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Our 4 Most Terrifying Coffees


Oh, no, it looks like a vamp got a hold of this coffee already...

Oh, no, it looks like a vampire got a hold of this coffee already...

Did you hear that?  It may have been the wind.  It may have been a swaying door. Or it may be a monster trying to eat you for breakfast.  Either way, your best defense may just be to have an equally terrifying coffee at the ready to give you the courage to be the survivor in this made-for-TV horror flick.  Here are the top four blends we’re taking with us into the zombie apocalypse:

1. Green Mountain Coffee® Dark Magic® espresso blend: Spellbindingly complex and sure to send a little hocus-pocus to those lurking baddies.

2. Green Mountain Coffee® Lake & Lodge: Inspired by the very location that most slasher films take place – isolated, in the woods, with nothing but your handy brewer to protect you.

3. Coffee People Black Tiger: ROAR!!!!  Fight monsters with a fearsome beast – in your mug.

4. Caribou Coffee® Daybreak Morning Blend: What scares vampires more than daylight?  This coffee, of course!  Who needs garlic – we have a light and fruity brew. 

Of course, there is one thing that is more terrifying than all of these coffees… running out of them!  The horror!  (So: never worry about: Join Café EXPRESS and get 15% off on every order, every time)


Happy Halloween!


Update: 80-count K-Cup Boxes: More Joe for Less Dough--Announcing a New Arrival!

6/1/10 Update: Back in the spring, many of you responded to the blog post below, asking Green Mountain Coffee to add more 80-count boxes to our product selection.  And we heard you, loud and clear!  Although we do not have plans of doing any major expansion to our offering of 80-count boxes of K-Cups, we are pleased to announce one new arrival:  Caribou Daybreak Morning Blend.  For those of you who are already fans of this coffee in the 24-count box and are looking to buy more and save, then this new 80-count is for you!

If you are a serious coffee drinker like me who goes through boxes of K-Cup® faster than the weather changes here in Vermont, or if you're just looking to stock up and save, we have the perfect solution for you: 80-count K-Cup boxes of your favorite coffees from our family of brands.  As of June 1, 2010, we're pleased to be adding a new 80 count box to the mix:

The 80-count box not only gives you more coffee, it makes your wallet happier, too.  It takes over three 24-count boxes to equal 80 K-Cups, so buying one 80-count box instead of 3+ of the 24-counts saves you almost $3; not to mention you get free shipping (within the contiguous US only) when you order from our site. And if you're a Café EXPRESS member, you'll save even more!

Someone once said, "Everybody should believe in something. I believe I'll have another coffee." With the 80-count K-Cup box, you will have more coffee on hand and you'll save money—which makes having another coffee easier than ever!

Check out the members of the 80-count family by clicking on the K-Cup lid of your choice:


Tully's and Caribou fans: Tell us what you think.

We know there are Tully's and Caribou K-Cup fans out there because their coffee is shipped everyday. What we don't know: what do you think of Tully's and Caribou coffee? We want to hear!

New product sales strongly rely on our customers' feedback. Plenty of customers  base their purchasing decisions  solely on product reviews and your opinion may sway a customer to pick Tully's House Blend Decaf over Tully's French Roast Decaf.  Not only does your feedback help others shop, but without your feedback, we couldn't improve on our products.

We'd like to hear about your experience with Tully's and Caribou coffee.  Is Tully's Madison Blend a coffee you've found appeals to the whole crowd? Is Caribou Sumatran your daily afternoon pick-me-up? Are you new to the Keurig Brewer and excited Caribou coffee is offered in K-Cups? Do you drink Tully's Evergreen because it's Fair Trade Organic? We want to know.

Writing a review is easy.  You'll find a link to write a review on every product page.  Simply rate your coffee on a scale of 1 to 5, let us know what you like, what you don't like and why you drink it. Don't forget to credit your review with your name and location. That's it.

Hope to hear from you soon!


New! Caribou Blend 80 Count K-Cup Package.

We began offering Caribou K-Cups in February, so you may already be familar with their brand.  If you're a Caribou fan, here's a sure way to keep you coffee fix "fixing":  Introducing the new economy size  Caribou Blend 80 count K-caribou-80ct1Cup package.  Caribou Blend is a signature blend, balancing big body, syrupy taste and a snappy finish. It's delightful any time of day or night.

With 80 K-Cups, that’s almost 3.5 times more coffee than a regular 24 count K-Cup box. And more coffee means more savings per K-Cup.  If you do the math, you’ll pay $.55 cents per K-Cup compared to $.58 per K-Cup when you buy a 24 count box. You’ll also get free shipping with every order of the 80 count package.

The box will fit easily in your pantry or on your counter for easy access. Or store a few K-Cups in one of our three storage accessories like the K-Cup Carousel.


Caribou K-Cups Now Available!

Caribou K-Cups are now available on our web site and Cafe EXPRESS!  We have eight new Caribou K-Cups to choose from, including five which are Rainforest Alliance certified and two that are naturally decaffeinated.  My favorite is the Mahogany.  You'll also see these listed in our upcoming Spring catalog.

Did you know that Caribou has over 450+ coffee shops in the Midwest, Southeast and the Rockies?  Create that coffeehouse feeling in your own home by giving these K-Cups a try.  Please let us know how you like them.


Attending the CLAC Conference in Guatemala

Below is a report sent in by Rick Peyser, Green Mountain Coffee's Director of Social Advocacy and Coffee Community Outreach, while attending a two-day CLAC conference in Guatemala.  CLAC (Coordinadora Latinoamerica del Caribe Pequeños Productores de Comercio Justo) is a Latin American Small Fair Trade Producers Assembly held every two years.  Last time this assembly was held in the Dominican Republic.  This week, it is being held in Antigua, Guatemala

Antigua was the first capital of Guatemala before it was destroyed in an earthquake.  It is a beautiful colonial town with cobblestone streets, beautiful buildings and many ruins - some as a result of the earthquake.  It is surrounded by at least three volcanoes.  Today was a beautiful day, although I had very little time to enjoy it because we were indoors all day. 

This morning’s session began with a welcome from the Economic Minister from Guatemala to welcome the attendees.  The first working session was focused on FLO’s (Fair Trade Labeling Organization International's) new strategic plan and business model.  That was presented to many of the people who were here.  Most had seen it before, but some of it was brand new, and others had not yet seen it, so it was a topic for discussion in a variety of areas. 

This afternoon’s session focused on competition – talking about unfair competition from the multi-nationals corporations / transnationals that have gotten involved in Fair Trade.  There is a tremendous amount of concern on the part of small scale producers around this competition.  Other topics wrapped up the day.  The overall tone was very, very positive.  The news about Starbucks doubling their Fair Trade purchased was well received here overall by producers. 

Late this afternoon, we broke into more working groups focused on a few different themes.  The group I was in worked on producer relationships and how buyers could perhaps collaborate on different areas to support the regional producer networks, of which there are three.  CLAC is one, obviously, in Latin America.  There is also an African producer network, and an Asian producer network.  The first of our group's work was looking at ways companies and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) can support and strengthen the producer networks which, in turn, will help the co-ops that work within their system.