranberry Maple Bread

Do you love Autumn? I have to tell you, I do. Every year, when the leaves start to turn and the air gets even the tiniest nip of cool, I suddenly feel more alive. 
Autumn has always been my favorite season, and a lot of it has to do with everything that Vermont is known for: good coffee, maple syrup and sugar, and great bread courtesy of King Arthur Flour.
I wanted to celebrate everything I love about Vermont with this Vermont Country Blend® Cranberry Maple Bread recipe, because Vermont Country Blend is one of my favorite Green Mountain Coffees, and because - well, because Vermont should be celebrated! 
It's a wonderful place to visit, full of hidden notches of beautiful trees, and artisan goods around every turn. It's this time of year that my husband and I return to Stowe and Waterbury, where Green Mountain Coffee® is based. We indulge in apple cider donuts, fresh ice cream, wine, good cheese, and Green Mountain Coffee at Waterbury's train station in the few-mile-stretch that runs between Stowe and Waterbury. It's an adventure in culinary heights. 
I can imagine this bread being served for breakfast or tea time at one of the many bed and breakfasts along that road in Vermont, too. It's the perfect way to start the day or take a rest before you head out on your next foray into Vermontitude. 
I used dried cranberries, but I think it would be just as good with fresh. When they come into season, make it again!

Vermont Country Blend Cranberry Maple Bread

makes one Bundt pan sized loaf, about 16 slices


For the Dough:

  • 1 1/4 cups (10 oz) room temperature Vermont Country Blend Coffee (brew a 12 oz cup, as you will need a bit more for the filling)
  • 2 teaspoons instant yeast
  • 2 tablespoons butter, softened
  • 2 tablespoons maple sugar (granulated sugar or brown sugar can be substituted if necessary)
  • 1 large egg, room temperature
  • 1 1/4 teaspoon kosher salt
  • 1/4 cup nonfat dry milk
  • 1/4 cup cornstarch
  • 3 cups all purpose flour
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat pastry flour

For the Filling

  • 1/4 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/4 cup maple sugar
  • 2 tablespoons room temperature Vermont Country Blend Coffee
  • 1 tablespoon cinnamon
  • 1 tablespoon soft butter
  • 2 tablespoons room temperature Vermont Country Blend Coffee (from the dough ingredients)
  • 1 cup dried or 3/4 cup chopped fresh cranberries

For the Glaze

  • 1/2 cup powdered sugar
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 3 tablespoons heavy cream or 2 tablespoons regular milk

Maple Sugar for garnish


  1. Beat butter and sugar together on medium high speed in a stand mixer with a paddle attachment until light and fluffy (or use a hand mixer to accomplish the same). Add coffee, yeast, egg, vanilla extract and salt to the bowl and beat again until well combined.  
  2. In a separate bowl, combine nonfat dry milk, cornstarch, all purpose flour and whole wheat pastry flour. Whisk together to combine and aerate, then add to the wet ingredients in the stand mixer bowl.
  3. Using a dough hook, combine the ingredients on the lowest setting, letting mix until well combined. You will have a very sticky dough. Do not add more flour.
  4. Place the dough in a large bowl sprayed with cooking spray, and cover with plastic wrap. Allow to rise until almost double in size. If you have the time, allow it to rise in the refrigerator overnight. The flavors that develop are much deeper. 
  5. After the first rise, spread and pat the dough out onto a flat, greased surface (if you have a silpat or bread kneading mat, use it here. If not, spray a large cookie sheet with cooking spray and spread on that). Once flat, make the filling ingredients.
  6. Combine the filling ingredients except cranberries together in a bowl, stirring until you have a crumbly mixture. Spread the filling over the dough, then sprinkle with cranberries. 
  7. Starting with the shorter side of the dough, roll slowly into a log, and pinch the seam together. 
  8. Spray a Bundt pan with cooking spray, then cut the log into 10 or 12 equal pieces, arranging them around the Bundt pan so that they touch and overlap a bit.
  9. Cover the pan with an overturned bowl, and allow the dough to rise for 15 to 30 minutes, until puffy. 
  10. Preheat the oven to 350°F. When the dough is ready, remove the overturned bowl and bake for 30-40 minutes, until golden brown. 
  11. Allow the bread to cool in the pan for at least 10 minutes, then overturn onto a cooling rack or plate to finish cooling. 
  12. Just before serving, make your glaze by combining the ingredients in a small bowl with a whisk. When you have a nice paste, you can pour the glaze into a squeeze bottle or even a small ziptop bag with the corner snipped off. Squeeze the glaze back and forth over the bread to make a pretty design. Sprinkle more maple sugar on top of the glaze if desired.
  13. Serve immediately with large cups of Vermont Country Blend coffee!

Don't forget to visit Bluebonnets & Brownies for a chance to win some Vermont Country Blend Coffee and a mug!


Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Brew Over Ice This Summer

Summer is finally in full swing and ever since I discovered Brew Over Ice, I haven’t been able to stop brewing. If you haven’t brewed over ice in your Keurig® brewer yet or just need a little more motivation to become a regular, I’m here to be your guide. Here are 5 reasons why you should Brew Over Ice this summer:

  1. There’s a Wide Variety of Flavors to Choose From: There are a variety of Brew Over Ice beverages for you to try, including coffee, iced teas, and fruit brews. Each of these icy drinks is equally yummy and refreshing on a hot day. Here are a few of my favorites.
  2. Perfect Pick-Me-Up: A nice, cold Brew Over Ice beverage is the perfect pick-me-up in the afternoon. During the hot days of summer, brewing an Original Donut Shop™ Sweet & Creamy Nutty Hazelnut coffee or a Snapple® iced tea is the perfect way to take a refreshing break in the midst of your busy schedule. It only takes a few seconds and you’re set to go.
  3. Your Kids Will Love It: Brew Over Ice offers more than just coffee, so your kids will love it too! There’s nothing like brewing a cold, fruity, Lemonade or a Vitamin Burst® Acai Berry fruit brew with your regular Keurig® brewer for your kids to enjoy after they get back from day camp. The selections of non-caffeinated and fruity beverages are ideal for your kids and all you need is your regular Keurig® to brew them.
  4. It’s Quick and Easy: Brewing an icy, refreshing beverage has never been easier. Even during your craziest days this summer you’ll be able to enjoy a cold beverage. Why? Because using your Keurig® brewer to Brew Over Ice only takes seconds. Cup, ice, brew and you’re done. It’s that easy.
  5. You Can Win Money and Prizes: While you’re sipping on your freshly brewed iced coffee, you can register for a chance to win $10,000 plus hundreds of instant daily prizes in our Brew Over Ice Sweepstakes! Visit for more information and to register. You have until September 3rd to enter! What better way to get into the excitement of summer than a fun sweepstakes with games, money, and prizes!

This summer, Brew Over Ice will be the perfect addition to your daily routine. I became addicted after my first brewing experience, so if you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend it! Brew Over Ice is delicious, refreshing, simple, and it can even pay off to try...literally! You could win $10,000 by visiting to enter the sweepstakes! Sounds easy enough…excuse me while I go register for myself!


Pucker Up: Top 3 Lemon Picks for Your Keurig Brewer

Green Mountain Naturals Lemonade

When life hands you lemons…make lemon iced tea!  Or rather, let us do that bit for you.  If you’re a lemon-head like me, addicted to pucker power and searching for citrus, you’re definitely in the right place with a Keurig® brewer.  There’s a bushel of lemon options to soothe your craving for a little tang this summer, whether you’re in search of a refreshing ice tea or a something a little sweeter. 

- Green Mountain Naturals® Lemonade – Who knew your brewer could be a lemonade stand?  Now you know!  A combination of sun-splashed, fresh-picked flavor and brewing ease. Plus, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.   

- Snapple® Lemon Iced Tea – The Best Stuff on Earth just made it into your brewer! Bright lemon flavor with green and black teas make this famous iced tea just what your taste buds expected – and all freshly brewed in your kitchen.

- Celestial Seasonings® Half & Half Perfect Iced Tea – Why should you have to choose between robust and smooth black tea and tangy, all-natural lemonade?  We don’t think you should.  “Teatime” with Half & Half!  

Chilling out has never been this easy. It's icy refreshment at the touch of a button.  Did we miss your favorite? Let us know!



SNAPPLE and MADE FROM THE BEST STUFF ON EARTH are registered trademarks of Snapple Beverage Corp., used by Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. under license. © 2013 Snapple Beverage Corp.


Tips to Pick and Pack a Picnic for the Fourth

Packing for a Picnic for The 4th of July

In case you hadn’t noticed, picnic season is in full swing. As we countdown to July 4th, it seems like a good time to offer some inspiration in putting together a perfect picnic basket to be enjoyed with or without the benefit of fireworks.

To help keep things organized, let’s start with the non-food items you’ll want to pack.

If your early summer weather has been a fraction as soggy as it’s been in Vermont, it might be nice bring a tarp in addition to a blanket, ideally one that can fit most of your picnickers’ behinds, and that is pleasant to sit on (the blanket, that is).

Paper plates and plastic ware…check. Cloth napkins are nice since they won’t blow away if the wind picks up. Handy wipes for messy foods and kids, a couple of garbage bags, aluminum foil, and/or plastic baggies for any leftovers. For entertaining the little ones, pack a flying disc, whiffle ball set, bubbles, butterfly net. Leave the tablets and digital babysitters at home.

Now the food. It sounds obvious, but you’ll want to put together a menu of foods that actually taste good cold. I much prefer my fried chicken hot and greasy, so that won’t find its way into my picnic basket. Veggies and hummus, chips and salsa or popcorn are good for snacking. Setting up a “sandwich bar” is a great option for the main meal. If you go this route, do all the slicing and dicing ahead of time, keeping everything in its own container to avoid sogginess and cross-flavoring: not everyone likes their bread soaked with pickle juice. For dessert, a pan of brownies is a crowd-pleaser and nothing says summer like slices of sweet watermelon. Pit-spitting contests are encouraged.

Finally, considering you are reading a blog entry from a company that sells beverages – or rather, a company that sells single serve beverage packs and brewers – there is clearly one key item I’ve forgotten. The drinks! If you think your Keurig® brewer can only be enjoyed at home, consider the to-go options a spill-resistant, Brew Over Ice tumbler presents you with: fresh-tasting lemonade, iced tea flavors like Half-and-Half and Snapple®, delicious iced coffee, and a splash of fruit flavor with Vitamin Burst® iced brews.

True, these tumblers don’t come in six-packs like some other popular beverage items, but you can at least enjoy a little refreshment during the ride to the festivities. And with a car filled to the gills with gear and kids and dogs, that might just be the nicest way to keep your cool.

Happy 4th, everyone!


Present Tense – The Grad Gift

Keurig MINI Wall from Keurig's 20th Anniversary Event

I generally pride myself on being a good gift-giver, preferring to spend a little time thinking about what the recipient would actually use and appreciate before I make a trip to the store, virtual or otherwise. And – with the exception of gifts for my mother-in-law – I often seem to hit well on the mark.

So I was surprised a few weeks ago when I found myself fumbling for a graduation gift idea for my nephew. After all, there is no shortage of products aimed at males 18-25.

I started with the lofty idea of getting him a perspective-altering book that would tap into the frenetic enthusiasm of a college-bound kid on the cusp of becoming an adult. But that gift had “English major Aunt” written all over it, and I wasn’t sure he’d be able suppress a little eye-rolling.

I started looking into techy gifts, but that left me feeling old and out of touch (for a little perspective, I mortifyingly keep referring to my iPod as my Walkman). And gift cards, while practical, just seemed, well…a bit lame.

I needed help. Yahoo had the answer. And it was right under my nose, quite literally, as I sipped my morning coffee. In Yahoo’s Market Wired segment, I came across a news item: “Graduation Gifts: Top Picks for the Class of 2013.” There it was coming in at #3, the Keurig® Mini Plus Brewing System.

I’m sure dorms are no bigger today than the broom closets we had when I was in school, so a compact brewer would be the perfect crowning accessory to a stack of milk crates. And, knowing my nephew, all-nighters are likely to be the norm, so the ability to make a cup of coffee in less than two minutes, or  <marketing alert> hot cocoa, hot tea, and iced beverages like Snapple® iced teas, lemonade, and other fruit brews, seemed like a gift that got check marks in both the form and function columns. Throw in a few sampler packs and I may be in contention for favorite aunt status.

Take that Auntie Lois.



The Doctor's In for Brew Over Ice!

Here on the PR team, we’re all super excited about a recent…doctor’s visit.

Before you assume I’m about to go seriously TMI and tell you about my last physical, let me assure you that I’m not talking about my general practitioner…or any old doctor. I’m talking about THE doctor: Dr. Gadget. Last Friday, the “Guru of Giveaways” featured Keurig® Platinum Brewer and Brew Over Ice K-Cup® packs on The View’s hottest summertime gadgets segment.

 “What it’s all about is this new system that they’ve got with the K-Cup®!” Dr. Gadget said, demonstrating how to Brew Over Ice with Whoopi Goldberg and Elizabeth Hasselback.

Both Elizabeth and Dr. Gadget noted that the Brew Over Ice K-Cup® packs, ranging in variety from Celestial Seasonings® Perfect Iced Teas to The Original Donut Shop® Sweet & Creamy iced coffee, are specially formulated to retain their flavor when brewed directly over ice.

“You guys know how when you take coffee and put it over ice it gets all watered down?” Dr. Gadget asked the cheering crowd. “Well, not anymore!”

And here in Vermont where the mercury has been regularly rising to a staggering 99°F lately, we are so thankful for that.

The lucky studio audience on set that day got a brewer and K-Cup® packs to take home. No surprise there, as Dr. Gadget gives away more than $200,000 worth of products on average to The View’s audiences, according to his website. He even coined the phrase, “Everybody Gets One!” (Seriously, he did. I thought it was Oprah, too.) Anyway, we’re all thrilled to have the doctor’s approval; he even described Brew Over Ice as “perfectly blended” with a “great formula”!

Want to beat the heat in your area? Get in on this cool (literally) summertime trend ASAP! I’ve been sipping away on my Sweet & Creamy Nutty Hazelnut iced coffee in the office every day, and I think you need some in your life. You can get this tasty summer cool-down in a cup at our website, and check us out on The View in the clip below—we come in at 2:32.

Stay cool!



Do you smell that? It's barbecue season - bring on the iced tea!

You know, this spring's weather has been a bit perplexing to me. A few weeks back it seemed like warm, sunny days had arrived for good, but since then the weather hasn't been able to make up its mind if it's spring or not. One minute I'll be enjoying a beautiful, 70-degree day, and then next it's suddenly cold, damp and cloudy. All of this inconsistency has made it really difficult to enjoy one of my favorite seasonal activities - grilling.

But this past weekend I decided to hedge my bets on the weather and break out the old charcoal grill. With my eye on the sky, I rounded up the wife and kids and told them to get ready for the first delicious barbecue fare of the season. The second I mentioned grilling, the kids, Spencer and Sabrina were instantly asking to help.

I have to laugh every time the kids want to be included with the barbecue, because it's almost impossible to get them to participate when I'm cooking a regular dinner in the kitchen. If there's an oven involved, neither of them are anywhere to be seen, but mention "BBQ" and they're suddenly aspiring chefs. I can't blame the kids for their enthusiasm for grilling though - meat and vegetables cooking over an open flame is what I live for in the summertime.

With my wife's supervision, I set the little ones to work shucking corn, cutting veggies and brewing some delicious Half  & Half iced tea with our Keurig® Brewer . Meanwhile, I headed out into the yard to get the grill started - all the while hoping that our first barbecue of the season wouldn't be called on account of rain.

Luckily, the clouds cleared up immediately - just in time for the kids to run outside with a couple of pitchers of delicious iced tea. I got the fire started as Sabrina poured a few glasses of Sweet Raspberry and Southern Sweet Perfect iced tea. As the weather began to warm up, I remembered just how great a cold glass of iced tea is during a summer barbecue. In fact, both of those flavors reminded me of when I was a kid and it was my dad manning the grill - cooking up incredible burgers and hot dogs.

Seems that I wasn't the only person in my neighborhood impatient for the weather to clear up. As the evening wore on, I got some serious whiffs of grilled steak and chicken wafting down my street. It's official - barbecue season is finally here. Now we'll just see if Mother Nature is willing to play along.

Looking for great barbeque recipes? Check out these flame broiled recipes with an interesting Coffee twist  from Green Mountain Coffee’s participation in the Safeway Barbecue Battle last summer.


Brewing a Better BBQ with Coffee and Tea Recipes

Last weekend, a team of Green Mountain Coffee and Brew Over Ice foodies rolled into Washington, D.C. fueled with the idea that coffee, tea, and BBQ would make for a winning combination at the Safeway Barbeque Battle.  After three days of late nights, early mornings, and more coffee around the brewer than we can count, the results are in:


Flatlander BBQ’s Celestial Seasoning Sweet Southern Tea Perfect Iced Tea-rubbed and Brew Over Ice Nantucket Iced coffee sauce-smothered pork ribs took 3rd place in the Barbeque Battle!  These caffeinated ribs garnered our team a pig-topped trophy and $500, which will be donated to the Boys & Girls Club of Washington, D.C., the marquee charity of the event.  To top it all off, it turns out we placed 9th out of 41 teams, competing among some of the top teams in the country. “Wow,” would be an understatement.



Wanting to spread BBQ coffee revelations around and to thank you all for cheering us on, it’s time to share our recipes in time for everyone to enjoy them during the Fourth of July.  Look below to learn how to make our Coffee-Rubbed Brisket, Half-and-Half Chicken, Nantucket Blend-Rubbed Pork Shoulder and award-winning Sweet Tea Ribs.  Not to mention our Jalapeño Coffee Barbecue and Tricky Barbeque Saucel!  Read the recipes below:



Coffee-Rubbed Brisket

2 Tablespoons Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve OR Nantucket Blend K-Cup® Portion Packs

2 Tablespoons paprika

2 Tablespoons light brown sugar (Fair Trade Certified™)

2 Tablespoons coarse salt

4 Tablespoons ground black pepper

1 Tablespoon ground ancho chili powder

1 Tablespoon finely grated lemon zest

Open the portion packs and empty the contents into a bowl with other ingredients.  Mix well.


1/2 cup apple juice

4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce


Trim a full packer brisket of most exterior fat and silverskin, or you can use just the brisket flat

Coat the brisket with a thin layer of yellow mustard and then coat with coffee rub, rubbing it into the meat.  Wrap in plastic wrap or place in a large resalable plastic bag and refrigerate overnight.

Rest the meat at room temperature before grilling, about 1 hour. Prepare grill for indirect medium-low heat, about 250 degrees.
Put the brisket, fatty-side up, on the grill away from the heat; cover the grill. Baste or spray the brisket with the mop whenever the surface looks dry, about once every hour. Keep the temperature of the grill or smoker around 250 degrees, adding charcoal as necessary.

After 4 hours of cooking, put the brisket in an aluminum foil pan, fatty side up; return brisket to the grill away from the heat. Cover the grill; continue cooking. Continue mopping the brisket if it looks dry. If your grill has a temperature gauge, it should stay about 250 degrees during the entire cooking time. If using charcoal, add fresh coals about once an hour.

Cook until severely browned and blackened in spots or very well-done (about 190 degrees on an instant read thermometer in the thickest part of the brisket), 6 to 8 hours total.

Remove the pan from the heat; let rest 20 minutes. Trim any excess fat; slice brisket across the grain. Serve with barbecue sauce.


Sweet Tea Ribs



4 Celestial Seasonings Southern Style Sweet Tea Brew Over Ice K-Cup® Portion Packs

1 Tablespoons paprika

1/2 Tablespoon kosher salt

1 teaspoon Tiny Spice Company Citrus Pepper OR substitute 1 teaspoon black pepper

Peel the foil off the portion packs, empty into a spice or coffee grinder, and grind until powdery.  Mix with the paprika, salt and pepper.


1/2 cup apple juice

4 tablespoons Worcestershire sauce


Pat ribs dry and trim the membrane from the underside.

Coat ribs with a thin layer of yellow mustard and then rub the tea mixture into the ribs

Wrap in plastic wrap or place in a large resalable plastic bag and let marinate for at least 4 hours.

Rest the meat at room temperature before grilling, about 30 minutes. Prepare grill for indirect medium-low heat, about 250 degrees.
Put the ribs, bone side down, on the grill away from the heat; cover the grill. Baste or spray the ribs with the mop whenever the surface looks dry, about once every hour.  Keep the temperature of the grill or smoker around 250 degrees, adding charcoal as necessary.

After 3 hours of cooking, wrap the ribs in aluminum foil and return ribs to the grill away from the heat. Cover the grill; continue cooking. If your grill has a temperature gauge, it should stay about 250 degrees during the entire cooking time. If using charcoal, add fresh coals about once an hour.

Cook until the ribs are flexible when you try to pick them up using tongs or oven mitts, 5 to 6 hours total.  They should not be falling off the bone, but tender and flexible.

Remove the ribs from the heat; let rest 20 minutes. Place on grill directly above coals and baste generously on both sides with sauce, turning frequently to prevent burning.  Remove from grill and cut into portions.


Chicken Rub

2 Celestial Seasonings Half & Half Brew Over Ice K-Cup® Portion Packs

4 Tablespoons Mrs. Dash Salt-Free Seasoning

1 Tablespoon paprika

1 Tablespoon kosher salt

Empty the portion packs into a coffee or spice grinder and grind until powdery.  Mix with other ingredients.


Use the rub on your favorite cut of chicken or a whole chicken: if using a cut with skin, be sure to get under the skin.

Barbecue or grill chicken as you normally would.










Nantucket Blend-Rubbed Pork Shoulder


1 Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend Brew Over Ice K-Cup® Portion Packs

3 Tablespoons light brown sugar (Fair Trade Certified™)

1 Tablespoon Tiny Spice Company Citrus Pepper (or substitute black pepper)

½ teaspoon anise seed

1 Tablespoon kosher salt

1/2 teaspoon anise seed

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

Open the portion packs and empty the contents into a bowl with other ingredients.  Mix well.


1/2 cup apple juice

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

4 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce


Trim a pork shoulder (Boston Butt) of  most visible fat and silverskin.

Rub with a thin layer of yellow mustard and then cover with coffee rub

Wrap in plastic wrap or place in a large plastic bag and let marinate overnight

Rest the meat at room temperature before grilling, about 1 hour. Prepare grill for indirect medium-low heat, about 250 degrees.
Put the pork shoulder, fatty-side up, on the grill away from the heat; cover the grill. Baste or spray the brisket with the mop whenever the surface looks dry, about once every hour.  Keep the temperature of the grill or smoker around 250 degrees, adding charcoal as necessary.
After 4 hours of cooking, put the pork shoulder in an aluminum foil pan, add ½ cup apple juice and cover tightly with aluminum foil; return shoulder to the grill away from the heat. Cover the grill; continue cooking. If your grill has a temperature gauge, it should stay about 250 degrees during the entire cooking time. If using charcoal, add fresh coals about once an hour.

Cook until severely the internal temperature reaches 190 degrees on an instant read thermometer, 6 to 8 hours total.

Remove the pan from the heat; let rest 20 minutes. Using heat-proof gloves or forks, pull pork apart in foil pan, using the jus in pan to moisten and flavor the meat.  Remove any connective tissue or fat that didn’t cook out.  Serve with your favorite barbecue sauce.


Tricky Barbecue Sauce


2 Tablespoons grainy Dijon mustard (we use Fox Meadow Farm 3-Peppercorn Dijon from Vermont)

2 Tablespoons yellow mustard (we use Fox Meadow Farm Vermont Maple Mustard)

1 cup cider vinegar

¼ cup low sodium soy sauce

¼ cup regular soy sauce

2 cups ketchup

2 cups honey (Champlain Valley Apiaries Honey)

1 Nantucket Brew Over Ice K-Cup® Portion Pack brewed on 6-oz setting without ice

3 Tablespoons Worcestershire sauce

1 Tablespoon paprika

1 Tablespoon + 1 teaspoon maple sugar OR 2 tablespoons + 2 teaspoons maple syrup

½ teaspoon garlic powder

½ teaspoon Chinese five spice powder

¼ teaspoon ancho chili powder

Combine all ingredients in a medium sauce pan and bring to a light boil.  Boil while continuously stirring for about 15 minutes, or until thickened.




Jalapeno-Coffee Barbecue Sauce

2 Green Mountain Coffee Nantucket Blend Brew Over Ice K-Cup® Portion Packs brewed on 4oz setting

1 cup ketchup

¼ cup molasses

2 Tablespoons orange juice

2 Tablespoons cider vinegar

2 teaspoons Worcestershire sauce

2 teaspoons Dijon mustard

2 jalapeno peppers, pierced all over with a fork

3 shots hot sauce

In a medium saucepan, combine all ingredients except hot sauce.  Cook, stirring frequently, over low heat until slightly thickened, 10 to 15 minutes

Remove from heat and let cool.  Discard peppers and season with hot sauce to taste.



Green Mountain Coffee and Brew Over Ice are BBQ’ing in DC

You all know we have brewing down cold, but did you know the same can be said for barbequing?

A few months ago, as the Green Mountain Coffee and the Brew Over Ice teams were ironing out a schedule for our current sampling tour, it was decided that we couldn't pass up the opportunity for Brew Over Ice to sponsor the Safeway Barbeque Battle in Washington, D.C..  This is one of the top barbeque events of the summer, shutting down Pennsylvania Avenue with games, music, and lots and lots of barbeque.  Perfect for iced coffee and iced tea, right?  As excited discussion around the event ensued, it surfaced that Derek, Green Mountain Coffee brand manager, is a certified Kansas City Barbeque Society (KCBS) competition judge.  It turns out that not only is he a judge, but at the time Derek was finalizing plans to enter a team in various BBQ competitions around New England.  We put two and two together, and decided to enter our own team for the D.C. event, and compete alongside some of the most decorated teams on the competitive BBQ circuit.

Now it’s time to put our BBQ where our mouth is.

So, at the end of this very week, members of the Brew Over Ice and Green Mountain Coffee teams are traveling to our nation’s capitol to take part in this exciting contest on June 25th and 26th.  Derek, who moved to Vermont from Rhode Island by way of Massachusetts several years ago, lovingly dubbed his team “Flatlander BBQ, playing off the word that Vermonters tend to call folks from outside of the Green Mountain state.

Technically, the Flatlander team consists of Derek and his wife Meghan, but for this weekend’s event, the team will temporarily expand to Extra Bold levels to include Kristen from Public Relations, Chris from Brew Over Ice, and Tyler and Roger from the Green Mountain Coffee team.  Together we're competing in all four competition categories – chicken, beef, pork ribs, and pork shoulder (for pulled pork).  We are also entering the “America’s Best Sauce Contest” to really put it over the top.

We hope to add to Flatlander’s recent success (Derek and Meghan took second place for pork and fifth place for chicken at the recent Cape Cod BBQ contest) by utilizing the special rubs and recipes that Derek concocted … oh, and did I mention that all of our entries will feature our bagged coffee and/or tea from Brew Over Ice K-Cup® portion packs? For additional authenticity, we will even be going so far as to use green coffee beans in the smokers, hopefully imparting the winning essence for all our entries.

So, as you’re doing your own backyard grilling this weekend, think of us as we attempt to smoke the competition (bad pun intended) at this national showdown!  Or if thinking seems like too little, follow our progress on Twitter (search for the #BBQBattle hashtag) and Facebook – or even come down to cheer us on (and try free Brew Over Ice samples in the Sampling Pavilion, too)!  Just remember, low and slow is the way to go, so let’s hear it for Flatlander BBQ!!!


Summer Catalog - It's Cool and Convenient!

Summer is upon us! We spend much of our time in anticipation of this time of year, only to watch it go by in an instant.

How would you describe the perfect summer day? Maybe you feel like James Dent, who said that the perfect summer day "is when the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, the birds are singing, and the lawn mower is broken." Or maybe your perfect summer day involves friends, family, and a barbecue. Or perhaps you're the type that prefers to beat the heat by staying inside and chilling by the air conditioner.

Since summer tends to be so short, many of us like to keep our lives a bit simpler so we have time to enjoy it.  That's how we can help!  We're serving up the convenience of shopping from wherever you are and having your favorite coffees, teas, and beverages shipped directly to you.  Our summer catalog is just the tool to do this! It's lightweight, portable, and offers you plenty of choices.  Keep watching your mailbox for your copy!

Highlights from our summer issue:

If you forget to take your catalog with you, don't worry, you can view it digitally, page by page, right here.

If you are not currently on our mailing list and would like to be, please visit our catalog request page on our website:

From all of us at Green Mountain Coffee, have a happy, safe, and healthy summer.


Win a FREE Alaskan Cruise with Brew Over Ice

As the summer approaches, we want to help everyone stay cool. While a refreshing glass of French Vanilla Iced Coffee or Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea is a great way to start, we figured a FREE Alaskan cruise would really do the trick.

How it Works:

  • Visit and click “Enter the Giveaway”

  • Choose to either “Like” or “Follow” us and the Brew Over Ice crew on Facebook or Twitter

  • Fill out the giveaway form, submit it, and you’re in the running to win…

The Prizes:

  • An Alaskan cruise for 2 with roundtrip airfare

  • One of 100 Keurig® Single-Cup brewers

  • One of 1,000 4-ct sampler packs of Brew Over Ice K-Cup® beverages

A cool cruise awaits you!  Enter today!

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Legal residents of the 50 United States (D.C.) 18 years and older. Ends 8/31/11. To enter and for Official Rules, including odds, and prize descriptions, visit Void where prohibited.


Green Mountain Coffee Top Holiday Gift Picks

With so much of the holidays already dedicated to the stresses of the season, we’re here to provide you with trouble-free gift giving to even the pickiest person on your list.  Yes, even the pickiest person on your list.  You know the kind: The friends you love dearly but have expensive tastes (that’s Luxury Larry), your restaurateur neighbor (Foodie Fran), you socially-conscious coworker (Advocating Anne), or your sibling who has absolutely everything (Been-there-Done-That Ben).  Have no fear this year – Green Mountain Coffee’s got you covered.

Give something truly exceptional this holiday season with Green Mountain Coffee’s Special Reserve coffee.  Four times a year, we seek out some of the rarest coffees from around the world and batch roast them to display the coffee’s fullest flavor and aroma.  Each Special Reserve comes from a single origin – like our latest Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley – and produces a very limited batch, only around 1,000 bags.  Our Special Reserve selections pair the farmers’ best work with the art and craft of our Master Roasters – all so true coffee connoisseurs can experience the unique qualities of these origins in their morning cup. This website exclusive is available for $17.95 for 10-12 ounce bag or you can join the Tour to get the latest Reserves shipped right to your door before anyone else.

Be the toast of the breakfast table by giving a delicious breakfast that will fill those on your list with good feelings and food. Start with our own Organic House Blend coffee or Lake Champlain Hot Cocoa— both are Fair Trade and organic. Follow up with organic treats from Highland Sugarworks: multi-grain pancakes topped with exquisite maple syrup.  Share this gift with your holiday hosts and they’ll be asking you to come back as soon as possible! Available for $37.95.

If variety is the spice of your loved ones life, Green Mountain Coffee has a coffee selection for you.  This sampler includes three 10-oz. bags of coffee to fit every mood – bold and dark with French Roast, sweet and swanky with Sumatran Reserve, and bright and vibrant with our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Each certified Fair Trade and Organic, our sampler is perfect for the socially-minded with a coffee habit that’s never routine. Available for $24.95.

Keurig® single-cup brewing is the latest trend in coffee – bringing fast, affordable, and café quality hot beverages to the home. Each of the over 200 varieties of K-Cup® portion packs make the perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, hot cider, and iced coffee and teas at the touch of a button. There's no measuring, grinding, or mess.  With five Keurig brewers available, from the red hot Mini Plus Personal Brewer ($99.95) to the luxury Cuisinart® Keurig Single-Cup Brewer ($199.99), there’s a style and price point for everyone. Even the gadget guru with everything will want to thank you every time they push the button.  Available at (and there’s free shipping on all brewers when shipping within the continuous US).

No matter the stresses this season may bring, we’re here to make your holidays a happy one.


The Tasting Team Strikes Again: Iced Tea

It happened this week – on my way to work, I saw a section of woods that was no longer bright, glorious green but was beginning to take on a yellow-orange hue. That change in color only means one thing: Autumn is only a hop, skip, and a jump away.

While autumn signals the countdown to the arrival of our Limited Edition Autumn Seasonals for many, it also means the warm Vermont days are coming to a close here in Waterbury. In an attempt to cling to the sweet joys that summer bring, we asked a few members of our Customer Care department (and now members of the Green Mountain Coffee Tasters Guild) to give us their take on the Celestial Seasonings® Brew Over Ice Sweet Berry Lime and Brew Over Ice Sweet Tropical Breeze Perfect Iced Teas.  And, as always, they did not disappoint.

First, Meghan takes her green thumb (and tea) to the garden to ruminate on a tumbler of Sweet Berry Lime Green Iced Tea:

Psst! Don’t tell anyone, but I’m not a coffee drinker! So when we came out with this amazing Sweet Berry Lime Iced Tea, I couldn’t help but assume it was all for me! But luckily for you, my fellow tea buddies, I share :-) So sip and relax, your on Green Mountain (Tea) Time!

And what about the men and their love for tea, too?  That’s where Craig comes in, letting his Sweet Tropical Breeze White Iced Tea take him on a sweet retreat.

Some people still call it an afternoon break.  With Sweet Tropical Breeze in my cup, I call it an escape to paradise.

The leaves may be changing, but we’re still in the spirit of summer around here.  Let the summer Brew Over Ice spirit stay strong!


Summer Interns Share Favorite Brew Over Iced Teas

With all of the new Brew Over Ice Tea K-Cups rolling out, we interns thought it would be nice to take some time to remember two go-to favorites: Half and Half Perfect Iced Tea and Southern Sweet Perfect Iced Tea.  John, my product marketing intern-in-arms, and I, an exuberant, coffee-tasting Public Relations intern, took our cool tumblers to a favorite park in Waterbury and reminisced on exactly what makes these delicious brews so reliable (and refreshing) in the taste department.

First, a little Half & Half.  Just like Vermont weather, I sometimes can’t seem to make up my mind! That’s why I often reach for Brew Over Ice Half and Half: half lemonade, half iced tea. Two great beverages in one, so I don’t even have to make a decision! Now, if only the weather had an easy way of deciding what it wants to do…

John spent some of his growing years in Atlanta, Georgia, so when he feels nostalgic for his childhood, he jumps for a tumbler full of Southern Sweet Tea.  Swings, sunglasses, and a refreshingly familiar cup of sweet tea make for a very happy intern!

We at Green Mountain Coffee can’t get enough of these updated classics. What is your favorite summer standby?


Chill Out With Two New Perfect Iced Teas

Finances keeping you from taking a vacation this summer?  Then it's time to create your own affordable backyard alternative: bring out your lawn chairs, kiddie pool, sunscreen, plastic flamingos, and let your taste buds whisk you away to exotic places with the latest Brew Over Ice K-Cup® portion packs for your Keurig® brewer.

We are introducing two new varieties of Brew Over Ice Perfect Iced Teas from Celestial Seasonings® to help you choose your destination. First is Sweet Berry Lime Iced Green Tea—a sweet and citrusy fusion of smooth green tea and juicy berry flavor with a splash of lime.

Second is Sweet Tropical Breeze Iced White Tea—a refreshing fusion of delicate white tea and the tempting tropical flavors of passion fruit and papaya.

If you want to go for something a bit less tropical, then our Perfect Iced Tea Variety Pack might just be the ticket. This pack lets you try our four classic iced teas: lemon, raspberry, peach, and unsweetened black tea, all in one place. Sample them all and find the one you love!

Whichever one you choose, you will find a paradise of flavor, right in your glass. And with our limited time price discount, you can afford to travel to both places, as long as you remember to enter the keycode BREW-ICED in your shopping cart when booking your iced getaway.

This just in: we are extending our discount for $1.00 on ALL boxes of Brew Over Ice K-Cups through 10/4/10! Stock up and save!

Remember, Brew Over Ice is simple: Fill a tall (16 oz.) cup (do not use glass) with ice and place under brewer. Shake K-Cup and place in brewer. Choose your brew size (6 or 8 oz.) and press "brew." Add additional ice as needed. To see how easy it is to brew these coolly refreshing beverages, click here:

Our Perfect Iced Teas are a convenient way to serve up the quintessential summertime beverage—one cup at a time. Click below to see our entire selection of Brew Over Ice products.


The Clothes Exchange: Shopping for King Street Center

Tonight at 6:30 pm hundreds of Vermonters will descend on the Doubletree Hotel in South Burlington to comb clothing racks full of fashionable clothes and accessories.

The Clothes Exchange 2009

The clothes, some new and some used, are highly coveted items from brands such as J.Crew, Isis, Lole, and Eileen Fisher (just to name a few). What is different about this shopping extravaganza though is that The Clothes Exchange “…collects and sells thousands of new garments, in addition to pre-loved, high quality woman's clothing and accessories”, then donates all the proceeds to a select beneficiary.

Last year the Exchange raised $55,000 for Vermont Works for Women, an organization that helps women recognize their potential that leads to economic excellence. This year the King Street Center will benefit from all the money that folks drop on these fabulous clothes. The Center “…is a not-for-profit community organization that provides children and families the core life-building skills necessary for a healthy and productive future”. Some examples of these programs include a Head-Start Pre-School, an Afterschool Excellence program with field trips to places such as Shelburne Museum and ECHO Lake Aquarium.

King Street Center Logo
Another great aspect of this organization is their focus not only on early childhood, but also through their teen years. Walking in front of the Center you will always see groups of teens hanging out in a safe space, playing foosball, working on homework or just listening to music. To read more about the programs click here.
Tonight, in addition to the great clothes, attendees with be able to sample our new Brew Over Ice™ Perfect Iced Teas™, including the newly released Half and Half and Southern Sweet K-Cups. I’ll have my serious shopper hat on, with an iced tea in hand!

So if you’re in the Burlington area, stop by for some great shopping and good times. If not, you can donate directly to the King Street Center or The Clothes Exchange – details can be found on either of their websites.

You can find both the Clothes Exchange and The King Street Center on Facebook and Twitter:

The Clothes Exchange: Facebook and Twitter

The King Street Center: Facebook and Twitter


Introducing Brew Over Ice™ Tea K-Cups: The Ultimate in Summer Cool

How many times has this happened to you: it’s a hot day, and you head to the fridge to pour yourself a refreshing glass of iced tea—only to find that someone (and you know it wasn’t you) put the practically empty pitcher back in the refrigerator, thinking it will miraculously refill itself once the door closes and the light goes out. Frustrating, indeed.  Well now you can say sayonara to that scenario—we’ve come up with the perfect solution: Brew Over Ice™!

Brew Over Ice is a way to quickly make cold, refreshing iced beverages using your Keurig® Brewer. All it takes is a few simple steps: 1. Fill a tall (16 oz.) cup with ice and place under the brewer. (We suggest you avoid using glass, the hot liquid may cause glass to crack.) 2. Shake the K-Cup and place in brewer. 3. Choose the brew setting (6 oz. or 8 oz.) and press “brew.” 4. Add additional ice as needed and enjoy!  For a step-by-step visual, make sure to click on the "See how easy it is to brew" icon when visiting the product pages for each Brew Over Ice product.

Many of you may already be familiar with our Perfect Iced Teas™,  (the first Brew Over Ice products we introduced last year) available in three all-natural, lightly sweetened fruit flavors: raspberry, lemon, and peach, as well as a full-bodied unsweetened black tea. Beginning this month, we are pleased to be adding two new flavors to the Perfect Iced Tea family: Southern Sweet Tea and Half and Half. Southern Sweet is a robust and smooth black tea, sweetened with a generous helping of natural cane sugar for a distinctively Southern approach to sweet tea. Half and Half (a.k.a. an Arnold Palmer) is a refreshing combination of lemonade and iced tea.

Whichever flavor iced tea you choose, we’re confident that you won’t find an easier way to enjoy this classic beverage than with our Perfect Iced Tea K-Cups®.   Just remember to have plenty of ice on hand!  When shopping our site, remember to use keycode BREW-ICED in your cart, to get $1.00 off all Brew Over Ice K-Cups.  This is a limited time offer that expires on 8/16/10.

Be on the lookout for other new Brew Over Ice™ products that will be introduced this summer. And if you really want to show off your cool, be sure to pick up one of our new Brew Over Ice Tumblers, at