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An Ode To Cyber Monday

We here at Green Mountain Coffee® truly enjoy this time of year. The Monday following Black Friday, or Cyber Monday as it is commonly known is a time when shopping consists of sitting in a comfortable chair and surfing the web for all of your holiday gift giving needs. I have written a few short verses on my ideal Cyber Monday. Do enjoy and happy shopping!

Ode To Cyber Monday

When it comes to holiday gifts there are two schools of thought,

Some folks shop every storefront, while I do not.

The thought of me and my favorite cup sitting by the fire,

While surfing the web and fulfilling my commercial desires.

It gives me respite from holiday shopping woes,

The amount of time it saves me, nobody knows.

Once everything is ordered and my holiday list is complete,

I finish my cup of coffee and nod off into a restfull sleep.


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Thankful in 2012


Each year, we look back in wonder, in awe, and in gratitude at all that was accomplished in just 365 days.  So many things happen in a year – triumph, challenge, laughter, and joy.  Sometimes it happens all at once; sometimes it feels like it’s never going to happen.  But when it does?  When it does, we’re grateful and need to give thanks. 

From our hearts to yours:

I’m thankful for having had the recent honor and privilege of collaborating with my brother to coordinate a 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration for our parents (which went very well by the way, thanks for asking).


This year I am thankful for my coworkers within our Sustainability Team! I continue to be inspired by my colleagues’ passion and dedication to make a difference in the world. They’re also pretty fun to be around, too. :)


I first of all am thankful for hockey, arguably the best sport on two feet. Next comes Green Bean Casserole (The Best Thanksgiving Dish Ever! No Contest.) But most importantly I am so thankful for the friends and co-workers (and friends that happen to be co-workers) that keep me going throughout the year. Without these people I would not be where I am today.


It’s abundantly clear to me that gratitude is directly related to happiness. I am thankful for forsythia in early spring, the loving support of my family, a job where I can make a difference in someone else’s life, and chocolate.


I am thankful for the health of my family and warm, nose to nose snuggles from my boys.  I am endlessly thankful for their unconditional love. 


Let’s get the big three out of the way: I am thankful for love, warmth, and laughter.  I am thankful for the love and support of my family as I endeavor on yet another unexpected journey.  I am thankful for the warmth of my coworkers, always cheering, always supportive.  I am thankful for laughter – deep, earth-shaking, belly-full-of-jelly laughter that my friends (online and in real life) bring to me every day, whether they know it or not.  I am thankful, and I thank you for that.



What are you thankful for this year?


Colombia Geisha, the first Special Reserve coffee for Keurig Brewers

Today marks a first for Green Mountain Coffee® Special Reserve.  For years we’ve offered exquisite, rare coffees in limited supply through our Special Reserve collection, but this marks the first time it is also available in K-Cup® packs for Keurig® brewers, and we couldn’t be more excited about it!  Introducing the latest Green Mountain Coffee Special Reserve, Colombia Geisha:

Green Mountain Coffee Special Reserve Colombia Geisha

I recently had the opportunity to visit the farm where this coffee is grown and to get a rare, first-hand glimpse into the process that is meticulously followed to bring you this amazing coffee.  I was astounded to learn of the care and dedication that is put into each step of growing, harvesting and processing this coffee.  For example, only the tiny plants in the nurseries with straight roots are used for growing the Geisha varietal.   The coffee cherry pickers are trained for four-twelve months to ensure only the best cherries are selected.  Plus, once harvested, the coffee is processed in a wet mill that is dedicated for Geisha and is then dried in a mechanical dryer so the flavors are preserved.   That’s a lot of extra care and consideration – which you can taste in every cup. 

While we were in Colombia at Finca Cerro Azul, we had the opportunity to go and cup a variety of coffees, and when I got to Sample #4, I had my ah-ha moment.  I instantly knew that the coffee I just tasted was this Special Reserve – it was no ordinary coffee.  This coffee is known for its sweet, dynamic citrus-like flavor profile.  As you sip it, it turns gently from honey to blood orange, with hints of juicy cherry, lime and orange blossoms

I’ll take a lot away from this trip, but the most important is that the coffee I sip on while getting ready each morning will never be seen as “just a cup of coffee” ever again!  I hope you enjoy this coffee as much as I do!

Colombia Geisha  is available online in whole bean bags and K-Cup®  packs, while supplies last, exclusively on and


Introducing Tully's Hawaiian Blend

As the days grow shorter I often find myself daydreaming of that tropical destination somewhere just out of reach. Tully's Hawaiian Blend K-Cup® packs, like a well deserved get away, hold a special place in my imagination. After the first sip you might just realize that the Island of flavor that this coffee takes you to is just the place you'll want to be. 


Honoring Our Troops this Veteran's Day

Today, we honor those who have served in our military. 

Veteran's Day is a day when Americans pay tribute to those who who have served.


Here at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Inc. we too honor our soldiers. As I’m sure many of you have heard from service men and women is the importance of coffee while in the field; especially good coffee. It is a comfort from home and a small luxury while on duty.

That is why we donate thousands of pounds of coffee to troops serving Afghanistan every year. We work with a great organization called Holy Joe’s Café, that provides coffee in a café setting at bases in Afghanistan. Soldiers can go to the cafés for spiritual guidance from the Chaplains, listen to music on open mic nights, or just enjoy a great cup of Green Mountain Coffee’s Dark Magic.

When our very own Vermont National Guard deployed to Afghanistan, we knew that the comforts from Vermont that they would miss would include maple syrup and Green Mountain Coffee. Again, working with Holy Joe’s Café, every Vermont National Guard Chaplain has received coffee which will find its way into the hands of the Green Mountain Boys.

Thank you Holy Joe’s for helping us make an impact in our soldiers’ lives as they make a sacrifice for us. 


Food from Source: Peru and Cuy

We’re quickly approaching cooking season here in the United States.  Between turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie, we thought you'd like to hear about what some of our countries of origin for coffee eat to celebrate together.  Let's start with: Guinea Pigs in Peru, also known as cuy.

Jose Espiritu Pintado, President of Frontera de San Ignacio

Jose Espiritu Pintado, President of Frontera de San Ignacio

It’s estimated that 65 million cuy are eaten every year in Peru. High in protein and low in fat, they can be fried, grilled, or roasted. They don’t take up much space.  They taste like rabbit and/or chicken and reproduce like the former. They’re so important to the diet of small coffee farmers in remote areas in Peru (which is most of Peru) that we’re funding a food security project to help raise more cuy. In the picture is my first experience with cuy in the town of San Ignacio, Cajamarca, Peru, near the border with Ecuador. We were visiting one of our best suppliers of Fair Trade Organic Peru, Frontera de San Ignacio. Like any good meat, it goes great with potatoes.

What do you cook to celebrate time with your family and friends?



Michael Franti Fair Trade Concert

The question: How best to generate excitement for a live stream concert in support of Fair Trade Month?

The answer: Rent a vacant storefront in Los Angeles, build a pop-up café, and invite Michael Franti to do an exclusive online concert for fans of the Green Mountain Coffee Facebook page. Bingo!

A beautiful venue was located, and the team went to work creating the fabulous “Great Coffee Good Vibes Lounge”. For two days we gave away Fair Trade favorites (like Fair Trade Organic Sumatran Reserve and Colombian Fair Trade Select) and after the end of the second day of non-stop sampling, the event culminated with an amazing live set by Franti and his longtime guitarist and collaborator J “Boogie” Bowman. The size and atmosphere of the venue were perfect for the intimate performance, and Franti wasted no time setting the tone and getting the small crowd to “make some noise”. Between songs he talked about the importance of Fair Trade and about some of the experiences he had during a recent trip to visit with coffee farmers in Sumatra. The vibe was special and electrifying, the music was phenomenal, and the message was spot-on. Fair Trade provides better coffee for you and a better life for farmers – pass it on …


We've Gone Mobile!

As a smartphone owner myself, I must admit that I really enjoy the convenience of being able to shop all of my favorite products no matter where I am. With the smartphone market continuing to grow with no sign of slowing down, it is important that we give coffee lovers the opportunity to shop on the go. With endless days of seemingly endless christmas shopping right around the corner, Green Mountain Coffee has made shopping for the coffee fanatic in your life easier than ever. Green Mountain Coffee fans can now shop their favorite Keurig® beverages, brewers and accessories from the convenience of their smartphones with our new mobile website. Check it out today at Happy Shopping!


Illuminating the Haunted Forest

Over the past couple weeks employees from our Vermont locations have been getting into the Halloween spirit through volunteering.

Vermont Foodbank GMCR Pumpkin Carving


For the second year, employees at multiple locations in Vermont carved pumpkins for The Haunted Forest. The Haunted Forest is a non-profit event dedicated to producing a fun and exciting community Halloween event. The Forest is an event that combines outdoor theater, special effects, the magic of the night forest and the “spirit” of Halloween. Guests are led by mysterious guides through a dark forest path lined with over 1,000 Jack-O-Lanterns and encounter characters performing Halloween-themed scenes. GMCR employees carved more than 100 of the 1,000 pumpkins that lit the path through the forest.

GMCR carved pumpkins for The Haunted Forest in Vermont GMCR Employees carving pumpkins


We also had employees carve pumpkins for The Vermont Foodbank as a way to raise awareness about hunger in Vermont. The pumpkins were placed in local businesses throughout Montpelier.