French Toast Flavored Coffee

Maple Round Up


Maple isn't just a word, a tree, or a flavor; it’s a way of life.  The sweet life, that is.  As the temperatures sink below zero at night and rise to Spring-like levels in the daytime, you can almost hear the sap begin to flow down the lines and into the sugar house. 

And with that sound, our desire to coat most things on the menu in pure maple syrup goes up exponentially.  There’s nothing like the thick, concentrated liquid, whether you’re a traditionalist and pour it over a short stack of fluffy pancakes or more of an innovator and marinate chicken in it for the barbie.  If we have a choice of maple-applications, it would come down to these three recipes:


How do you treat your “liquid gold?”  


How Will You Handle The Temptation on National Blueberry Muffin Day?

Celebrate National Blueberry Muffine Day with Wild Mountain Blueberry Coffee

Tomorrow is a holiday dedicated to one of my favorite pastries: National Blueberry Muffin Day! The bad news is this holiday falls right in the middle of swimsuit season, where this treat just isn’t on my breakfast list. If you’re in my boat, we have to wonder: how do we avoid the inevitable temptations of tasty baked goods on this unique national holiday? The answer is simple: flavored coffee. Flavored coffees can satisfy your sweet tooth without the calorie worries, and I’m here to reveal some of my favorite flavors.

First, the classics: Hazelnut and French Vanilla are always delicious. These two flavors are simple and satisfying. Hazelnut, a personal favorite of mine from Green Mountain Coffee®, perfectly embodies the toasted, buttery, hazelnut flavors that everybody loves. French Vanilla is lusciously rich and smooth and captures the flavors of old-time creamy vanilla custard. To sweeten the deal, each K-Cup® pack is calorie-free and guilt-free, so these treats won’t interrupt your summer journey to wellness.

If you want to spice it up a little more, why not drink your favorite treat regret-free? Timothy’s® German Chocolate Cake coffee, Donut House® Cinnamon Roll coffee, Timothy’s® Cinnamon Pastry coffee, and  Donut House® Chocolate Glazed Donut coffee are all to die for! You might think you’re biting into a slice of German chocolate cake or a warm cinnamon roll, but really, you’re drinking a calorie-free and oh-so mouthwatering treat.

Finally, the most appropriate way to celebrate National Blueberry Muffin Day and be proud of your will power is to embrace Green Mountain Coffee® Wild Mountain Blueberry® coffee! You might think blueberry coffee sounds crazy, but after you try it, you’ll fall for the juicy, sweet, oh-so-slightly buttery aroma and the sun-kissed wild blueberry with a hint of caramel flavor. What better way to curb your craving for a blueberry muffin than with a hot cup of Wild Mountain Blueberry® coffee in the morning?

Flavored coffees are my hidden secret this summer. The taste of each flavor makes me feel like I’m eating the treat – no more cravings for me. So this summer, try one of these tasty coffee flavors and celebrate National Blueberry Muffin Day the right way. Branch out on this special day and try a wild flavor like Wild Mountain Blueberry® - who knows, it may be a new favorite.


Golden French Toast Coffee Is Back!

During this time of year I often find myself sleeping in as late as possible on those Saturday mornings when I clearly have an agenda filled with errands to run and tasks to complete. In fact just the other weekend, I was awoken by the aroma of French Toast wafting up the stairs and down the hallway. I immediately knew it was going to be the start of a good day. However, for those of us who do not have a personal chef (or significant other), we have good news. Golden French Toast® coffee is back in K-Cup® packs and bags! Featuring a maple aroma, and buttery, golden toasty flavors, there is more than one reason to start off a busy weekend morning with this cold weather classic from Green Mountain Coffee®. Stock up on this sensational flavored coffee before its too late!


Golden French Toast Returns!

We reminisce around the office about those lazy Saturday mornings in winter when everybody sleeps in. About the only thing that can open our eyes (other than the smell of just brewed coffee, of course) is the mouth-watering aroma of buttery French toast and warm Vermont maple syrup.


Thankfully, it looks like today may be our new “lazy Sunday morning” because Fair Trade Golden French Toast® is back for the winter!  The aromas and flavors of our favorite weekend treat are layered in this favorite Fair Trade seasonal flavor and ready to drink. It's all here: the maple aroma, and buttery, golden toasty flavors, warmed with just a touch of cinnamon.

Double yum.

Golden French Toast is here for the winter season, available in K-Cup® packs for Keurig® brewers and in bags online and in stores near you, so grab yours today!


With Love: Gaga's Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

Today is about sharing love.  It's about saying, "I love you," to those you do.  It's about paying love forward by holding a door open for someone you don't even know.  It's about passing on your love of a family member in a cherished memory - or recipe, in this case.

Other than being one of our most devoted Pumpkin Spice fans, foodie Amber of Bluebonnets & Brownies fame has an arsenal of fantastic, easy, and heartwarming recipes on her blog - and she's graciously shared a personal - and delicious - one with us today.  So, in the spirit of Valentine's Day and sharing love with the masses, we're pleased to give the stage to Amber and her grandfather's Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake:


Gaga's Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake from Bluebonnets and Brownies

It's pretty safe to say that my grandfather, affectionately known as Gaga, was a huge coffee fan. When I was little, he would make us both some toast and cut it into strips. And then we'd both dip our toast into his milky coffee. The man never met a cinnamon roll he didn't love (with coffee, of course), and his favorite cake in the entire world is this chocolate mayonnaise cake.

I know what you're thinking - mayo and coffee in cake? It's actually one of the easiest recipes in the world because you don't have to worry if you've got eggs or oil on hand, and the end result is some of the most moist, flavorful chocolate cake you'll ever taste.

I never could understand why I had an aversion to chocolate cake from bakeries. I mean, we live not far from New York City, where some of the greatest diners and bakeries in the world are. But every chocolate cake I tried just fell flat with me. Then I asked my grandmother for Gaga's famous cake recipe.

As the plump little cupcakes came out of the oven, and that warm, rich, velvety flavor floated my way, I understood. This is chocolate cake. You see, without the mayonnaise and coffee to enrich and enhance the chocolate, cake just isn't as good.

Which coffee you use can affect your end result, too. I've made this cake with several Green Mountain Coffee varieties, from Fair Trade Rainforest Nut® to Fair Trade Espresso Blend, and even Nantucket Blend. Each lends its unique notes to the finished product. Rainforest Nut actually adds its own chocolatey notes, while the Espresso Blend is strong enough to give the cake a mocha flair. Blueberry or even French Toast would be excellent, too.


Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

2 cups all purpose flour (for cupcakes, add 2 extra tablespoons of flour)
1 cup sugar
6 tablespoons cocoa powder – use a good quality like Scharffen Berger (for cupcakes, add 1 more scant tablespoon of cocoa powder)
1/4 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons baking soda
1 cup mayonnaise – no substitutes
1 cup cold coffee – I used Green Mountain Coffee’s Nantucket Blend

1 teaspoon vanilla


Sift together dry ingredients – set aside.
In mixing bowl combine mayonnaise, cold coffee and vanilla – add sifted dry ingredients, incrementally. Beat until smooth – scraping sides of bowl often. Pour into greased and floured 9 x 13 pan or 12 count muffin pan with paper cups. Bake in preheated oven 350 degrees. 25 to 35 minutes. Do not over bake.

Chocolate Rum Butter Cream Frosting

3 sticks unsalted butter
pinch of salt
1 tbsp vanilla or almond extract
2 lbs confectioner's (powdered) sugar
4 tbsps half & half
1 c. cocoa powder
2 tbsp dark or white rum

In a large mixing bowl, cream butter until light and fluffy. Slowly add confectioner's sugar, one cup at a time, creaming well each time until completely incorporated. Add extract, salt, half and half and mix well. Add cocoa powder and mix again until light and fluffy. Then add rum and mix again. Frost cake immediately.



Golden French Toast and Wicked Winter Blend Return!

The temperatures have dropped, the snow is falling, and our Limited Edition Winter Seasonal coffees have arrived!

Welcome back the first of our winter favorites: Fair Trade Golden French Toast® in bags and K-Cup® portion packs. The name of this coffee alone makes our mouths start to water.  The familiar aroma and flavor of this weekend treat are all there, in one cup: the maple aroma, and buttery, golden toasty flavors, warmed with just a touch of cinnamon.  Plus, it’s Fair Trade Certified so you can feel good about embracing a mug (or two) in the morning.

Not to be outdone, Fair Trade Wicked Winter Blend is back in bags for the winter, too.  This is, for us, a traditional coffee blend made new by using exclusively Fair Trade Certified coffees. A lovely after dinner cup, an excellent companion to dessert (brownies, anyone?) and rich and satisfying lightened with cream. A true tribute to our New England roots.

Remember: These Limited Edition selections go out with the snow!  Here from January 3, 2011 to March 18, 2011.   Get them while they’re hot.


Green Mountain Coffee Top Holiday Gift Picks

With so much of the holidays already dedicated to the stresses of the season, we’re here to provide you with trouble-free gift giving to even the pickiest person on your list.  Yes, even the pickiest person on your list.  You know the kind: The friends you love dearly but have expensive tastes (that’s Luxury Larry), your restaurateur neighbor (Foodie Fran), you socially-conscious coworker (Advocating Anne), or your sibling who has absolutely everything (Been-there-Done-That Ben).  Have no fear this year – Green Mountain Coffee’s got you covered.

Give something truly exceptional this holiday season with Green Mountain Coffee’s Special Reserve coffee.  Four times a year, we seek out some of the rarest coffees from around the world and batch roast them to display the coffee’s fullest flavor and aroma.  Each Special Reserve comes from a single origin – like our latest Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley – and produces a very limited batch, only around 1,000 bags.  Our Special Reserve selections pair the farmers’ best work with the art and craft of our Master Roasters – all so true coffee connoisseurs can experience the unique qualities of these origins in their morning cup. This website exclusive is available for $17.95 for 10-12 ounce bag or you can join the Tour to get the latest Reserves shipped right to your door before anyone else.

Be the toast of the breakfast table by giving a delicious breakfast that will fill those on your list with good feelings and food. Start with our own Organic House Blend coffee or Lake Champlain Hot Cocoa— both are Fair Trade and organic. Follow up with organic treats from Highland Sugarworks: multi-grain pancakes topped with exquisite maple syrup.  Share this gift with your holiday hosts and they’ll be asking you to come back as soon as possible! Available for $37.95.

If variety is the spice of your loved ones life, Green Mountain Coffee has a coffee selection for you.  This sampler includes three 10-oz. bags of coffee to fit every mood – bold and dark with French Roast, sweet and swanky with Sumatran Reserve, and bright and vibrant with our Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Each certified Fair Trade and Organic, our sampler is perfect for the socially-minded with a coffee habit that’s never routine. Available for $24.95.

Keurig® single-cup brewing is the latest trend in coffee – bringing fast, affordable, and café quality hot beverages to the home. Each of the over 200 varieties of K-Cup® portion packs make the perfect cup of coffee, tea, hot cocoa, hot cider, and iced coffee and teas at the touch of a button. There's no measuring, grinding, or mess.  With five Keurig brewers available, from the red hot Mini Plus Personal Brewer ($99.95) to the luxury Cuisinart® Keurig Single-Cup Brewer ($199.99), there’s a style and price point for everyone. Even the gadget guru with everything will want to thank you every time they push the button.  Available at (and there’s free shipping on all brewers when shipping within the continuous US).

No matter the stresses this season may bring, we’re here to make your holidays a happy one.


Savor the deep-roasted brews of the new Barista Prima Coffeehouse collection

Been craving an even richer, deeper, darker K-Cup® portion pack? An intense flavor and complexity that sings of the world’s finest coffee house brews? Good news: Our friends at Barista Prima Coffeehouse™ have a new K-Cup® collection made to satiate just that feeling.

As an exclusive collection of the world’s finest Arabica coffees roasted in the tradition of Europe's most celebrated coffee houses, Barista Prima Coffeehouse brings you rich, deep-roasted brews in convenient, single serve K-Cups®.  Bold and complex, yet perfectly balanced, each cup reflects the consummate artistry and handcrafted care that only the most skilled baristas can deliver.  This select line is comprised of four richly flavored brews:

  • High altitude treasure from a land of legendary coffee. A prized coffee, born of the mountains in a land steeped in the coffee-growing tradition. Accented by bright, bold fruit notes and a distinctive hint of walnut, this deep-roasted cup possesses a sweet, full-bodied finish that elevates satisfaction into a realm all its own.

French Roast

  • A sweet, smoky love song to the cafés of Paris. This intensely bold yet gracefully-bodied cup provides indisputable proof of our roast masters' artistry. The absolute finest Arabica beans are heated to the very edge of noir - then meticulously eased back to reveal their rich, full-flavored complexity. The result? A daringly dark, smoky-sweet brew with a surprisingly light mouthfeel.

House Blend

  • The timeless perfection of your best-loved coffee house cup. Classically balanced, with a lively splash of citrus, subtle hints of bittersweet chocolate and a well rounded, toasted-nut finish. Its roasty sweet, supremely satisfying taste evokes all the familiar comforts of your favorite coffee house.

Italian Roast

  • A deep, dark-roasted delight, done right. This robust, heavy-bodied cup with its ripe fruit and berry notes epitomizes the time-honored Italian tradition of dark-roasted coffeehouse brews. Bold yet ideally balanced, with a subtle hint of smokiness and a bright clean finish, our Italian Roast is a hearty and flavorful testament to the art of dark roasting.

The small team of Barista Prima™ coffee experts spent years in search of a way to recreate the intense flavor and complexity of the world’s finest coffee house brews.  They worked tirelessly to develop exquisite blends that could meet their own impossibly high expectations so they and you could be proud to serve it to family and friends.  And now, it’s here and ready to satisfy your need for coffee house richness at home.

Now available online for $19.45 for a 24ct box.


A Seasonal Winter Fairytale

Once upon a time, in the far away land of Vermont, there lived a coffee roaster called Green Mountain Coffee®.  The Roaster made wonderful coffees all year long – dark French Roasts, vibrant Breakfast Blends, lush flavors like Southern Pecan, and so much more.

Once a year the Roaster felt so inspired by the falling snow, dropping temperatures, and skiers on the mountain tops that it decided to roast an ode to Winter.  And so, it sourced, roasted, packaged and said, “Eureka! We have it: Limited Edition Winter Seasonal Coffees have arrived!”

With that cry of joy, Wicked Winter® Blend K-Cups and Fair Trade Golden French Toast® K-Cups entered the world.  (Don't forget our coffee bags, too!) Now, for the limited time they’re here, these Seasonal Coffees bring the spirit of Winter with them wherever they go.

And so they lived, happily ever after.

The End – er, the beginning!


Author: Kristen Mercure


Fair Trade Spring Seasonal coffees

Springtime is nearly here and what better way to kick-off this refreshing season than with your favorite springtime coffees? Our two limited edition spring coffees, Island Coconut® and Spring Revival™ Blend, are delicious when served hot or as an iced beverage.


If you are making these coffees hot try mixing them up with hot cocoa for a twist. If you are making them iced, then try adding some chocolate milk. The perfect splash for the spring season!


The best way to ensure you get every one of your favorite seasonal flavored coffees is to join the
Seasonal Flavors Coffee Tour. We will send you two bags or boxes of each of the following flavors:

  • Winter — Golden French Toast

  • Spring — Island Coconut

  • Summer — The Perfect Peach -NEW for 2009!

  • Fall — Pumpkin Spice

  • Holiday — Spicy Eggnog


French Toast K-Cups back for winter!

Good news flavor fanatics:  our Winter Seasonal French Toast coffee is back in both K-Cup and traditional Ground packaging.  Enjoy it's wonderful buttery smell as it brews.

In addition, our dark-roasted Wicked Winter coffee is back too, in K-Cup and Ground

Better get 'em before they run out 'cause they'll be gone by spring!


Satisfy Your Hunger and Drink Fair Trade Coffee

October is national Fair Trade Month.  There's no better time to seek Fair Trade Certified products and support those who offer them.  It's easy to find a yummy breakfast bagel, or even a meal, and a great tasting Fair Trade Certified coffee at Bruegger's.  With over 250 locations in 23 states Bruegger's bakery-cafes have what you need and they are a fun place to go.  When you walk into a Bruegger's it's warm and smells so yummy!  The scent of the fresh brewed coffee and homemade bagels beckons you!  They serve a wonderful mix of delicious, fresh, hot, Green Mountain Coffee that includes flavored, regular, Limited Edition, and at least one Fair Trade Certified selection daily!  What more could you ask for?...Fair Trade coffee and more than 15 New York-style bagel options.  My favorite?  A leisurely stop into the Church Street, Burlington, Vermont location to enjoy a cup of Fair Trade Organic French Roast with a toasted honey grain bagel and honey walnut cream cheese!  Ok you caught me...sometimes I tack on a freshly baked cookie with a second cup of Fair Trade coffee.
Mmm mmm!  Gotta go! 

Bruegger's bagels and Green Mountain Coffee…just another way to celebrate Fair Trade month.