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So, maybe you got a new Keurig® brewer over the holidays. Or maybe you’ve had a brewer for years. Either way, there’s a lot more than just a simple cup of coffee that you can get out of this terrific little machine. Here’s some inspiration from and to help you think outside the bean.


  1. Explore new varieties of coffee. Sure you have your go-to blend, and no one’s going to take that away from you. But did you know, there are over 150 different K-Cup® and about 50 Vue® pack varieties of coffee out there? From light, medium, and dark roast to extra bold, flavored, or special reserve – you might just discover a new favorite or two.
  2. Try other hot brews. Coffee’s not the only cup in town. The best-loved hot tea brands are also available for your Keurig® brewer, including Bigelow, Celestial Seasonings, Lipton, Tazo, Tetley, and Twinings. And on a chilly day, kids and grown-ups alike love a cup of hot apple cider or hot cocoa.
  3. Enjoy cold beverages with Brew Over Ice packs. With specially-crafted Brew Over Ice K-Cup® and Vue® packs, it’s a cinch to make a fresh and refreshing cup of iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade or other fruit brew. Just fill a cup with ice (do not use glass), pop in a pack, brew, stir and enjoy!
  4. Involve your brewer for cooking and baking. There are lots of great recipes that call for coffee, both sweet and savory dishes. Your Keurig® brewer makes it easy to brew a single cup, fast and without cleanup. This blog has a boatload of delicious recipes, so do a little perusing for some culinary ideas.
  5. Use My K-Cup® for whole bean and ground options. For some, there’s nothing like a cup of coffee from freshly ground beans. The My K-Cup® refill pack allows you to grind your own beans or to try varieties that are only available in bags.


But it’s not just what’s in the cup that matters. Here are a few more tips.

  1. A little maintenance goes a long way. Changing your water filter every 2 months and descaling your brewer every 3-6 months will not only help extend the life of your brewer, it’ll keep your beverages tasting great. Learn more.
  2. Keep your packs in order. There are a few great space-saving options for keeping your packs handy and organized, including carousels, dispensers, and under-brewer drawers. Check out your storage options for both K-Cup® and Vue® packs.
  3. Stock up for guests. When company comes, it’s a real treat to allow everyone to choose his or her own beverage, so keep a stash of options (see #s 1,2, and 3 above) and make it easy for guests to browse packs (see #7 above).
  4. Keep in touch. Sign up at and (bottom left) to receive emails with exclusive discounts and special offers, new product information, and more. We’re also on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+.


Got an idea to make it an even 10? We’d love to hear from you!


K-Cup Finder: There's an App for That

Your smart phone is about to start brewing!  Introducing K-Cup® Finder, your free mobile reference for K-Cup® portion packs.

What exactly does it feature?  Since you asked:

  • Over 100 varieties represented including Green Mountain Coffee® and other brands

  • New varieties added as they are released

  • See reviews and ratings from other K-Cup® fans, and share your reviews with other K-Cup Finder app users and on Twitter

  • Sort and filter by brand, roast, and attributes (Fair Trade, Kosher, Organic, and more)

  • It's not just for coffee– find teas, hot cocoa, Brew Over Ice beverages, and other specialty and seasonal varieties

  • Create a favorites list of blends for future reference, with your rating and notes

  • Receive promotional offers and discounts

  • Links to buy varieties online direct from us

  • Work on your iPhone, iTouch, and iPad

We’d love for you to tell us what you like... and what you don't.  Let us know in the comments below or at our Feedback Form.


Café EXPRESS - So Easy!

Plenty of us coffee fans are celebrating Fair Trade Month to the fullest and the last thing we want to happen is to (dare we say it?) run out of our favorite Fair Trade Green Mountain Coffees.  Thankfully, that won't be happening anytime soon if you're a member of our coffee program.

If you haven't heard of our Café EXPRESS® coffee program, consider this a crash-course!  Café EXPRESS is a flexible coffee program that gives you better prices on all your favorite coffees, delivered Fresh from the Roaster™.  Whether it’s K-Cup® portion packs or bags, we deliver your coffee on an adjustable schedule that works for you. By enrolling in Café EXPRESS, you’ll save on every bag or K-Cup® box, which allows you (our members) to indulge a little more often.

You’ll also get discounts on non-coffee items including everyone's favorite coffee maker, the Keurig® Single-Cup brewer, coffee accessories, food items, and gift baskets.  Need a little more information?  Be sure to check out our new video highlighting all the great benefits this program has to offer!


e-Taste Be Fair: Green Mountain Coffee Online Tasting

Ready to be a Green Mountain Coffee e-Taster?

On Thursday, May 6th at 6pm EST, sign-in to our Ustream channel to join Lindsey Bolger, our Director of Coffee Sourcing and Relationships, for a special virtual coffee tasting of our limited edition Spring Revival™ Blend.

Broadcasting live from the Green Mountain Coffee Visitor Center & Café in Waterbury, Vermont, Lindsey will walk our group of e-Tasters (that’s you!) through a guided tasting of Spring Revival Blend as she brews, tastes, and, of course, answers your questions as you sip along with us.

Yes, you’ll be tasting with us – all you need is:

  1. Your brewer (may it be French Press, drip, or Keurig),

  2. A bag or K-Cup of Spring Revival Blend*, and

  3. Your coffee questions and observations to share via Ustream’s Social Stream (log-in with your Twitter, Facebook, AOL AIM, or MySpace accounts) or the #etaste hashtag on Twitter alone.

Time answer the question: Ready to be a Green Mountain Coffee e-Taster? Save your spot at the e-Tasting table at

Register for e-Taste & Be Fair: Green Mountain Coffee Tasting in Waterbury, VT  on Eventbrite

* Use Promo Code TRADE-WFTD to get a 10% discount on Spring Revival Blend and all other Fair Trade Certified™ coffees at


Café EXPRESS $2.50/box savings are here to stay!

You liked it when we introduced the limited Café EXPRESS discount in February.

You really liked it when we extended it to May.

And now we hope you’ll really, really like it when we make the savings of $2.50 off every K-Cup® portion pack permanent.

Yes: Permanent.

All Café EXPRESS members will now save $2.50 per K-Cup box instead of our old $2 discount.  That means the typical 4-box order will now save $10 plus receive FREE shipping.  And Platinum members will now always save $3 per K-Cup box.

That’s savings ($2.50-off per box; $1-off per bag), variety (over 50 varieties of your favorite brands), and convenience (change your order, adjust the delivery schedule, and check your current order status - all online!) in one club.  Plus, it’s the freshest direct-from-the-roaster taste you’ll find, delivered right to your door – now, that’s a coffee club worth joining.

So, let us know: Do you really, really like it?


Energy in K-Cups

Need an extra boost in your day but don’t care for all those foreign, sugary ingredients in an energy drink? Green Mountain coffee has you covered with the introduction of revv™ K-Cup® portion packs for your Keurig Brewer.

revv packs more coffee in each K-Cup to offer a stimulating, richer, smoother cup of coffee. Whether you’re pulling an all-nighter or grinding through the third shift, revv will get you where you need to go.  If you’re looking for an extra kick in your coffee, try revv pulse™. Nature’s original energy drink, revv pulse™ boosts alertness without compromising on taste. Ginseng and Guarana are natural additives to revv’s high- performance power.

For a limited time,  get $1.00 off any revv or revv pulse K-Cup purchase when you use IGNITE-REVV in your shopping cart. Cafe Express members automatically receive the discount.

Check out for a chance to win a Burton snowboard, a Keurig brewer or an Apple ipad.


Need Coffee for your Office? Our New Small Business Site is Finally Live!

business coffee express home pageAs you are certainly aware, good coffee is vital to a happy workplace!  Coffee jump starts the day and fuels creativity - no matter how many people you have on staff.

With this in mind, we're proud to announce the launch of our newest family of sites;!

For small offices and business of 20 or fewer, Business Coffee Express is your source for K-Cup Portion Packs & Keurig Brewers.  From our 1-click Starter Kits or our new coffee club discount program "Office EXPRESS," Business Coffee Express has everything you need to outfit your small business or office.  By joining Office EXPRESS we'll automatically deliver your coffee on a schedule you choose.  Plus, if you sign up today you'll save $2.50 per box of K-Cups and 10% everything else including brewers!

And, if you have any feedback about the site (good or bad!) I'd love to hear from  you.

Office EXPRESS Coffee Club


Limited Time Offer for Cafe Express Members

If you're one of our Café Express members, we’ve got a great limited time offer for you. Purchase any Donut House ™ Coffee K-Cup® with a delivery date before 3/5/2010 and get an extra $1.00 off your existing discount. Sign in to your account or join Café Express today to receive great member benefits.  Share the Donut House discount with a friend when you Drop a Donut House on a friend.

Drop a Donut House

Our Donut House™ coffees  are good, straightforward coffees that remind you of the days when you could just order a “regular” cup of joe and never be disappointed.  These coffees offer rich, bold flavors and a little kick to get you going.


Kind Words for Cafe EXPRESS Platinum

bw_platinumceSince we announced Cafe EXPRESS Platinum back in April, we received many kind words of thanks from our wonderful Cafe EXPRESS members.  Here are some of our favorites:

This is a very nice benefit, and a good incentive! Thank you. -- R

Thank you for increasing my plan status to platinum.  The extra 2.50 savings is most welcome.  My husband, son and I enjoy your coffee several times daily.  I also have a keruig at work so I don' miss my coffee.  In fact, I've converted several  D***** D***** drinkers to the Green Mt. brand.    We have become coffee snobs.  It's difficult to find coffees out in restaurants that have any where near the full flavor of green mountain coffees. -- Nancy M.

That's cool, it will be even cheaper now WOOP WOOP! -- Ali G. (really)

Just a quick thank you for the Platinum status. In these economic troubles, we realize the sacrifices you are making to your customers by offering such a generous discount. Also know though, this means a great deal to my family and we very much appreciate the thought. Have a nice day! -- Patti W H

I don't think I've ever had that happen to us!  Thank you, what a gift! -- Ann S.

YAY! Thanks!! -- Jennifer D.

Thank you for the extra discount, we love your coffee and the coffee dispenser - MN264

We appreciate the discount on our Green Mt. Express bag orders! THANKS!! -- Liv and Jim S. (Who lived in Vermont 44 years, and love your coffee!)

Thanks to all for the nice feedback.  If you'd like to learn how to save money on your K-Cup or wholebean/ground coffee, please check out our Cafe EXPRESS program.  Plus, you can't beat the program's convenience.  Before you know it, you'll qualify for Cafe EXPRESS Platinum.


Cafe EXPRESS Platinum

bw_platinumceCafé EXPRESS™ just got better!

Green Mountain Coffee® just introduced
an advance level to the Café EXPRESS™
program called Cafe EXPRESS PLATINUM!

After you place your tenth order with Green Mountain Coffee, as a Café EXPRESS member, you will automatically start receiving greater discounts on your coffee – every time you order.

With Platinum you will receive - $2.50 off every box of K-Cups® and $1.25 off every bag of coffee.

Not yet a member of our ‘Automatic home delivery’ program then sign up today and start saving:

  • (1 – 10 orders) $2.00 off every box and $1.00 off every bag

  • (11+ orders) $2.50 off every box and $1.25 off every bag

  • Free Standard Shipping when you purchase 4 or more boxes of K-Cups

  • 10% off on all non-coffee items