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A Happy Holidays – One Ugly Sweater at a Time

The holiday season is a little nutty around here.  Excited regular, decafFair Trade, organic, flavored, and seasonal blend-lovin’ people are buying coffee for the holiday crowd like there’s no tomorrow and we, of course, are as busy as an one-armed paper hanger.

So, as I said, nutty.

But today a true depiction of our holiday wackiness made itself apparent in a little something called Ugly Christmas Sweaters.  Everyone has one and some wear them in public - even in our office.

May I present our top two favorites?  To ease you into the ugliness, our silk-screened runner-up:

Nicole and the runner up Ugly Christmas Sweater

Nicole modeling the “Christmas Goodies” sweatshirt and antlers.

Then there's The Ugly Christmas Sweater.  Yes, “The” Ugly Christmas Sweater – a piece of red, green, and tinseled apparel so hideous that it deserves its own zip code, let alone a “The” in front of its name.  It's hard to describe this lovely woolen beauty, so let’s hear from Chris, the wearer of this repugnant sweater, as he describes his auction find:

The events committee of my graduate program decided to use a “tacky holiday sweater theme” for our annual winter gathering and give a prize to the person with the ugliest sweater…guess who won?

Chris Brown and his Ugly Christmas Sweater

Chris modeling his Scottish terror/pom-pom/stuffed reindeer/tinsel attire AKA The Ugly Christmas Sweater.

Happy Holidays from us!  Hope you find beauty in the holidays – even when events are as homely as our sweater collection!



And the Be Fair Winner is…

The snow is falling and we can't deny it anymorel: Fair Trade Month has ended. But you know what that means? Time for the the Fairest Prize Drawing!  All participants who answered a question correctly in our Fair Trade Month Quiz were entered into our grand prize drawing. Through our super-randomized drawing system, our grand prize winner has been selected:

Congratulations Becke from Iowa!

Becke will receive a 12-month supply of Green Mountain Coffee Fair Trade Certified™ coffees.

Thank you to all who participated!  It was such a fair month  – see for yourself:



Gingerbread, Spicy Eggnog and Holiday Blend, Oh My!

‘Tis the season to treat others - and yourself - with the spirit of the holidays!  Green Mountain Coffee offers three delightful seasonal coffee choices for the this time of year: Holiday Blend, Spicy Eggnog, and Gingerbread.  Each coffee is roasted and blended to reflect the warmth and of this time of year - making a bag the perfect way to celebrate and pass along a little winter cheer!

My personal favorite is Gingerbread.  The rich spices pull me in for the holidays and it is most excellent when treated with a touch of cream, a touch of sugar, and a sprinkle of cinnamon to top it off.  Sadly, it's only available until December 25, so I'm all over my Gingerbread coffee this week!

Plus don't forget, all of these coffees are Fair Trade, so people far and wide will feel the generosity of your gift!




Give the Gift of Keurig

I’m know I’m not alone in the world when I admit I’m not a huge fan of the holidays. I wouldn’t consider myself a “Scrooge”, and I actually enjoy the gift giving aspect of the holidays. But what I don't enjoy is all the work it takes to reach the gift giving point: the dreaded question ‘what to get?’, finding the right gift, wrapping it, shipping or delivering it.

Keurig Tutorial

This year I made it easy on myself...and my friends and family. Keurig ® Brewers and K-Cups® for everyone! Who doesn’t need a fast, great tasting cup of coffee?!

You're probably asking: how do I know everyone will love their Keurig Brewer? Simple. Between the endless customer reviews, blog posts, Tweets and social media fans, I was sold.  Read all the buzz here and you too will be convinced this is the easiest gift - for both the giver and receiver. Happy shopping.