Golden French Toast Coffee

Maple Round Up


Maple isn't just a word, a tree, or a flavor; it’s a way of life.  The sweet life, that is.  As the temperatures sink below zero at night and rise to Spring-like levels in the daytime, you can almost hear the sap begin to flow down the lines and into the sugar house. 

And with that sound, our desire to coat most things on the menu in pure maple syrup goes up exponentially.  There’s nothing like the thick, concentrated liquid, whether you’re a traditionalist and pour it over a short stack of fluffy pancakes or more of an innovator and marinate chicken in it for the barbie.  If we have a choice of maple-applications, it would come down to these three recipes:


How do you treat your “liquid gold?”  


Coconut Café

Now that it is almost Spring, we're dreaming of the tropics! Let's settle for a Coconut Café indulgence, instead.



1 tablespoon of cream of coconut (regular or low-fat)

1 French Vanilla Coffee K-Cup® or Vue® pack, brewed at 6-ounce setting

Milk or creamer

Sweetened whipped cream

1/2 teaspoon of toasted, shredded coconut


Spoon cream of coconut into mug. Brew coffee into mug, add milk or creamer to taste, stir and combine. Garnish with whipped cream and toasted coconut.

To toast coconut: Add grated coconut to a small non-stick pan and heat over low heat for 2 minutes or until golden brown.

Makes 1 Serving.

Happy brewing! 



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Train Station News - February Edition

Don’t let the snow keep you inside this month! Come down to the Green Mountain Coffee Train Station to try our new monthly drink and our new pastry offerings!


The Snowcap Supreme is in. Our seasonal Green Mountain Coffee® Golden French Toast® Coffee, a shot of sweet caramel syrup with a snowy white dome of frothed milk on top. This is a beverage perfect for right after a long day on the ski slopes. It will warm you up from the inside and sweeten up the rest of your day!

We also have started carrying a new line of pastries made by Sweet Simone’s of Waistfield, Vermont. Try our new rotating selection of scones, our new pies and our new cookies. If you’re looking for something super sweet and satisfying, don’t forget to keep an eye out for her mocha cupcake with Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic Espresso frosting!

If you’re in need of some post-slope invigoration stop by and visit us at The Train Station! 



This morning, the people of Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, celebrate the day which is set on February 2nd every year, while 40,000 or more onlookers patiently await the emergence of a groundhog named Phil.

To see his shadow or not to see is shadow, is in fact, the utmost question.  

Lo and behold, the sun must have been shining this morning, because little ‘ol Phil did see his shadow, hence, he retreated back into his home to hibernate for yet another six more weeks of winter. Sigh!

Nevertheless, whether you are a ski bunny or a beach bum, it is always an exciting tradition that lets us, at home, await the news via Social Media and relish (or relinquish) in the news from Phil.

Alas, for all those in trust of Phil’s news, we can still make the best out of the next six weeks!

Check out some of our favorite things that we can continue to celebrate for the rest of the winter:

 If you haven’t yet, give our Creamy Golden French Toast Coffee Recipe a try! The maple, sweet buttery goodness says it all:

Although we were busy celebrating Hot Tea Month in January, don’t miss out on sipping on these warm tea varieties all through February to warm you up:

You will need a hearty meal with all of these beverage concoctions. We have just the recipe for you - Barista Beef Stew:

Who says we still can’t make holiday cookies this time of year? Lucky for us, there are no rules!

And, last but certainly not least, if you need any more ideas, just check out “Our Favorite things To Do in New England Winters." I don’t know about you, but this list might really come in handy in the upcoming weeks!

To warm you up even more, go to to enjoy $2 off all Keurig Brewed beverages, using Keycode: GROUNDHOG. 


Creamy Golden French Toast Coffee



Just hearing the name “Golden French Toast® coffee” makes my stomach start to growl.  The aroma reminds me of thick, cinnamon French toast smothered in sweet butter and pure Vermont maple syrup.  And the taste.  Well, the tastes brings you right back to the weekend, PJ-clad and relaxed.  Of course, if you’re like me on a Sunday morning, you’re adding a dollop of fresh whipped cream to make that mouth-watering stack of goodness just that much more scrumptious.   That picture of culinary delight brings me to the below recipe for Creamy Golden French Toast – a mix that will make you feel like you’re settling in for Sunday brunch no matter where you are.  


Creamy Golden French Toast Coffee



·         Fair Trade Certified™ Golden French Toast® coffee, brewed at 4-oz setting

·         Green Mountain Coffee® Caramel Vanilla Cream coffee, brewed at 4-oz setting

·         ½ Tablespoon of pure Vermont maple syrup

·         2 Tablespoons of half & half

·        Whipped cream


Into a large mug, brew a K-Cup® of Golden French Toast® coffee at 4-oz setting.

Brew a K-Cup® of Green Mountain Coffee® Caramel Vanilla Cream coffee into same mug at 4-oz setting.

Stir in maple syrup and add half & half.

Top with whipped cream and a few drops of maple syrup for an extra treat.  






Golden French Toast Shortbread Recipe

Golden French Toast Shortbread

Cozy Sunday afternoons by the fire. That's what February means to me. We're hunkered down here in New Jersey, where it was 16°F when I woke up this morning. That's some serious cold, my friends.

When it's that cold, there's just nothing for it - except maybe that cozy fire, a hot cup of Fair Trade Golden French Toast® coffee, and the scent of delicious, buttery shortbread studded with coffee wafting from your oven. 

The recipe is simple - no eggs required. You might want to grab your coffee or spice grinder. While Fair Trade Golden French Toast comes pre-ground, you might want a finer grind for your shortbread. We used as-is from the bag, and the tender shortbread is perfect in my opinion. Just know that it's your call to make a finer grind.

Traditional shortbread also contains oats, did you know? Don't skip them here. They take on buttery notes from the Fair Trade Golden French Toast coffee, and make this shortbread an extra special treat. 

Fair Trade Golden French Toast Shortbread

Makes one 8" x 10" pan



1 cup oats (not quick cooking)

1 cup unsalted butter (2 sticks), cut into smaller chunks

1 cup confectioner's sugar, sifted

1/2 teaspoon kosher salt

1 1/2 cups all purpose flour

1/8 to 1/4 cup ground Green Mountain Coffee® Fair Trade Golden French Toast coffee



1. Pour oats into the bowl of a food processor and pulse 3 to 5 times, until oats have been somewhat pulverized. 

2. Add chunked butter, sugar, kosher salt, and all purpose flour to the food processor. 

3. Pulse ingredients 3 to 5 times, then add your desired amount of coffee. Remember to separately grind the coffee finer, if you prefer the grounds to be smoother in your shortbread. 

4. Process all the ingredients together for 1-2 minutes, until a smooth dough forms. You will hear a change in the food processor when everything suddenly comes together in one large piece of dough. 

5. Refrigerate the dough for at least an hour, or overnight if you prefer. 

6. When the dough is ready, preheat the oven to 350°F. Line an 8" x 10" baking sheet with parchment paper, or lightly spray a shortbread mold with cooking spray. 

7. Press the dough into the baking sheet or shortbread mold, taking care to make the dough as even as possible across the pan. Sometimes it can help to use a drinking glass like a rolling pin to push the dough where you need it to be. 

8. If using a baking sheet, score the cookies into rectangles using a knife or bench scraper - press all the way through the dough, making rectangles that are about 4 inches long each. (One division of the dough down the long side of the pan, in the center, and then smaller, 1" wide cuts horizontally is what I did.)

9. Bake for 35-40 minutes, until the cookies are golden brown. 

10. Remove from the oven and allow to cool in the pan for about 5 minutes, then turn the cookies out onto a clean surface and cut through the score marks. It is easier to cut the cookies when they are slightly warm. Allow them to cool on a wire rack after cutting. 


Want to win some Golden French Toast to try in your own shortbead recipe?  Go on over to my blog, Bluebonnets & Brownies, to see how to enter!


Ski Season at the Visitor Center

Inside the Green Mountain Coffee Visitor Center and Cafe

In Waterbury, Vermont, the Green Mountain Coffee® Visitor Center & Café located at the historic train station is bustling with activity. The café is nestled in between five ski resorts and the energy is high this time of year. The holidays have passed and many are working off those extra calories on their skis or snowboards. In the morning, we see many energetic faces gearing up for a day at the mountain by starting it off with a hot Golden French Toast® Maple Supreme. We start off with hot Golden French Toast coffee, steamed light cream, and a shot of pure Vermont maple syrup. Of course, a dollop of whip cream can be added for those planning to hit the slopes hard. Although ,if you prefer a good ol’ cup-o-joe over a specialty drink, we have seven daily brews of the day to choose.  A mug for every mogul you tackle that day?

Being a stop before and after skiing has its perks for us. Skiers and riders are happy to tell us what the conditions were on the mountain that day, and we make sure to pass that information on to our other guests. Most recently, we had a skier coming back from one mountain report that as he was just getting off of the lift and about to rip down the mountain and he saw a moose chasing a fellow skier. Yes, a moose! Fortunately, the skier was able to get good speed quickly and the moose gave up the chase and retreated to the woods.  Wonder if the mountain will now put up a moose crossing sign at the top of the lift…

The Visitor Center & Café also serves as a stop on the Amtrak Vermonter line. If it’s not the skier and riders stories that keep us entertained daily, it is the periodic visits we receive from major news outlets. Just last week, CNN visited the train station with the Vermont Department of Tourism for an interview to discuss the improvements on the high speed rail and Vermont being the first state to complete the improvements. Vermont certainly has a lot of firsts and this is just an example of the progressive nature of our state.

There are still many powder days ahead of us in Vermont which powers our local economy and helps make us a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of cities like Boston and Montreal. Won’t you come and see us soon?


Golden French Toast Coffee Is Back!

During this time of year I often find myself sleeping in as late as possible on those Saturday mornings when I clearly have an agenda filled with errands to run and tasks to complete. In fact just the other weekend, I was awoken by the aroma of French Toast wafting up the stairs and down the hallway. I immediately knew it was going to be the start of a good day. However, for those of us who do not have a personal chef (or significant other), we have good news. Golden French Toast® coffee is back in K-Cup® packs and bags! Featuring a maple aroma, and buttery, golden toasty flavors, there is more than one reason to start off a busy weekend morning with this cold weather classic from Green Mountain Coffee®. Stock up on this sensational flavored coffee before its too late!


What we're giving for Valentine's Day this year

Love ballads on the radio, heart shaped cookies at the bakery, and pink and red decorations everywhere. Yes, it’s that time of year again! Single or attached- it’s hard not to like the holiday of love. (Probably because of all the chocolate!) If you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your Valentine, or you just want to take advantage of all the delicious seasonal goodies, than look no further! Here are our top picks for chocolate day - whoops, we mean Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Coffee!

Green Mountain Coffee® Chocolate Raspberry Truffle There's something deeply satisfying about the pairing of deep, dark chocolate and raspberries. It’s even more satisfying when you pair it with a bunch of your close girlfriends and a romantic comedy!

Heritage Chocolate Shortbread

Heritage Chocolate Dipped Shortbread This sweet, flaky and over-the-top delight proves that you can never have enough of a good thing. Seriously. The 18-ct box may not be enough! But, if you find yourself searching for a richer chocolate experience, sip on Café Escapes® Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa while you’re snacking.

Golden French Toast Coffee

Green Mountain Coffee® Golden French Toast® Okay, so this isn’t exactly chocolate but it’s seriously delicious so it made it on the list. And because we left nothing out- cinnamon (check), maple aroma (check), buttery goodness (check) - it’s going to smell as incredible as it tastes! If you’re feeling creative, check out Bluebonnets & Brownies’ post for a mouth-watering Blondies recipe using Golden French Toast® K-Cup® packs!

By: Hannah P., PR intern


Golden French Toast Returns!

We reminisce around the office about those lazy Saturday mornings in winter when everybody sleeps in. About the only thing that can open our eyes (other than the smell of just brewed coffee, of course) is the mouth-watering aroma of buttery French toast and warm Vermont maple syrup.


Thankfully, it looks like today may be our new “lazy Sunday morning” because Fair Trade Golden French Toast® is back for the winter!  The aromas and flavors of our favorite weekend treat are layered in this favorite Fair Trade seasonal flavor and ready to drink. It's all here: the maple aroma, and buttery, golden toasty flavors, warmed with just a touch of cinnamon.

Double yum.

Golden French Toast is here for the winter season, available in K-Cup® packs for Keurig® brewers and in bags online and in stores near you, so grab yours today!


Golden French Toast and Wicked Winter Blend Return!

The temperatures have dropped, the snow is falling, and our Limited Edition Winter Seasonal coffees have arrived!

Welcome back the first of our winter favorites: Fair Trade Golden French Toast® in bags and K-Cup® portion packs. The name of this coffee alone makes our mouths start to water.  The familiar aroma and flavor of this weekend treat are all there, in one cup: the maple aroma, and buttery, golden toasty flavors, warmed with just a touch of cinnamon.  Plus, it’s Fair Trade Certified so you can feel good about embracing a mug (or two) in the morning.

Not to be outdone, Fair Trade Wicked Winter Blend is back in bags for the winter, too.  This is, for us, a traditional coffee blend made new by using exclusively Fair Trade Certified coffees. A lovely after dinner cup, an excellent companion to dessert (brownies, anyone?) and rich and satisfying lightened with cream. A true tribute to our New England roots.

Remember: These Limited Edition selections go out with the snow!  Here from January 3, 2011 to March 18, 2011.   Get them while they’re hot.


On-Mountain Coffee Sampling

The President's Day holiday weekend is typically one of the busiest skiing and riding weekends at resorts across Vermont.  This year proved to be no different, as thousands of visitors chose to learn what those of us who live here have known for generations -- for winter sports in the East, you just can't beat what Vermont has to offer.  We've been a little light on the white stuff so far this season, but all the ski areas were geared up, groomed, and ready to go nonetheless.

To join in the fun, we had a sampling team take to the slopes at Killington, where they dispensed hundreds of samples of, among other offerings, our delicious Fair Trade Winter seasonals -- Wicked Winter Blend and Golden French Toast.  Many of the samples came from K-Cups, brewed on the spot using Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewers.

Many more samples were distributed by mobile brand ambassadors, armed with special beverage-dispensing backpacks.  This intrepid coffee infantry was able to bring fresh, hot Green Mountain Coffee right to folks in lift lines and around the base lodges...right where people needed it most.

You know what they say about Vermont -- it's ten months of winter and two months of really poor sledding.  So don't worry if you haven't made it up here to frolic in nature's playground yet this winter, there's still plenty of time to do so.

See you on the slopes....


A Seasonal Winter Fairytale

Once upon a time, in the far away land of Vermont, there lived a coffee roaster called Green Mountain Coffee®.  The Roaster made wonderful coffees all year long – dark French Roasts, vibrant Breakfast Blends, lush flavors like Southern Pecan, and so much more.

Once a year the Roaster felt so inspired by the falling snow, dropping temperatures, and skiers on the mountain tops that it decided to roast an ode to Winter.  And so, it sourced, roasted, packaged and said, “Eureka! We have it: Limited Edition Winter Seasonal Coffees have arrived!”

With that cry of joy, Wicked Winter® Blend K-Cups and Fair Trade Golden French Toast® K-Cups entered the world.  (Don't forget our coffee bags, too!) Now, for the limited time they’re here, these Seasonal Coffees bring the spirit of Winter with them wherever they go.

And so they lived, happily ever after.

The End – er, the beginning!


Author: Kristen Mercure


Fair Trade Spring Seasonal coffees

Springtime is nearly here and what better way to kick-off this refreshing season than with your favorite springtime coffees? Our two limited edition spring coffees, Island Coconut® and Spring Revival™ Blend, are delicious when served hot or as an iced beverage.


If you are making these coffees hot try mixing them up with hot cocoa for a twist. If you are making them iced, then try adding some chocolate milk. The perfect splash for the spring season!


The best way to ensure you get every one of your favorite seasonal flavored coffees is to join the
Seasonal Flavors Coffee Tour. We will send you two bags or boxes of each of the following flavors:

  • Winter — Golden French Toast

  • Spring — Island Coconut

  • Summer — The Perfect Peach -NEW for 2009!

  • Fall — Pumpkin Spice

  • Holiday — Spicy Eggnog