Easter Baskets


I love an excuse anytime of year to give and receive treats, especially when they are packaged up ever so sweetly in a basket of sorts.  This year, I’m thinking outside of the “basket” and hoping for some alternative treats to those oh-so-delicious chocolate bunnies…or scratch that, I’ll take one of those, too!

What I’m hoping for in my basket this year:

A box of my favorite flavored coffee

A Keurig® K10 Mini Brewer, in White

Keurig® Café One-Touch Milk Frother – this accessory is awesome, and gives you your favorite café-style beverage right at home!

Chocolate, any flavor, any shape, any kind

A new mug, because my favorite just got a crack in it!

Some new baking sheets, so I can keep making these kinds of treats

And a new pair of running shoes so I can finish my marathon in some fresh kicks


I know, this sounds more like a Christmas list to Santa, but I’ll leave it at that, and hope for at least some chocolate.


What will be in your Easter baskets this year?



Maple Goodness


I think March is my honest to goodness favorite month of the whole year. There’s something so hopeful about the sunshine, the ever-warming days, as well as the noticeably lighter nights.  Even in the midst of this record breaking cold, I’m still on the upswing and basking in the bounty that Vermont has to offer this time of year.  Last weekend, my family and I went to a Maple Open House – this is a somewhat new tradition for us (since we no longer boil our own sap) to visit with farmers and hobby maple sugar producers who open up their sugar houses for visitors to pour in, sample just boiled syrup, and purchase a gallon or two hot off the press.  I bought a pint from our friends the McBride’s in Westford and decided to get to work on using it in some recipes.  Of course, I had it on my Sunday morning waffles, but I decided to take a stab at incorporating it into granola.  So here’s my take and feel free to substitute in whatever nuts or dried fruits you have on hand. After making it, I realized that it would be better to wait to add the raisins after baking. It would also be really good with dried apricots.  Enjoy this over yogurt and paired with your morning cup of coffee! Mine is always Green Mountain Coffee® Mocha Nut Fudge brewed in my Keurig® brewer




3 Cups old-fashioned oats

¼ Cup chopped pecans

¼ Cup chopped almonds

¼ Sesame seeds

¼ Teaspoon coarse sea salt

5 Tablespoons Vermont Maple Syrup

4 Teaspoons vegetable oil

½ Teaspoon vanilla

½ Cup raisins



Preheat oven to 325 degrees. In a large bowl combine all ingredients, minus the raisins.  Spread on a rimmed baking sheet with lined with parchment paper. Bake until golden brown, about 27 minutes, but watch it carefully. About ½ way through baking, rotate the sheet. Once cool, toss in raisins.  Serve over yogurt, fromage blanc or eat plain and enjoy!






Hot Vs. Iced Beverages


Now that it’s officially Spring, we must ask the question: do you switch from hot to iced?

Early in the morning, it’s hard enough to choose from all of our varieties we have to offer on, but now that it’s getting warmer out, the bigger question is: to ice or not to ice?

Personally, I love a refreshing large glass of Green Mountain Coffee® Nantucket Blend® Iced Coffee K-Cup® Pack or French Vanilla Iced Coffee Vue® pack. The sweetness of the coffee, the coolness of the ice: what’s not to love? I feel completely awake and ready to go after one of those beverages! 

What’s even better is that we can really brew any of our favorite K-Cup® or Vue® packs over ice. Just fill a glass to the top with ice, brew your favorite Keurig Brewed® beverage on your smallest cup size setting, add a little more ice or cream at the end and Voilà! 

Don't get me wrong. There are definitely days when I just need my Celestial Seasonings® Decaf Green Tea or am craving a nice hot mug of Café Escapes® Café Mocha, to handle my chocolate fixation. But, for the most part, when spring and summer are just around the corner, so is my urge to lower that cup size setting and brew myself a tall glass of any Brewed® beverage, over ice! 

Do you have any favorites that you love to 'ice'? 


Big Easy Beignet Dipping Sauce


In light of fat Tuesday, here’s a recipe to make you feel like you’re parading down Bourbon Street. An inspired coffee-cream dipping sauce, perfect for dipping homemade donuts, ladyfingers and beignets!



3/4 cup mascarpone cheese (room temperature)

6-8 tablespoons Dark roast coffee (to stick with the New Orleans theme I used Emeril’s® Big Easy Bold K-Cup® Coffee)

2 tablespoons powdered sugar

1/4 cup heavy cream



Allow mascarpone cheese to reach room temperature. 

Brew coffee at the 2-oz setting in your Keurig® brewer. 

Whip together ingredients in a standing mixer, or with a hand mixer on low speed until the desired consistency is reached, then serve in a small bowl. Dip, and enjoy!


Tea Trivia Tuesday


Time for Tea Trivia!


While we, at the office, love a great cup of coffee, there are a handful of us who really appreciate a nice, smooth, perfect strength cup of tea from our Keurig® brewer. So pinkies up, everyone, this Trivia Edition is all about Tea! 


1. Tea is a natural source of:

a.      Fluoride x

b.      Zinc

c.       Vitamin C

d.      Lycopene


2. Which country produces the most tea in the world?

a.      India x

b.      Sri Lanka

c.       China

d.      Kenya


3. What are the ideal growing conditions for tea?

a.      At sea level in temperate climates

b.      In well-drained, sandy soils with minimal rainfall

c.       In conditions with heavy rainfall, well-drained soils at high elevations

d.      In cool, dry climates


4. Who said, “Women are like tea bags. They do not know how strong they are until they get into hot water.”?

a.      Margaret Thatcher

b.      Eleanor Roosevelt

c.       Germaine Greer

d.      Rosa Parks


5. Tibetans drink tea made of:

a.      Pepper and pickle

b.      Vinegar and milk

c.       Honey and molasses

d.      Salt and rancid yak butter





1.      a, 2. a, 3. C, 4. b, 5. D


Quiz Source:


Happy Engineers Week!

GMCR Engineers Use 'Out of the Box' Ideas for In-the-Box Solutions 


Engineers are known for their problem solving and analytical thinking. At Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. (GMCR) we put this to the test and encourage our team members to literally think outside of the box and have fun doing it! Recently, teams of engineers were challenged to come up with innovative and sustainable packaging ideas for Keurig® home brewer models.

Incorporating passion and innovation in all that we do, GMCR creates engaging, hands-on activities for our employees with a purpose. Conducted at our new state-of-the-art facility in Burlington, Mass., 13 teams competed to create sustainable material packaging ideas to protect a Keurig® brewer when falling 20 feet. Some of the winning ideas are going to be considered to improve our designs for future packaging.

“At GMCR, we strive to do what best for our customers and the environment,” said Jim Shepard, GMCR Director of Brewer Engineering. “The engineering group is constantly pursuing ways to reduce our non-renewable waste stream and the sustainable drop test competition was a way to fully embrace and challenge the way we are currently packaging our products”

While many engineers have participated in the classic egg drop experiment in the past, at GMCR, we up the ante and conduct a drop contest using Keurig® home brewers. Not only was the purpose to give our engineers an exciting way to work together, it also provides GMCR an opportunity to explore innovative ways to improve our packaging. The teams were judged on a variety of criteria after the boxes were dropped including, brewer functionality, aesthetics of the master carton, aesthetics of the brewer and sustainable materials used for the packaging.

“It was great to challenge our engineers to think out of the box about what goes into the box,” said Shepard.

At GMCR, we strive to create an environment where sparking our team member’s curiosity and imagination can continue to shape our future by redefining the consumer experience.  

So, wish all of your engineer colleagues and friends a very Happy Engineers Week and be sure to check out our GMCR page, to give you a further look into our career ideals as well as our promise of enriching your culture to Brew a Better World with us! 


Highlighting our Keurig Brewing Systems

It's true: We have something for everyone. Whether or not you are a cappuccino fanatic, or savor your cup of coffee or even like to indulge in a creamy chai latte we have a beverage for every taste and occasion. To match that we offer a killer line-up of brewing systems that will delight and inspire you to brew what you love to drink.  For me, I have recently become a huge fan of the Keurig® Rivo® Cappuccino & Latte system, and I have also fallen in love with the Keurig® Mini Plus brewers that come in almost every color you could hope for. 



The Keurig® Rivo® brewer is a sleek, compact and stylish machine that can create cappuccinos, lattes and iced lattes with ease. The first time I used it I was amazed at how easily I could create a cappuccino that for so long had only be available to me outside of my home. It brought to life the reality that, yes, I can have specialty coffee beverages at home nearly in an instant. To add to that, I had fun experimenting with the flavored syrups and dreaming up combinations of vanilla, caramel and chocolate all in one.



I recently moved in with my fiancé, and combining all our “stuff” was a challenge – why in the world did we need 2 sets of white dinner plates, bowls and salad plates? Clearing out and making space was a challenge, except when I came time to finding a space for my Keurig® Mini Plus brewer.  This little guy not only is adorable and comes in super fashionable colors (Hello, Radiant Orchid, Fashion color of the year?!), but is a welcome appliance on our counter that doesn’t take up too much space, all while being a workhorse when it comes to brewing my daily morning coffee.  


Keurig Vue V700 Brewing System


Last but not least there is the Keurig® Vue® V700 Brewing System for all of you in between folks who love their coffee, but also want the option to brew delicious café beverages and specialty drinks with ease.  This machine packs it all into one, while also giving you the option to brew hotter, brew bigger, and brew stronger

Don’t forget that almost all (minus Rivo) of our brewing systems also come models that are perfect for the work place.

No matter what your taste, both in style and beverage we have something to help delight and inspire you to brew!




This morning, the people of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, celebrate the day which is set on February 2nd every year, while 40,000 or more onlookers patiently await the emergence of a groundhog named Phil.

To see his shadow or not to see is shadow, is in fact, the utmost question.  

Lo and behold, the sun must have been shining this morning, because little ‘ol Phil did see his shadow, hence, he retreated back into his home to hibernate for yet another six more weeks of winter. Sigh!

Nevertheless, whether you are a ski bunny or a beach bum, it is always an exciting tradition that lets us, at home, await the news via Social Media and relish (or relinquish) in the news from Phil.

Alas, for all those in trust of Phil’s news, we can still make the best out of the next six weeks!

Check out some of our favorite things that we can continue to celebrate for the rest of the winter:

 If you haven’t yet, give our Creamy Golden French Toast Coffee Recipe a try! The maple, sweet buttery goodness says it all:

Although we were busy celebrating Hot Tea Month in January, don’t miss out on sipping on these warm tea varieties all through February to warm you up:

You will need a hearty meal with all of these beverage concoctions. We have just the recipe for you - Barista Beef Stew:

Who says we still can’t make holiday cookies this time of year? Lucky for us, there are no rules!

And, last but certainly not least, if you need any more ideas, just check out “Our Favorite things To Do in New England Winters." I don’t know about you, but this list might really come in handy in the upcoming weeks!

To warm you up even more, go to to enjoy $2 off all Keurig Brewed beverages, using Keycode: GROUNDHOG. 


Maximum Brewing Action Satisfaction



So, maybe you got a new Keurig® brewer over the holidays. Or maybe you’ve had a brewer for years. Either way, there’s a lot more than just a simple cup of coffee that you can get out of this terrific little machine. Here’s some inspiration from and to help you think outside the bean.


  1. Explore new varieties of coffee. Sure you have your go-to blend, and no one’s going to take that away from you. But did you know, there are over 150 different K-Cup® and about 50 Vue® pack varieties of coffee out there? From light, medium, and dark roast to extra bold, flavored, or special reserve – you might just discover a new favorite or two.
  2. Try other hot brews. Coffee’s not the only cup in town. The best-loved hot tea brands are also available for your Keurig® brewer, including Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, Tazo, Tetley, and Twinings. And on a chilly day, kids and grown-ups alike love a cup of hot apple cider or hot cocoa.
  3. Enjoy cold beverages with Brew Over Ice packs. With specially-crafted Brew Over Ice K-Cup® and Vue® packs, it’s a cinch to make a fresh and refreshing cup of iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade or other fruit brew. Just fill a cup with ice (do not use glass), pop in a pack, brew, stir and enjoy!
  4. Involve your brewer for cooking and baking. There are lots of great recipes that call for coffee, both sweet and savory dishes. Your Keurig® brewer makes it easy to brew a single cup, fast and without cleanup. This blog has a boatload of delicious recipes, so do a little perusing for some culinary ideas.
  5. Use My K-Cup® for whole bean and ground options. For some, there’s nothing like a cup of coffee from freshly ground beans. The My K-Cup® refill pack allows you to grind your own beans or to try varieties that are only available in bags.


But it’s not just what’s in the cup that matters. Here are a few more tips.

  1. A little maintenance goes a long way. Changing your water filter every 2 months and descaling your brewer every 3-6 months will not only help extend the life of your brewer, it’ll keep your beverages tasting great. Learn more.
  2. Keep your packs in order. There are a few great space-saving options for keeping your packs handy and organized, including carousels, dispensers, and under-brewer drawers. Check out your storage options for both K-Cup® and Vue® packs.
  3. Stock up for guests. When company comes, it’s a real treat to allow everyone to choose his or her own beverage, so keep a stash of options (see #s 1,2, and 3 above) and make it easy for guests to browse packs (see #7 above).
  4. Keep in touch. Sign up at and (bottom left) to receive emails with exclusive discounts and special offers, new product information, and more. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.


Got an idea to make it an even 10? We’d love to hear from you!


National Chocolate Cake Day



Today is Chocolate Cake Day! We needed a day like this in our world, and the crazy, lovely, and imaginative folks out there that invented this day, in my opinion, are geniuses. I think from the multiple posts and recipes I had up here you could guess that I have a slight addiction to chocolate, and most of the time paired with peanut butter. I decided to take a break from my normal go-to, and celebrate today with a flourless, chocolate cake.   The results were an intense chocolate, almost brownie-like cake.  I also couldn’t help myself, but smother it with more chocolate. 

Here’s the recipe, and I think it’s a perfect contender for your Valentine’s Day date night dessert.


1 Cup bittersweet (or you can use semi sweet) chocolate chips

½ Cup unsalted butter

¾ Cup granulated sugar

¼ Teaspoon salt

2 Teaspoons dark roast coffee (I used Green Mountain Coffee Dark Magic from my Keurig brewer)

1 Teaspoon vanilla extract

3 Eggs

½ Cup unsweetened cocoa powder


Ingredients for the Glaze:

1 Cup semisweet or bittersweet chocolate chips

½ Cup heavy cream


Preheat oven to 375. Lightly grease 8” round spring form pan. Line the bottom with parchment paper. Grease the top of the paper. For the cake: Place the chocolate chips and butter in a microwave safe bowl. Slowly heat (30 seconds at a time) until the butter is melted and the chips are slightly melted. Stir until chips are completely melted.  Stir in sugar, salt, coffee and vanilla. Add the eggs, beating until smooth. Finally add the cocoa powder. Transfer batter to the cake pan, and bake for 25 minutes, or until the top forms a thin crust. Let cool completely.

Glaze Directions:

Combine the chocolate chips and the cream in a microwave safe bowl. Heat until the cream is very hot, but not boiling. Remove from microwave and stir until the chocolate melts and the mixture is smooth and glasslike.  Carefully spoon the glaze over the cake. Allow the glaze to set and harden before cutting – about 1 hour.



Grand Opening of The Keurig℠ Store

Last week, we congratulated our friends at Keurig when they opened their very first Keurig℠ Store! Located in the Burlington Mall® in Burlington, MA, the Keurig℠ Store provides a unique retail destination offering consumers the opportunity to experience the leading single cup system like never before!

In addition to carrying all of the Keurig® single cup brewers, including the Keurig® K-Cup® System, Keurig® Vue® System and Keurig® Rivo® Cappuccino and Latte System, the Keurig℠ Store is dedicated to giving its shoppers the ultimate Keurig experience!  One of the highlights of the store gives the consumer the opportunity to have fun with the “Pick-a-Pack” wall, which allows shoppers to create their very own, custom pack creation. The Keurig℠ Store also provides the consumer with on-site demonstrations, special promotions, new product offerings, and unique Keurig® accessories.  We're extremely excited to be involved and on the shelves, as well! Nantucket Blend or Pumpkin Spice, please?

Jump-start your holiday shopping with us and we hope to see you at the brand new Keurig℠ Store soon! Details for the Burlington Mall® here.



Happy National Cappuccino Day!


I set out today to test my new Keurig® Rivo® machine here in our office. I have to admit I was a little intimidated at first and carefully followed the beautifully designed Recipe Book that accompanies each new brewer. I was certain that I was going to screw up the brewing and frothing every which way, but I honestly was pleasantly surprised at how ridiculously easy it was to design and create a frothy, creamy, cappuccino and latte at the touch of a button.  I decided to start off trying the Rivo Espresso Classico pack and paired it with whole milk. I followed carefully the recipe on page 19 of the Recipe Guide:

  1. Prepare a short espresso (1.4oz) in a 12oz mug
  2. Pour cold milk to Min Fill on the frother pitcher and replace the frother lid
  3. Return the sealed pitcher to the system and press the Cappuccino Froth Button
  4. After a few magical, spinning moments – remove the milk frother and carefully pour over the espresso

Voila! Cappuccino! I was seriously impressed, and of course tried to get that pretty little leaf design on my first try (failed at that one, but I still think it looks pretty!). With such ease my mind was racing at the endless flavor and pairings I could come up with…Mint, Mocha, Caramel, Chocolate…the list is endless now that I have the basics down. Thank goodness that I can also get the Rivo® flavor syrups to go along with it! 

If you’re new to a proper cappuccino or latte, or even a lifelong veteran, the Rivo® Cappuccino & Latte System surely will change your world, no kidding – it’s that easy to get your Cappuccino fix right in your own home.


Spooky Treats For Halloween: Part II

Mini Dark Magic Bat Cakes with Mocha Peanut Butter Frosting, Drizzled with Ganache

We are back with more terrifyingly addictive treats! We are all about the indulgence of chocolate today, as we wrap up our "Spooky Treats" Edition.  I bring you: the Dark Magic® Dark Chocolate Cake, using Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic® coffee drizzled with a dark chocolate ganache!

Dark Magic Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Dark Magic® Dark Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache

Dark Magic Chocolate Cake:

1 ¾ Cups All Purpose Flour

2 Cups Sugar

¾ Cup Dark Cocoa Powder

1 ½ teaspoons Baking Soda

1 ½ teaspoons Baking Powder

1 teaspoon Salt

2 Eggs

1 Cup Milk

½ Cup Vegetable Oil

2 teaspoons Vanilla

1 Cup Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic® coffee, hot


1. Preheat oven to 350. In a mixer, combine all the dry ingredients, including sugar. Add the eggs, milk, vegetable oil, vanilla. Slowly add the boiling hot coffee, keep mixing until well combined (batter will be thin!)

3. Divide batter between two greased 9” rounds. Smooth tops. Bake until toothpick comes out clean, 32-35 minutes. Cool completely (overnight is best) 

4. After cooled, trim away rounded tops of the cakes to make a flat surface (Set these aside for the Bat Cakes)

5. Drizzle each layer with Ganache, starting from the center and working your way out



8 ounces semisweet or bittersweet chocolate

1 Cup Heavy Cream

1/8 teaspoon coarse salt

1. Coarsely chop chocolate

2. Bring cream to just a boil over medium heat. Pour over chocolate and add salt. Let stand for 10 minutes (don’t stir!)

3. After 10 minutes, stir with a whisk until smooth and shiny

4. Make sure cakes are completely cool and then drizzle on top

Mini Dark Magic Bat Cakes with Mocha Peanut Butter Frosting, Drizzled with Ganache

To take it a step further, I used the extra cuttings from the cake and turned them into Mini Dark Magic® Bat Cakes with Mocha Peanut Butter Frosting drizzled with Chocolate Ganache.

Mini Dark Magic® Bat Cakes with Mocha Peanut Butter Frosting, Drizzled with Ganache

Dark Magic® Chocolate Cake


1 ¾ Cups All Purpose Flour

2 Cups Sugar

¾ Cup Dark Cocoa Powder

1 ½ teaspoons Baking Soda

1 ½ teaspoons Baking Powder

1 Teaspoon Salt

2 Eggs

1 Cup Milk

½ Cup Vegetable Oil

2 teaspoons Vanilla

1 Cup Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic® coffee, hot


1. Use the trimmed away tops from the Dark Magic Cake (Recipe above)

2. Use bat shaped cookie cutter for design

3. Frost with Mocha Peanut Butter frosting (Recipe Below)

4. Top with Chocolate Ganache

Mocha Chocolate Peanut Butter Frosting


8 oz Unsalted Butter softened

1 Cup Creamy Peanut Butter

2 Cups (approximately) Confectioners Sugar

4 Tablespoons Dark Chocolate Cocoa

2 Tablespoons Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic® coffee, brewed on an 8 oz setting in my Keurig® brewer


Combine peanut butter and butter together (I always do this by hand), adding the confectioners sugar slowly. When well blended, add the cocoa powder.  Finally, when it looks like the frosting is too thick, add the coffee – this makes it easy to spread.



Spooky Treats For Halloween: Part I

Peanutbutter Buck-Eyeballs!

I have always loved baking. Something about creating a dish, savory or sweet, that brings together families, friends and strangers is incredibly satisfying, not to mention rewarding. I think I can say for certain, that no one hates a baked good and Halloween, in my opinion, is that time of year when we start the baking season! Treats of all kinds are consumed and given out freely on October 31st and I am always game to partake in the baking and consuming of an ungodly amount of sugar and chocolate (and in my kitchen it’s always paired with peanut butter). Many of my tried and true recipes call for coffee, and having a Keurig® brewer has changed the ease in which I can incorporate it.  No more “save that leftover coffee in the pot for me!” shouts from the shower down to my cohorts in the kitchen.  I can easily and breezily brew whatever amount of coffee, hot cocoa, or tea that my recipe calls for.  In the spirit of Halloween and using my brewer,

In a two-part series, I’ve put together some of my staple recipes that are dressed up in their spookiest costumes.


Today's scarily tasty treat is my twist on the fan favorite Buckeye balls, irresistible peanut butter balls dipped in chocolate, only now they are creepy (but still irresistible) Buck Eyeballs. 



9 oz (1 cup) Peanut butter
4 oz (8 tbsp) Butter, unsalted, soft
1 tsp Vanilla extract
12 oz (3 cups) Confectioners’ sugar, sifted (see Keys to Success)
1 lb (1 1/2 cups) Dark chocolate, melted, tempered

1 package candy eyes


  1.  Line two sheet pans with parchment paper.
  2. Cream together the peanut butter, butter, and vanilla extract in a mixer fitted with a paddle attachment on medium speed.
  3. Add the confectioners’ sugar slowly until the mixture forms a workable dough. Add up to 1/2 cup more sugar if necessary.
  4. Remove the mixture from the machine. Scoop out balls of the buckeye mixture.
  5. Chill the formed buckeyes for approximately 20 minutes.
  6. Impale each buckeye lightly with a toothpick to use as a handle for dipping in chocolate. Holding a buckeye by the toothpick, dip it in the tempered chocolate, leaving a 1/2-inch circle of the center uncoated on top. Place on a prepared sheet pan. Remove the toothpick and set the candy eyes on top. Allow the chocolate to set completely.
  7. Store at room temp, tightly sealed


Keys To Success: The consistency of the peanut butter center is the key to making buckeyes. Add confectioners’ sugar until the mixture will roll up between your hands to a uniform ball that holds its shape and does not crumble or feel too sticky in your hands. This will make it much easier to dip into the chocolate!

Stay tuned next week for another "Spooky Treats" Edition - don't BAT an eye because some more BOO-tastic chocolatey goodies are coming your way!


What’s in a Name?

This is more than simply a case of “tomato” versus “tomahto.” There have always been regional dialects that account for the way words and names are pronounced. But since joining Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, I have encountered a linguistic inconsistency that cannot simply be chalked up to what part of the country you live in.

I present to you, the following name: Keurig®.

For many, it sounds something like this: “Cure-Rig.” For others, it’s “Kerr-RIg.” To others still, it’s “Kuh-Rig.” (Wikipedia offers this: ˈkjʊərɪɡ/, but you’ll need a PhD to figure it out.)

And now I’ll let you in on a little secret. Even inside our own company, even within Keurig’s own office walls, sometimes at the highest levels of the enterprise, you will encounter different pronunciations. From what I can tell, they all happily coexist and no one seems inclined to assert that his or her version is more correct.

But I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that we all line up behind a single pronunciation. My vote would be for the version that feels friendlier. More specifically, it’s the one that sounds like the word “your” is being embraced by a K and an IG. After all, it’s Your Keurig®, providing your choice of beverage, fresh and hot (or cold) when you want it.

So…repeat after me: K-Your-Rig.

Now, can I have a chat with all of you who mispronounce the word “nuclear”?


Let’s Get Organized!

Did you know last Friday kicked off National Get Organized Week? I’m sure you knew, if it was displayed at your desktop, on a sticky note in your planner, or typed into your I-phone calendar. You get the idea.

It’s no surprise that each year seems to get busier and busier in our lives, from our hectic schedules at work or school, to making time with family and friends. The pace of our lives never ceases to amaze. And so, it is relieving to know there is one week in the year that is actually scheduled to ‘get organized’. What better way than the midst of the school year and fall season to learn a few tricks and tips for order and organization in our lives. So here are my top 5 tips to getting organized. Maybe you’ll find yourself trying a few out in your jam-packed day:

  1. Make lists. I am a big list maker and let me tell you, it does wonders. We do not realize sometimes that with such a long laundry list of to-do’s, if we do not actually write down what we need to get done, things may just slip between our fingers.. Sticky notes should be your best friend! Have fun with it by picking out neon stationary and different shapes and sizes to really stand out and will not be lost at your desk or on the kitchen fridge.
  2. Spring clean. Fall, Winter, & Summer, too! Although it is such a breath of fresh air to get out those lemon-infused cleaners and make our windows shine that beautiful day in May, ultimate cleaning should not be saved just for spring. Make sure you’re always refreshing your space, whether it’s re-decorating your study in your house or changing out your plain white towels for a pop of orange in the bathroom this fall! Even going through your closet every month –I know! – will help in your domination of organization! Any type of face-lift, however big or small, can definitely get you on the track of organization and a sense of zen.
  3. Store and put it away. For good. It’s always hard to let go of things that we may not necessarily need and that step of actually letting go is tough, trust me.  However, once you actually ask yourself when you last used a certain item, whether at home or at your office desk, it will be that much easier to cope with the loss and move on. Declutter space, even a little at a time.
  4. Stay calm! Overwhelming yourself will not help in organizing your day-to-day life. Try tackling one task at a time and you will be able to conquer all. Try sipping on a cup of Bigelow Green Tea, using your Keurig® brewer, while preparing to power through your organizational skills. 
  5. Make it fun! Whether you’re color coding, label making, or using some other fun and funky way of getting organized, you will see that it can actually be a creative challenge and one that will not make you cringe next time you organize your drawers! To give you that extra energy, go bold with Coffee People Jet Fuel K-Cup® packs. You'll really be ready for anything. And perhaps even a dance party! 

I hope you try out some of these tips and your day just might become that much more organized. Won’t it be a great feeling to then have more time to do all the things you love?


Preparing for Bonding Time on Black Friday

Thanksgiving and Black Friday.  Some see them as polar opposites: one of family and gratitude, the other consumerism at its finest.  That may be true for some, but not all.  Some dread being with family on turkey day while others see Black Friday as a chance for three generations wake up at 3 AM and head down to the mall to queue up and catch up.  It’s family time, just at 3 AM.  With that in mind, we had a few suggestions to make your bonding time that much more enjoyable on the busiest shopping day of the season:

  1. Wear layers. November is chilly, and November before sunrise is even chillier. But bear in mind that once you enter a store, the heat will be blasting.  Layer up so you can strip down to a comfortable temperature.
  2. Bring the good travel mug.  The insulated one. The one that doesn’t drip.   This is not a time to waste perfectly Keurig Brewed® coffee by spilling it in the car. Or on grandma.  No one needs that. Travel smart.
  3. Snack accordingly.  Waking up at 3 AM means you can rightfully add an additional meal or two to your Friday.  And it can be a seasonal addition.  Our suggestion: bring leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast, cold and delicious.   

(And do keep an eye out for Keurig® brewer deals – it’s a gift that will make your friend’s eyes bug out with delight come Christmas.) 


Three Easy After-School Snacks to Enjoy

It’s that time of year again!  School is in session and the kids are back to their usual schedule of hopping off the bus and immediately raiding the kitchen for anything edible.  But let’s be honest here, I bet they’re not the only ones feeling that midday hunger—with lunch long behind you and hours to go until dinner is ready, we all need a three o’clock snack sometimes. 

Here are some quick and easy after-school snack ideas that you can make with your kids to beat that midday hunger.  In the spirit of keeping things simple, I’ve also thought of a few beverage ideas that you can make with your Keurig® brewer to wash down these tasty snacks.

Nut Butterflies

Who doesn’t like a good bug?  Make “nut butterflies” with apples, carrots, and your favorite nut-butter.  Sandwich thin apple slices together with nut butter and then arrange four sandwiches around a carrot stick to make a butterfly, or challenge your kids to see what else they can make.  Pair your nut butterflies with a warm cup of Green Mountain Naturals® Hot Apple Cider to make a sweet and satisfying snack.

Yogurt Parfaits

Parfaits are a healthy, no-fuss option that your kids can make all by themselves.  Simply layer into a tall glass  ¼ cup of vanilla Greek yogurt followed by 2 tablespoons of granola, ¼ cup mixed fresh berries and a drizzle of honey.  While they are making parfaits, brew a few cups of Swiss Miss® Hot Cocoa to complete a snack that will rival any dessert.

Bagel Pizzas

Never reach for a frozen box of pizza snacks again!  You can make your own bagel pizzas in a matter of minutes and your kids will love that they get to choose their own toppings.  Simply spread pizza sauce or last night’s pasta sauce on bagel halves and sprinkle on a layer with mozzarella cheese and any additional toppings you might have hiding in the fridge. Place your pizzas into the toaster oven set to 425 degrees Fahrenheit and cook for 10 minutes or until the bagels are golden brown.  Enjoy your personal bagel pizza with a glass of ice cold Green Mountain Naturals® Lemonade.

Now brew yourself a relaxing cup of Celestial Seasonings® Green Tea and sit back and relax!  Keep snack time simple so you can spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen.  Good luck in the new school year!


First Day Back from Vacation Blues

First day Back from Vacation Blues

It’s happened.  Labor Day weekend is over.  You’re back at your desk, a little melancholy and reminiscing about joys of summer, of three day weekends, of getting out of the office when it’s still light out. 

Sigh.  I do love summer.

But we can’t let the feeling take us over!  It’s time to get back into the swing of things, take the bull by the horns, saddle up the horse, and any other idiom that alludes to being more productive.  Here are three simple ideas to get us motivated and feeling fancy once more. 

  1. Commit today to digging out. And only digging out. You know your Inbox is overloaded.  Your coworkers know your Inbox is overloaded.  The people down the street could imagine that your Inbox is overloaded.  Take today to make your life more manageable and just delete and flag.  Don’t respond until you go through it all.  Then tackle.  One thing at a time, my friends. 
  2. Embrace your brewer.  Literally, hug it – it’s going to save you.  That office Keurig® brewer is going to brew you through the day, from Breakfast Blend all the way to Dark Magic®.  Permit yourself the luxury of enjoying every beverage available knowing that your mug can, in fact, be bottomless today and no one will judge you.
  3. Bring leftovers.  Seriously.  You may not be on vacation anymore but you sure as heck don’t have to eat like it.  Throw that Tricky Barbeque Sauce slathered chicken leg, macaroni salad, and Island Coconut® cookie in a lunch bag and have your own desk vacation siesta.

Summer vacation, pshaw – who needs you?


A Few Sweet Fall Treats and Tunes at the Train Station

Maple Bon Bon LatteSweet Pumpkin Surpreme

Have you see the first leaves changing for fall? There are a few on our Waterbury Vermont campus!  This inspiring season has brought out two new, tantalizing drinks in the Green Mountain Coffee® Train Station.

We have the Sweet Pumpkin Supreme: our very own Pumpkin Spice coffee complemented with sweet caramel syrup and a splash of warm steamed cream. It’s a treat to warm you up and sweeten your day as the autumn temperatures brighten up the mountain sides around us.

We're also crafting the Maple Bon Bon Latte: espresso, steamed chocolate milk, and a shot of real Vermont maple syrup. The espresso is sweetened up by the maple syrup and the chocolate milk leaves a smooth aftertaste.  This is a favorite served hot or iced!

With a cup of coffee to keep us going, we have our final few weeks of Music on the Porch up ahead this month. For the last three weeks we will be giving away four raffle prizes every Sunday: a Vue® brewer, a Classic Keurig® brewer, a bag or box of coffee, and one free drink at the Train Station. Drawings are held at the end of every Music on the Porch event. Music plays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. ET on Sundays. All raffle proceeds support Food4Farmers.

August 16th we have the Growlers, a well-known local group, playing blues, country and rock and roll for us. August 25th Jim Charonko will be playing folk, rock and familiar oldies. Our grand finale musician will be Seth Yacovone on September 1st playing his original blues tunes.

Make sure you have a chance to stop in this month! Try a new coffee, settle in and listen to some great local music!