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Train Station Visitors from Colombia

Aurora Maria Izquierdo Torresis and Jorge Edgar Paez Izquierdo visit us from Colombia

We had two very special visitors come to the Train Station in October.

Accompanied by Winston, Aurora Maria Izquierdo Torresis and Jorge Edgar Paez Izquierdo came to visit us from Colombia. They’re both from the ASOANEI cooperative. Aurora is the general manager and Jorge is the sales manager.

We had our Colombian Fair Trade Select coffee on brew.  This classically balanced single origin coffee originates from their farms. Our customers had the privilege to be served coffee by both Aurora and Jorge. As Jorge expressed it, they were proud to be serving the “best coffee.” It was a true tree-to-cup experience!

The Train Station staff really looks forward to meeting and sharing other members of our many fair trade partnerships in the future!


Jamaica Blue Mountain® and 100% Kona: This Season’s Special Reserves

Calling all coffee connoisseurs (and the friends who buy them gifts). We are pleased to announce the arrival of two highly prized Special Reserve coffees from Green Mountain Coffee®: Jamaica Blue Mountain® and 100% Kona. This isn’t something for just the French Press folks, these limited edition coffees are available in K-Cup® packs as well as bags. Both package options come with an informational brochure and are specially designed to make an elegant gift presentation.

Here’s a taste of each unique variety.

Jamaica Blue Mountain® is a coffee that is world-renowned for its exceptional flavor. So much so, that coffee experts ask for it by name. It is a complex coffee that presents a cup of well-rounded contrasts. You’ll find rich notes of chocolate, cherry, and plum, while hints of melon, lemon, and lime also shine through. The body is heavy with a silky, smooth finish.

100% Kona is one of the world’s most prized, award-winning coffees. It is a cheerfully bright, but delicate coffee that expresses dry, Chardonnay-like notes while presenting refreshing hints of tropical fruit, tart green apple, and dried citrus. It’s incomparable aroma is pleasantly floral with an almond sweetness.

These coffees, as with all Green Mountain Coffee® Special Reserves, are nurtured on the small farms we encounter during journeys to familiar origins and emerging coffee regions. They are carefully sourced and expertly roasted to bring out the best in every bean.

They’re also limited in supply, so don’t wait too long to order them!


Do You Want to Win Free Keurig K-Cup Packs For an Entire Year?

There aren’t many things that are better than coffee and prizes, except maybe the two of them combined. Well, luckily Green Mountain Coffee® The Perfect Cup Sweepstakes gives you the opportunity to win just that, coffee and prizes! You have the chance to receive free Keurig® K-Cup® packs for an entire year!

One grand prize Sweepstakes winner will receive one Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Brewer, two 24-count boxes of Keurig Brewed® K-Cup® packs every four weeks for 12 months, and a $500 check.

Now that’s a grand prize! And that’s not all, the deal gets even sweeter. Upon entering the Sweepstakes, you will also receive one Instant Win Game Play for that day, which gives you the opportunity to win daily prizes!

I bet you’re dying to know how to enter. Let me fill you in…

  • Go to or the Café Express Savings Club Facebook page to find the Perfect Cup Sweeps™ application. To access the application on Facebook, you must “like” the page first.
  • Once you have followed the links and instructions to complete the application, submit the form!
  • By entering your information on the application you will automatically receive one entry into the Sweepstakes drawing and one Instant Win game play for that day.
  • Next, play the Instant Win games for a chance to win daily and weekly prizes!

Each participant may enter the Sweepstakes and play the Instant Win games a maximum of one time per day during the promotion period. One Instant Win player each week will receive a Keurig® Platinum Single Cup Brewer and one player each day will win a Green Mountain Coffee® Regular Variety K-Cup® pack Sampler.

This promotion ends on March 31, 2014, so start playing now for your chance to win coffee and prizes on a daily and weekly basis. You might even win the grand prize! What would you do with free K-Cup® packs for an entire year?


10 Ways to Renew Your Brew

If you’ve got a Keurig® K-Cup® or Vue® brewer, there are lots of options for trying something new to “Renew Your Brew.” Things like flavored coffees – Limited Edition Island Coconut comes to mind – and Brew Over Ice flavors like lemonade, iced coffee, and iced tea. (You did know that every Keurig® brewer can make iced beverages, right?)

The point is, single-serve packs are a really convenient way to enjoy a great cup of coffee any time of day. But being able to use your brewer to make iced coffee, iced tea, lemonade and other fruit drinks is a little like discovering that your washing machine can also fold and do ironing. Sigh…if only.

So in case you need a little more motivation, here are 10 Ways to Renew Your Brew that you may see floating around as you travel through cyberspace in the next few weeks. And if you do try something new – beverage related or not – please leave a comment; we’d love to hear about it.

10 Ways to Renew Your Brew

1. Start chillin’ with your Keurig® brewer. Enjoy iced coffee, iced tea, and more.

2. Raise a mug to Mom. Order a special Mother’s Day Brewer Bundle to make her morning easy.

3. Think outside the bean. Try Brew Over Ice lemonade by Green Mountain Naturals® and other fruit brews.

4. Stockpile your favorite flavors with 15% off storewide, now through May 7. Just use keycode RENEWBREW at check-out.

5. Give a gift of good taste to someone special (see #4 regarding storewide sale).

6. Take a sip to paradise with Green Mountain Coffee® Island Coconut® seasonal coffee.

7. Get a special delivery. Café Express® members enjoy regular automatic delivery of their favorite items AND save 15% on every order.

8. Get a newer brewer. Check out the Keurig® Vue® V500.

9. Make time for tea with Bigelow and Celestial Seasonings K-Cup® and Vue® packs.

10. Try something new to you. Fair Trade Certified™ selections, Tully’s Hawaiian Blend, and more!

You know where to find all these great options, but here’s a shortcut to get you started:


Win a Free Keurig Vue Brewer From Café Express

That’s right coffee fans, Café Express® is brewing up a bold “THANK YOU” with a Member Appreciation Sweepstakes! In appreciation of our loyal members, Café Express® is giving ten lucky winners the chance to brew like a barista with their very own Keurig® Vue® Brewer. But we couldn’t just stop there, no sir! There are also twenty five first prizes and fifty second prizes to be won. So don’t be bashful, check out the Official Rules and Enter Here!


Our 4 Most Terrifying Coffees


Oh, no, it looks like a vamp got a hold of this coffee already...

Oh, no, it looks like a vampire got a hold of this coffee already...

Did you hear that?  It may have been the wind.  It may have been a swaying door. Or it may be a monster trying to eat you for breakfast.  Either way, your best defense may just be to have an equally terrifying coffee at the ready to give you the courage to be the survivor in this made-for-TV horror flick.  Here are the top four blends we’re taking with us into the zombie apocalypse:

1. Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic® espresso blend: Spellbindingly complex and sure to send a little hocus-pocus to those lurking baddies.

2. Green Mountain Coffee® Lake & Lodge: Inspired by the very location that most slasher films take place – isolated, in the woods, with nothing but your handy brewer to protect you.

3. Coffee People Black Tiger: ROAR!!!!  Fight monsters with a fearsome beast – in your mug.

4. Caribou Coffee® Daybreak Morning Blend: What scares vampires more than daylight?  This coffee, of course!  Who needs garlic – we have a light and fruity brew. 

Of course, there is one thing that is more terrifying than all of these coffees… running out of them!  The horror!  (So: never worry about: Join Café EXPRESS and get 15% off on every order, every time)


Happy Halloween!


Get Up To $50 Back On a Keurig Brewer

There has never been a better time to save on a new Keurig® brewer. Through October 28th, anyone who purchases a Keurig Vue® or K-Cup® brewer on will get up to $50 off with a mail in rebate. This rebate can also be downloaded by customers who have recently purchased a brewer (online or in a retail store). Add Keurig Brewed® packs and accessories to your order for additional savings. (Café Express® 15% savings and benefits are eligible for purchase.)


A Night of Fine Italian Dining In Burlington

I have a confession to make, and it's not one that I share with people that often - I'm a secret cook. While I never pursued a career in the culinary arts, I spent some time, years back, taking a variety of different cooking courses in an effort to upgrade my homemade meals from macaroni and cheese and deli sandwiches to finer cuisine. It was slow going at first, but after several months I was whipping up all manner of savory pork roasts, grilled salmon, spicy Cajun dishes and saucy pasta and meatball combinations. I wouldn't call myself an expert, but technically you could say that I'm a trained chef.

If you're wondering why I decided to keep this information something of a secret, I suppose it's because I'm a little shy about it. I've met plenty of people who think of cooking as a competition - always trying to outdo some old family recipe or show up their friends in the kitchen - and I just don't think of food in that way. For me, my time spent at the stove or chopping vegetables is a means of relaxing, expressing my creativity and sharing my love of food with close friends and family.

However, I'm not entirely humble about my skills - I do like to think I know a thing or two about fine dining and it’s also had the side effect of making me turn my nose a little at things of lower quality, be they meat or vegetables, wine or coffee. You learn the importance of each part of a meal and how they are supposed to compliment the rest. Because of this, I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest restaurants in Vermont.

A few weekends back, my girlfriend, Liz, and I took a mini-vacation and rented a hotel room in Burlington to  take the opportunity to just break out of the regular routine. While we spent plenty of time shopping and wandering the waterfront, I also made a point of visiting some authentic Italian ristorantes, one of my favorite styless of food, to satisfy my slight obsession . Even the basic plate of pasta with Bolognese sauce and a good glass of red wine, followed by a cup of Italian Roast coffee is tough to beat.

While you might not think of Vermont as a hub of fine Mediterranean dining, the state is peppered with gorgeous trattorias that are small on space but big on taste. Two particular establishments caught my eye as Liz and I toured Burlington, and I'm pleased to say that both Trattoria Delia and L'Amante Ristorante represented the strength of Vermont's culinary tradition.

The wines at both restaurants were fantastic, and I'm sure to return to L'Amante for its risotto and gnocchi with braised rabbit. At Trattoria Delia, I was blown away by the Spaghetti alla Pescatora, and Liz couldn't get enough of her Bucatini all'Amatriciana. I wish I’d discovered both places earlier in life.

So, if anyone ever tells you that you can't get good Italian food in Vermont, kindly point them to either of these two fine establishments. Buon appetito!


Top 5 ways to spend the money you save with Café Express

I’ve always believed that a penny saved is a penny earned. But, if you’re like me, you know the only reason people save money is so they can eventually spend it. The money that Café Express® members save yearly on their favorite Vue™ Pack and K-Cup® coffees, bagged coffee, Keurig® Single Cup Brewers  and coffee accessories allows them to buy the things they really want in life.  Here’s a list of our top 5 ways some of our members want to spend the money saved with the Café Express® Savings Club.

5. A Trip to the Spa

Everybody deserves to be pampered once in a while. The spa is a great way to rejuvenate your body and mind for a relatively low price.

4. Ski Lift Tickets

We may be biased living here in Vermont but we think the best way to enjoy the fruits of our labor is to go skiing down a snow covered slope at top speed. If winter is your season too, then this may be the perfect way to spend your Café Express savings.  And then enjoy a piping hot cup of Double Black Diamond® in the lodge.

3. Outdoor Gear

It’s time to do away with your thirty year old (AKA stinky) outdoor recreation gear and get new stuff. New gear will help keep you on your game in the great outdoors while enjoying Mother Nature in style.

2. Theme Park Tickets

Nothing brings back childhood memories more than screaming like a little girl on your local park’s roller coaster. For the non-thrill seekers there is always the Ferris wheel and plenty of fried dough. Theme parks are always a great way to put some excitement in your summer.

1. The New Keurig® Vue™ Brewer

The Keurig Vue Brewing System gives all Keurig® fanatics more beverage and brewing options than ever before. I personally love the new Café Beverages like Vanilla Latte and Sweetened Cappuccino. This new brewer will be on the top of everyone’s list!


Looking for Keurig Coupons or K-Cup Coupons?

I often get asked by my family and friends, “Where can I get K-Cup® coupons?” or “How can I save money on my K-Cup® packs?” I drink a lot of coffee, so I found out awhile back that one of the best ways to save on K-Cup® packs is through our Café Express® Savings Club.  As a club member, every time you shop at Green Mountain Coffee® you’ll get great savings (15% off!)on Keurig® K-Cup® and Vue™ packs, bagged coffee, gifts, coffee makers & coffee accessories.

I shared this with the family and they were thrilled, especially Uncle Morty!  I’ll admit: To stop the “Where can I get K-Cup® coupons,” question, I’ve given Café Express® Savings Club memberships to my family and friends during the holidays.  It’s a special way to treat every coffee lover on my list throughout the year (and get major brownie points).

If you just want to purchase a few K-Cup® packs and save money with a coffee coupon, take a look at the Coffee Coupon Page or the Deal of the Week Page.  There are new deals every week, so check back often!


Ask the Coffee Lab: Why do coffees from different countries taste different?

I’m not sure I get this: Why do coffees from different countries taste different?


It all comes down to what we call terroir.

Like wine, coffee expresses regional characteristics and exhibits the effects of its terroir, or "taste of place." Differences in soil, altitude, rainfall, processing techniques, and even social conditions affect what's in the cup.  One of the most important conditions is the areas own traditions and for handling and processing coffee.

Take Sumatran coffee, like our Fair Trade Sumatran Lake Tawar.

Beans from Sumatra have always been highly prized not only because of their full flavor, but also because of their distinct appearance. Sumatran coffee beans, when green, are often asymmetrical in shape and have a deep aquamarine tint.

The drying techniques employed by Sumatran coffee farmers also contribute to the coffee’s distinctiveness. These techniques involve an extended period of the coffee bean’s exposure to the pulp of the berry after the berry has been harvested—a process which is believed to produce deeper tones in the brewed coffee.

Compare that coffee from southeastern Mexico, along the Sierra Mountains, like our Fair Trade Organic Mexican Select.

Coffee farmers process their beans using their own local wet mills. This process results in a balanced acidity in the coffee, for the process of fermentation and drying are quite immediate to each other. While this organically grown coffee is cultivated in an environmentally friendly manner, its flavor is improved as well. Being shade grown, the coffee plants mature slowly, creating sweeter coffee beans.

Since our team gets the chance to go to these places, see the people, we also get to know their traditions, their culture.  While you may not be with us on the trip, you do get to experience these places through their coffee.  Guess you can say, you can tour the world through your coffee cup.


Holiday Gift Ideas from Green Mountain Coffee

When it comes to holiday gifts, there are two schools of thought. Some people love surprises while others take a “wish list” approach. Either way, you want to make sure your presents are perfect. And we’re here to help.

Our team’s pulled together a great online holiday shopping guides that we hope will help you find the right gift for everyone on your list – holiday gift baskets for far away friends, artisan chocolates for the teacher with a sweet tooth, and Keurig® Single Cup Coffee Makers for just about anyone! With our carefully curated collection of gift ideas and stocking stuffers, you’ll find everything you need in record time.  Here are some of our favorites:

For Him:

We’ll admit it: Shopping for men can be tricky. Sometimes you find the perfect gift, only to learn he has already bought it for himself! That is less likely to happen with our unique selection of coffee mugs, rugged gear and high-tech single-cup coffee makers. If he’s particularly adventurous, our Coffee Tours are a great way to discover a new favorite coffee, and make a wonderful gift for coffee lovers who like to try new things. If your young man is still in college, the popular Keurig® Mini Plus has free shipping and is a must for all-night study sessions and early-morning classes.

For Her:

Whether she’s your mom or daughter, sweetheart or friend, treat her to something special from our collection of Gift ideas for Her. Chocolate is always a hit, and several of our offerings will fit easily into her holiday stocking. Encourage her to take a moment for herself with a handcrafted mug, or give her a few extra minutes with the convenience of a Cuisinart® Keurig® Single Cup Coffee Maker. If she likes to entertain, make it easy with our Keurig® K-Cup Carousel or Hot Cocoa K-Cup® Pack Gift.

For the Office:

A gift from our office collection is a perfect way to say “thank you” to everyone who has shared in your business success throughout the year. Chocolate dipped shortbread and biscotti make coffee breaks even sweeter! Thermal mugs keep desk-top coffee warm all morning long. Of course, the best gifts are large enough to share with everyone in the office, so choose from our wide assortment of gift baskets with plenty to go around.

For Everyone:

If time is what you want to give, consider a membership to our Café EXPRESS Coffee Club. Create an account and we’ll send bagged coffee or K-Cup® packs automatically to the address of your choice. They’ll never run out again! Treat your loved one to a coffee and beverage service with the gift of club membership. Send four or more boxes of K-Cup® packs and the shipping will be FREE.

With these ideas by your side, we hope your holiday shopping will be easy as pie!


Giving Thanks For...

Every year on the blog, we step back and give thanks.  Thanks for our families.  Thanks for our friends.  Thanks for the air we breathe and the coffee we drink.  We step back and think about the hard times and the triumphant times.  The silly and the delicious.  We take a moment to take a moment, and hope that you do the same with us.  So, without further ado, our thanks:

Laura: I am thankful to work with smart, passionate colleagues who care deeply about their work and the impact we have on the world around us.

Mike: Easy…I am more grateful than I could ever express for the presence of our little boy Zeke – a miracle baby born March 5th, 2011.

John: I am thankful for so many things. I am thankful that my house did not experience any damage during Hurricane Irene, my heart goes out to the Vermonters that are still putting their lives back together. I am thankful for family and friends who offer their love and support.  I am thankful for my awesome job at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc.; it is great to work with so many smart people who love coffee. I am thankful for my two dogs; they are old, fit and happy and keep me active.

Marybeth: I am thankful for a great cup of coffee (Guatemalan Finca Dos Marias Rocks!) on a sunny fall morning while sitting on my front porch watching the sun light up the sky. I am thankful for being a part of a company that cares – cares about the people who work here, our consumers, and the environment. I am thankful that as our sales grow so does the 5% we donate to local and global causes.

Roger: Have you ever had one of those moments of wonder? The kinds when the whole world seems to slow down just long enough for you to appreciate it. And then for that instant, that single speck in time, nothing else matters – no stress, no worry, no frets. The other day when I was walking to work I had one of those moments. It was a beautiful morning and the sun was dancing on the autumnally punctuated mountains that surround us. The air was crisp but not cold. The colors of the sky, the clouds, and the hillsides were spot on. Even the birds’ songs seemed to lilt just a bit brighter, carrying on the breeze just a second longer than the physics of sound would normally allow. The moment literally stopped me in my tracks. I chuckled to myself while taking it all in. Those moments, those quick, personal mental group hugs with the universe, those simple distillations of time and purpose and place, that’s what I’m thankful for….

Mary Beth J.: I am new to Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. this year and have found that I have a lot that I am thankful for:

  • Bringing my personal passion into work each day

  • New opportunities and experiences

  • A new appreciation for the coffee industry and an endless supply of caffeine

  • Having coworkers who patiently waited while I got back on my feet, literally, and cheered me on along the way after having only known me for a few weeks

Colleen: I am thankful that I trusted my heart and moved from New York City to Vermont!  Now I have a fiancé that I adore, a dream job at a company I admire, and a world of outdoor adventures at my doorstep!

Jen:  I am thankful for my awesome network of friends who never fail to support me and keep me going!  And that Donovan McNabb is no longer the starting quarterback for the Vikings! ;)

Derek: I am thankful for many things, but among them: I am thankful that great, interesting music is still being made today.  I’m thankful that the Flatlander Barbecue team didn’t fall flat on our face during our first year of competitive barbecue.  I’m thankful to work for a company with so many opportunities and to have the ability to work on such an amazing brand.  And I’m thankful that my wife and I get to live in the beautiful state of Vermont – more often than not, my morning commute is just breathtaking.

Kristen:  It’s been one of those years, folks.  You know: The kind of year that brings just as many challenges as it does rewards?  But man, are those rewards all the sweeter because of the hurdles it took to get them.  And those rewards are: Superior coworkers – the kind that will deal with you reverse trick-or-treating around campus in costume or frolicking down the halls of Cubeland; loving family – those that will pick you up at the airport after an event so late in the night it’s early in the morning; and hilarious, dedicated friends – the ones that roll their eyes when you tell them they’re all getting coffee for Christmas for year number three and then merrily chug every morsel of caffeinated goodness.

Tom:  My family lore has it that we're descended from the pilgrims John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley. Howland was swept off the deck of the Mayflower in a storm -- but saved by a rope thrown overboard. So I'm definitely thankful for that rescue. Otherwise I wouldn't even be here! (I am also secretly grateful for the cranberry sauce shaped just like the can it comes out of. With three kids, there's always some of that on our Thanksgiving table, alongside the more wholesome, natural whole-berry stuff.)

Doug: I'm thankful for wool socks, the heavy kind, all sheepy soft on the inside and thick enough to ward off evening chills. I'm thankful for autumn bonfires, and friends to share them with. Marshmallows, toasted just so. And I'm exceptionally thankful for a job with an amazing company that has in so many ways exceeded my expectations about what a group of committed people can do. I mean — it's a job, right? In this economy that's enough, and it affords me many of the other things I'm thankful for. But working here has enriched me as a human being, too. Who'd have expected that? So, thanks. And don't forget… wool socks: awesome.

What are you thankful for this year?


Pink On Purpose

We’ve been talking a lot about October being Fair Trade Month. It also happens to be National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. Wholesale and our Business Coffee Express service are proud to support the “Pink on Purpose” campaign of the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR).

The AICR was founded more than 25 years ago on a simple but radical idea: everyday choices can reduce our chances of getting cancer. They were the first organization to focus research on the link between diet and cancer, and to translate the results into practical information for the public.

AICR’s Pink on Purpose Campaign encourages workplaces to “get pink”: Employees dress in pink, trick out the office in pink decorations, and raise funds for breast cancer research. Once you sign up to host Pink on Purpose, you'll receive an event toolkit that contains pink decorations, promotional materials and breast cancer materials, as well as planning tools and fun ideas.

As prizes for the offices that raise the most money, our Digital team is  is donating Keurig® brewers, K-Cup®portion packs, and coffee gift baskets.

So, wherever you work, please consider getting Pink on Purpose this month. With your help, AICR can have a greater impact on emerging breast cancer research, treatment interventions and prevention programs in labs, clinics, and communities across the country.

Pink on Purpose > Get started



GMCR Receives 2011 Humanitarian of the Year Award!

Every day, more than 20,000 children die because they lack access to basic medicines and primary healthcare. This staggering number is one reason why a non-profit organization called Medicines for Humanity (MFH) was formed in 1997. MFH is dedicated to reducing child mortality in impoverished communities worldwide, working to provide direct and effective responses to this injustice.

For the last two years, GMCR has supported a pilot project with Medicines for Humanity in the Southern Province of Rwanda. Rwanda is challenged with one of the highest rates of infant and child mortality in the coffee growing world. The pilot project focused on training community health workers to identify and treat the most vulnerable children in the community, working not only to ensure survival of those children, but also to promote a healthier future for them. Just recently, GMCR announced that we would continue the partnership with Medicines for Humanity for an additional four years by funding the continuation and expansion of this child survival project in Rwanda.

Last Monday, Medicines for Humanity honored GMCR with the 2011 Humanitarian of the Year award at a fundraising event held at the World Trade Center Seaport Hotel in Boston. When presenting the award, Medicines for Humanity Board member, Tom O’Neill stated, “GMCR has established a global footprint of caring, and demonstrated proactive concern for the well-being of the neediest children. In Rwanda, they seek out these children, and make sure they have life-saving healthcare services. They have shown the world how to use resources wisely to create enduring goodness.”

Rick Peyser, GMCR’s Director of Social Advocacy and Supply Chain Outreach, was there to accept the award. Rick expressed how proud – and humbled – we are to be honored for our contribution to organizations like Medicines for Humanity that channel knowledge, passion, and resources into improving the world we live in.


Happy Administrative Professionals Day: We Couldn't Do It Without You!

Business Coffee Express would like to take the time to commemorate Administrative Professionals Day® not just because it is usually the office managers, secretaries, and administrative assistants who are in charge of ordering our coffees and selecting their office's Keurig® single-cup brewer, but because at Green Mountain Coffee, as in most workplaces, they are the backbone of the organization (and some of our favorite people, too).

Since 1952, the International Association of Administrative Professionals (IAAP) has honored office workers by sponsoring Administrative Professionals Week (April 24-30
this year). Outside of employee birthdays and major holidays, it is one of the largest workplace observances.   The event is now celebrated worldwide, bringing together millions of people for community events, educational seminars and individual corporate activities recognizing support staff.

For the 2011 celebration, the theme is, "This year, celebrate all office professionals." The recession has hit everyone in the office and forced all of us to pull together and work harder, so the IAAP encourages us to recognize the hard work and sacrifice from everyone and celebrate all Office Pros.

According to the IAAP, administrative professionals are one of the largest segments of the office workforce. Here are some fast facts:

  • More than 4.2 million administrative assistants and secretaries, along with 1.4 million supervisors of office and administrative support workers, were employed in the United States in 2006 (U.S. Department of Labor).

  • A total of 476,000 administrative professionals are employed in Canada, including 365,670 secretaries, 26,390 executive assistants and 84,140 clerical supervisors (Statistics Canada).

  • More than 255,000 administrative assistant and secretarial positions will be added in the U.S. between 2004 and 2014, representing growth of 6.2%. More than 438,000 office supervisor positions will be added. (U.S. Department of Labor)

So, here's to you, Office Pros, we at Business Coffee Express and Green Mountain Coffee raise our mugs to you all week, but especially today!  Cheers!


From the Field: Colleen's 1st Trip to Nicaragua

Colleen Bramhall recently returned from her first trip to Nicaragua. As a Coffee Community Outreach Manager, Colleen is working with coffee-farmers and our NGO partners in supply-chain communities.

Colleen with project coordinators of a Food Security project near Esteli

"When we arrived in the Managua airport late on Sunday night we heard a big cheer from a crowd gathered outside the terminal.  Kids, up past their bedtime, climbed onto shoulders to get a peek at the celebrity emerging from the building.  I contemplated that perhaps the crowd had gathered to welcome my travel mate, GMCR’s own Rick Peyser, who has advocated for coffee communities for over 20 years; however, it was another kind of fighter – the Nicaraguan boxer, “El Chocolito” – who was the target of this national swooning, returning victorious from a recent bout in Mexico.  Not deflated, it was quite a festive beginning to my first field trip as Coffee Community Outreach Manager for GMCR.

My role is to work with Rick to manage our grantmaking to projects that help to improve the quality of life of disadvantaged workers in our supply chain.  We were travelling to Nicaragua to meet with our partners in this effort – namely, the coffee co-operatives that support farmer livelihoods and the non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that support community well-being.  Our goal was to connect with partner field staff, check in on progress and challenges, and gain first hand insight into the impacts of our interventions at the household level.

Community members digging ditches for water pipes in Chaguiton

Over five days in Northern Nicaragua, we visited several projects that aim to address the issue of “food security” – basically, the ability of families to put sufficient, nutritious food on the table every day which is a big issue in coffee communities. We visited projects using different tactics to address food security like establishing family gardens, livestock, grain silos, and seed banks.  Another project is

bringing water for consumption and irrigation to a community for the first time.  Still another provides children of coffee workers with an educational camp during the harvest and another installed a bio-digester system to break down and re-use coffee pulp in an environmentally friendly way.

All of these projects engaged and empowered the community to address problems affecting their quality of life.  Throughout the week, I heard many personal accounts of the positive impact these projects have had on individual lives, and the farmers expressed sincere gratitude for the opportunities they had been given.

Two impressions were the most salient from my first trip to origin.  First, I was extremely impressed by the skills and motivation of NGO field staff who carry out transformational initiatives on behalf of the most disadvantaged in our world.  I left confident that we had the right partners to pursue this important work.  Second, I was moved by the dignity and kindness of the hardworking coffee farmers who warmly opened their homes and shared their stories with me.  I was struck by how intertwined our lives were, even though we had never met before.  As they thanked us for GMCR funding, we thanked them for their hard work and dedication to the coffee plants, cherries, and beans that eventually end up behind the GMCR label.  We rely on them to supply us with high quality coffee and they rely on us to be fair buyers and to remember them as we grow – they are part of our success and we are part of theirs."

Rick explaining the process behind the bio-digester system near San Ramon


Happy Birthday, Business Coffee Express!

March is a big month for celebrating at Business Coffee Express.  Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day and, most importantly, our 1st birthday.

It seems like only yesterday we were born, but now we're running around just like one-year old breaking the copier, loading food into the manager's printer and demanding that every office in America have great coffee.

So, in honor of our first birthday Business Coffee Express is celebrating with  20% off your entire order (minimum of $100). This offer cannot be combined with any other offers or Office EXPRESS discounts. Sale ends 3/31/11.) Also, don't forget to stock up on Hot Apple Cider while supplies last - once it's gone, it's gone until next fall.

Hmmm, St. Paddy's Day, our March 17th birthday, "Green" Mountain Coffee? We're sensing a pattern….


Valentine’s Day Gift Pairings and Free Shipping

Are you a part of the perfect pair on Valentine’s Day?  Like peanut butter and jelly? Like ham and eggs? Like chocolate and coffee?

Oh, yes: you’re just like chocolate and coffee.   I can see it in your eyes – that’s an extra bold, deeply roasted love with hints of sweet cherries and mocha!  A love like that deserves a little chocolate paired with the right coffee.  Maybe something like:

Lake Champlain Chocolate Organic Truffles and Dark Magic Espresso Blend (regular or decaf)

Velvety smooth, dense ganache centers, rich and whipped Vermont cream and butter, hand decorated ... and now organic!  Take a sip of Dark Magic with a bite of a truffle – and you have a dark mocha mélange in your mouth!

King Arthur Flour Lava Cake Mix and French Vanilla (regular or decaf)

When we tried this chocolate lava cake mix, it took three ingredients and five minutes to make. After 14 minutes in the oven, we had an oozing chocolate treat worthy of a full-page photo in a fancy cooking magazine. The buttery and sweet qualities of our French Vanilla pair perfectly with this rich dessert.

Colts Chocolate Covered Marshmallows and French Roast (regular or decaf)

Colts wrap petite, fluffy pillow puffs in demi-dark chocolate and snuggle them inside a lovely gift canister. They’re perfect as an après-dinner treat, or for tossing into a hot mug of  French Roast.

Sound good enough for the other half of your heart?  Let’s make it sound a little more perfect: Free Shipping for Valentine’s Day! Use keycode LOVE-DAY at for FREE STANDARD SHIPPING within the contiguous U.S. until 2/7/11.  Remember: Offer valid from 2/1/11 – 2/7/11. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer. Café EXPRESS members are eligible and the offer applies to one-time orders only.  Cannot be applied to recurring Café EXPRESS orders.


Top Ten Office Gifts of the Season


#10 Small Revelation Travel Mug $2.95

We here at Business Coffee Express are often asked, "What is the best way to take my Green Mountain Coffee wakeboarding?" The answer is this cute little 12-oz. Revelation Travel Mug with a spill-proof, screw-on lid. It features a beautiful scene of the Vermont Green Mountains, and is the perfect size to grab and go whether you are free soloing, sky surfing, or even wakeboarding.  At this price you should buy one for everyone in the office!

#9 Logo Backpacker Thermos $19.95

The sleek, slender shape looks like you after the holidays, thanks to all the wakeboarding you've been doing! This compact, no-leak Thermos®, made by Nissan™ is so stylish it might just put mugs and tumblers out of style. Features an easy-to-open, spring loaded lid. Completely leak proof perfect for backpacks and travel. Double Insulation means your coffee stays hot for hours.

#8 Stoneware Logo Mug $14.95

Perfect for the boss who needs to be reminded on a daily basis that every office deserves great coffee! Each is individually hand-thrown by American master potters. Slight color and size variations showcase the unique properties of each one-of-a-kind mug. Solid and sizable, each of these mugs can stand on its own, but two make a nice pair.

#7 Bodum Milk Frother $19.95

The next time someone in your office tells you not to get worked up into such a lather, say "Why Not?" and show them this! This easy-to-use, battery-powered frother is perfect for foamy milk for your coffee without the hassle of an espresso machine. You will probably decide to keep it for yourself so buy two.

#6 Lake Champlain Chocolates Organic Truffles $22.95

Lake Champlain truffles— on the list because it's made in VT of course, and because they are the best Truffles I've ever had. Sorry Belgium, but cheer up, GMCR will probably never make a $25 raspberry beer aged in oak. Lake Champlain Chocolates has reached new heights with this collection of 15 all-natural, preservative-free truffles. Includes Ethiopian Coffee, Honey Fig, Ginger Lemon, Aztec, Mango, and Vanilla.

#5 Better World Gift Bag $59.95

Isn't dreaming of a better world what the Holidays are all about? Our exquisite chocolates, cocoa, coffees and tea help actually make it happen— plus they taste amazing. Includes 7 fabulous products contributing to a better world and a reusable shopping tote.

#4 Organic Breakfast Crate $37.95

Why a Crate? Because "Crate" just sounds cool, and who wouldn’t rather have a "crate" of something they love rather than just a box? Besides, it doubles as an "In" box. Filled with Fair Trade Organic coffee and Cocoa and Organic pancake mix and maple syrup, all from Vermont.

#3 K-Cup Ultimate Gift Basket $44.95

C'mon, "Ultimate" is right there in the name, of course it has to be in the top 10! The perfect gift if their office already enjoys a Keurig® Brewer. If not, get them one of those too! Our K-Cup Gift Basket gives you great coffee right away, and wonderful sustenance for the rest of the day. Includes 24 Green Mountain Coffee Sampler K-Cups.

#2 The Ultimate Office Gift Basket $49.95

Is it possible for two Green Mountain Coffee gifts to be called "Ultimate" at the same time? Yes, it's a holiday miracle! Packed full of delicious treats, and there’s more than enough to share. Brew up a pot of Breakfast Blend or French Roast while everyone in the office digs in to sweet granola, delicate shortbread, maple candy, or chocolate indulgences. It’ll be the most memorable Holiday coffee break ever!

#1 Keurig Office Pro Coffee Brewer $129.95

Not only the greatest invention in the history of humankind, but perhaps the greatest gift since frankincense and myrrh. (Gold is still hard to beat.) Even small offices deserve great coffee and the B145 Office Pro delivers. Designed for offices with 15 or fewer people, its small footprint makes it a perfect fit for conference rooms, board rooms and reception areas. Guaranteed to ward off office revolts, palace coups, passive-aggressive behavior and Monday sick days. They should rename it "Ultimate."