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Train Station News: March Edition


The Green Mountain Coffee Train Station has an exciting new addition to our retail section! We’ve started carrying a new Vermont product from Handmade Specialties With Yarn. We have a variety of knit scarves and hats to help keep you cozy this winter, created by our very own barista, Aurelie Wood.

These products will give you that warm fuzzy feeling on your ears, nose and in your heart.  25% of Handmade Specialties With Yarn’s proceeds will go toward The Alzheimer’s Association.

We have Vermont Maple Syrup, Laughing Moon Chocolate, Nutty Steph’s and a variety of other locally made products, too. These items make fantastic, original gift ideas, so don’t forget to stop in and take a look!


Meet A New Face at the Visitors Center and Cafe

Meet Julia at the Train Station

We would like to introduce a new face in the Train Station! Meet Julia Garufi. We are proud to have her as a part of our talented team. She isn’t as new as she may seem though.

Back in June 1983, Julia worked at the original Green Mountain Coffee Roasters and Café in Waitsfield, Vermont. She worked under Patty Vincent (you know, Patty on our Coffee Team, right?) as a barista.

As Julia recalls, things were a little different back then. They roasted right on site in the café. Wholesale roasting was done at what is now our Factory Outlet here in Waterbury. They would roast into large bins and everything was hand bagged except for frac packs (those little sealed pouches of coffee) which had a special machine to seal them closed. There was also another retail facility in the Winooski Mill in Winooski, Vermont and in Portland, Maine. Overall, it was quite the memorable experience for her. Memorable enough to bring her to us. Seeing how socially aware and employee friendly the company managed to be despite its growth and size, Julia decided to come back to where it all began and now works with us here in the Train Station!

Stop in sometime and say hello to Julia! Ask her about the original café or just visit for a cup of Green Mountain Coffee®. We look forward to your visit!


Hot Apple Cider Receives a Perfect Score


Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider

Earlier this month, gave Hot Apple Cider by Green Mountain Naturals™ Vue® packs a perfect score: 100-out-of-100!  But who’s really surprised? With a total of five all natural ingredients and no artificial flavors or preservatives, this drink should be at the top of the list for hot apple cider lovers (Like me!).

The review was sure to highlight the “rich notes of sweet apples with bursts of spicy cinnamon” and the “silky smooth” consistency. Overall, it was decided that Green Mountain Natural’s Hot Apple Cider was, “spot-on with real mulled apple cider.”

Don’t just read about how great the apple cider is, taste it!  Hot Apple Cider by Green Mountain Naturals is available in both in Vue® packs and K-Cup® packs on our website, as well as in grocery stores and retailers nationwide.


Get Up To $50 Back On a Keurig Brewer

There has never been a better time to save on a new Keurig® brewer. Through October 28th, anyone who purchases a Keurig Vue® or K-Cup® brewer on will get up to $50 off with a mail in rebate. This rebate can also be downloaded by customers who have recently purchased a brewer (online or in a retail store). Add Keurig Brewed® packs and accessories to your order for additional savings. (Café Express® 15% savings and benefits are eligible for purchase.)


The End of Fair Trade Month, Not Your Fair Trade Spirit!

Fair Trade Month Quiz:

Question 31: Name one way to support Fair Trade?

Answer: You tell us.

Haven’t answered our Fair Trade Quiz question of the day, yet? Well, why not? The answer’s right there! If that isn’t enough for you, the first 100 participants* get a sample of Green Mountain Coffee’s Fair Trade Certified™ Organic House Blend and all answers get entered to the grand prize drawing of 12-months of Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Certified™ Coffees. Go here to enter:

*Sorry, employees and their immediate family members of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. are not eligible. But keep an eye out for our internal Fair Trade quiz.


Fair Trade Certified LabelNow that you know what Fair Trade is all about, what can you do about supporting fair trade in your daily life? Yes, daily life: the time when Fair Trade blogs, quizzes, and month long celebrations are not running rampant on your computer screen.

You can start with food items, since that’s a habit that’s not going anywhere anytime soon. Many fair trade foods available these days in your grocery store – just look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label. Coffee of course is at the top of the list as well as tea. For those with a sweet tooth (AKA me) there are quite a few fair trade options for chocolate bars and cocoa. In general, healthy food markets and Coop’s will have a wider range of Fair Trade food products including rice, sugar, and fruit in addition to coffee, tea and cocoa. Check out TransFair USA’s Where to Buy section to search out the closest Fair Trade food items in your area. There you can find listings for local grocery stores as well as large national retailers who carry fair trade items.

Then you can just to other, non-edible products that carry the Fair Trade label. Some are more readily available than others but you can find Fair Trade versions of apparel, accessories, furniture, bedding, toys, arts, and crafts at retailers and websites, like With holiday gift giving season just around the corner it’s a great time to commit to purchasing Fair Trade products – think of it as doubling your giving: once to the recipient, and once to the farmer.  Use the opportunity of gift giving to educate family and friends about the benefits of Fair Trade.

For up-to-date information on Fair Trade standards visit:,, and

Thanks for the Fair Trade memores!  Remember: Be Social. Be Fair.



Burlington, Vermont is Officially Fair

Fair Trade Month Quiz:

Question 17: Which is better known: Fair Trade or organic?

Answer: Organic


Haven’t answered our Fair Trade Quiz question of the day, yet?  Well, why not?  The answer’s right there!  If that isn’t enough for you, the first 100 participants* get a sample of Green Mountain Coffee’s Fair Trade Certified™ Organic House Blend and all correct answers get entered to the grand prize drawing of 12-months of Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Certified™ Coffees.  Go here to enter:

*Sorry, employees and their immediate family members of Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. are not eligible. But keep an eye out for our internal Fair Trade quiz. 


The Fair Trade Town movement began in the UK in 2000, and currently includes over 600 towns in Western Europe. The criteria set forth by the Fair Trade Fair Trade Town USA LogoFederation includes five main items that a town must meet: a minimum number of businesses that offer Fair Trade products for sale; educational events; a steering committee that meets on a regular basis; a significant amount of media coverage; and for the town council to pass a resolution.  The movement has drifted across the Atlantic to the United States with the creation of Fair Trade Towns USA and now our home state of Vermont is a part of it! 


In August, Burlington, Vermont completed the five requirements to declare the city a Fair Trade Town.  This makes Burlington the second Fair Trade Town in Vermont’s history after Brattleboro, Vermont declared in 2007, and the twelfth Fair Trade Town in the US.  Later today, the city will celebrate its new Fair Trade status in style – with an official declaration and Vermont’s First Fair Trade Forum.  From 4:30-7 PM in Contois, Burlington Town Hall, the Forum will feature six speakers, including our own Rick Peyser, who will discuss and take questions on their experience with Fair Trade – from working directly with producers to dealing with the challenges of marketing Fair Trade at the retail level.  The panel will also include a Fair Trade farmer from our recently mentioned Chajulense cooperative in Guatemala to give his perspective on Fair Trade. 

The Fair Trade Burlington campaign also promotes local products.  Their motto has been “Buy Local, Buy Fair” or buy local, and when that is not possible, buy Fair Trade.  This understanding has promoted a supportive and encouraging response from the Burlington community.


What better way to celebrate Fair Trade Month than by getting involved with Fair Trade in your community.  Could your town become a Fair Trade Town?



New England Culture Fest

Submitted by Roger Garufi

The 5th Annual New England Culture Fest took place on September 7th, in Lowell, MA.  The festival, billed as the nation’s premiere Fair Trade event, is produced each year by a not-for-profit organization called Second World.  According to their website (, the group’s mission is to bridge the gap between the first and third worlds.  They achieve this by producing a number of Fair Trade related documentaries and outreach events.  There is even a retail component to their efforts, and their store at 172 Middle St. in downtown Lowell offers a beautiful selection of Fair Trade products and artwork. 

Green Mountain Coffee has sponsored the New England Culture Fest for the last three years, and we were proud to be on-site again this year.  The festival brings together a wide cross-section of sponsors, vendors, artists, community leaders, businesses, musicians, and activists, all united under the concept of supporting and promoting the Fair Trade model.  The sights and sounds of the festival swirled around us all afternoon, as we handed out free samples of our delicious Fair Trade Organic House Blends, and our current seasonal offerings, the ever-popular Pumpkin Spice, and Autumn Harvest Blend (both of which are Fair Trade certified as well, as are all of our seasonal releases). 

Naturally, sponsorships and sampling opportunities are designed to promote our brand, and sharing our quality products with loyal customers and new consumers helps to establish awareness.  But many events carry with them a message, and the message of the New England Culture Fest is one that needs to be heard.  By choosing to support the efforts of Second World and the New England Culture Fest, Green Mountain Coffee is helping to educate consumers about the needs and benefits of sustainable business practices like the Fair Trade movement. 

The 6th Annual New England Culture Fest is tentatively scheduled for September 5th 2009.  Once again, downtown Lowell will come alive with the message of Fair Trade -- hope to see you there….