Keurig Coupons

Looking for Keurig Coupons or K-Cup Coupons?

I often get asked by my family and friends, “Where can I get K-Cup® coupons?” or “How can I save money on my K-Cup® packs?” I drink a lot of coffee, so I found out awhile back that one of the best ways to save on K-Cup® packs is through our Café Express® Savings Club.  As a club member, every time you shop at Green Mountain Coffee® you’ll get great savings (15% off!)on Keurig® K-Cup® and Vue™ packs, bagged coffee, gifts, coffee makers & coffee accessories.

I shared this with the family and they were thrilled, especially Uncle Morty!  I’ll admit: To stop the “Where can I get K-Cup® coupons,” question, I’ve given Café Express® Savings Club memberships to my family and friends during the holidays.  It’s a special way to treat every coffee lover on my list throughout the year (and get major brownie points).

If you just want to purchase a few K-Cup® packs and save money with a coffee coupon, take a look at the Coffee Coupon Page or the Deal of the Week Page.  There are new deals every week, so check back often!


Fair Trade gifts: spread the word

If you've been visited our blog at all lately, then you know that October is Fair Trade month.  Hooray!  But did you know we've made it convenient to spread the word about Fair Trade by putting together some wonderful Fair Trade gifts?  Share some Fair Trade items this Holiday season.  Friends and relatives can enjoy wonderful Fair Trade treats while you support hard working coffee farmers.  Please consider these gifts:

  • Brewing a Better World Gift Bag.  Dagoba chocodrops, Robin's chocolate sauce, Green Mountain coffees, Zhena's Gypsy teas, and a coupon for 1 pint of Ben & Jerry's FT ice cream - all in a reusable tote bag - all helping to build a better world.

  • Fair Trade organic coffee sampler.  Three great coffees that help make the world a better place: FT Organic Breakfast Blend, FT Organic French Roast and FT Organic Sumatran Reserve.

  • Fair Trade K-Cups.  Did you know we offer over 10 different K-Cups with Fair Trade certified coffee?  Any Keurig brewer owner would love to see these at Thanksgiving dinner or under the tree.

We hope all your gift giving efforts are a success this Holiday.