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Green Mountain Coffee Top Holiday Gift Picks

Happy Black Friday!  Hope the shopping spree is going swimmingly!

Unless, of course, you haven’t been up since 5 a.m., sorting your flyers and coupons and mapping out your shopping route with precision, a travel mug full of caffeinated joy clenched in your hand?


If you’re one to avoid the lines, crowds, and frenetic pace that is Black Friday, let’s see if we can help you out with your laid back, clickable, PJ-wearing Cyber Monday with some Top Picks:

Better World Gift Basket

1. Our Better World Gift Basket: The reusable, eco-friendly tote overflows with Fair Trade, organic, and sustainable treats.  Fair Trade coffee, tea, cocoa, and chocolate sauce come from farmers who were paid a fair wage. Throw in a pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream and you have it all: java, justice, and joy.

Fair Trade Organic Coffee Sampler

2. Our Fair Trade Organic Sampler: This sampler includes three 10-oz. bags of coffee to fit every mood – bold and dark with French Roast, sweet and swanky with Sumatran Reserve, and bright and vibrant with Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. With certified Fair Trade and Organic coffees, this sampler is perfect for the socially-minded with a coffee habit that’s never routine.

Holiday Seasonal Eggnogg

3. Our Limited Edition Seasonal Coffees: Only available during this time of year, Holiday Blend, Spicy Eggnog, and Gingerbread are all created to complement the special foods and festivities of the season. All three coffees are Fair Trade Certified™, which means small-scale farmers were paid a fair price for their beans. Available bagged and in K-Cups.

Taste of VT Breakfast Basket

4. Our Taste of Vermont Breakfast Gift: Brings the beauty of the Green Mountain State right to your doorstep. This special collection represents the best of Vermont's food artisans, including maple butter and maple syrup fromHighland Sugarworks; Raspberry Preserves from Side Hill Farm; a tin of Lake Champlain Fair Trade Organic Cocoa. Mitzi’s Maple Granola made out of Stowe, Vt. Our own Vermont Country Blend and Breakfast Blend coffees round out your tasty tour of Vermont.

Happy hunting…or clicking!



Thanks from Us

A big part of Thanksgiving is in the first part of the name: Thanks.  We all try to show our gratitude throughout the year, in big and little ways, whether it’s helping out at a car wash, running for a cause, or just pulling something off the printer for a co-worker.  But when a day is devoted entirely to the act itself it’s time to step back and think, “What am I thankful for this year?”

That very question was posed to members of our Green Mountain Coffee Roasters team.  Here are their answers:



I am thankful for the amazing opportunities we have here at GMCR and all of the support we receive to make the world, as well as our local communities, better places to live.


Matt and NateI am thankful that GMCR helps employees with the costs of adoption!!!


KenI’m thankful for Café EXPRESS – without it, I’d forget to send my family members coffee.


DougThis time of year I often reflect on the thousands of little things that, here in the United States, we rarely have cause to even *think* about, much less put in context of thanks. Things like running water that’s clean and wholesome; food in abundance, much of it produced just down the road a ways; electricity —some of it green!— and fuel for warmth in winter. Visit some of our farmers at source, and you quickly realize just how much we take for granted.

But *this* year what I’m thankful for most of all is access to affordable healthcare… and I’m more mindful than ever of just how many folks —millions right here at home— don’t have that access. I think that’s tragic, and so I’m doing what I can to make a difference.


SandyI am thankful for the chance I had to witness first hand the work that Green Mountain Coffee is doing in Mexico and other coffee-growing communities to address issues of food security, in partnership with organizations like Heifer International, Save the Children and others.  In thanks, I'm donating a "Trio of Rabbits" through Heifer to my niece and nephews for the holidays.


AmandaBesides working in the best department J (Corporate Social Responsibility), I am thankful to have coworkers that share my passion for music. I have the benefit of discovering new bands, attending shows, and having some great experiences while volunteering for a great cause at Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. It is a connection that helps us all work and get to know each other better.


MikeI am thankful for strong coffee, deep roots and the opportunity to serve, learn, and grow.


MaureenI am thankful we have an incredible, new PR Team member this year.  And, even though she doesn’t drink coffee, she’s passionate about this company and exudes that passion in everything she does, including blogging and tweeting about us.  She invigorates all of us who work with her.  Yay, Kristen.  Thanks for being with us!


LauraI’m thankful that I can bring my values to work at GMCR.


ReidIt’s been a year filled with great tests; both personally and professionally.  Now that the dust has finally settled, I still cannot believe that I’m working for such an amazing organization and on a fabulous team (Customer Marketing) filled with extraordinary individuals.  For all of this – I am unequivocally grateful.


KristenI’m thankful that when you ask a group of very talented, very busy Green Mountain employees to share their thanks on the blog, they not only follow through with flying colors, but do it with a smile.

What are you thankful for today?



Keurig and Green Mountain Coffee Take on TV

While flipping through the TV channels with your early morning cup of Nantucket Blend or a late night mug of Fair Trade Eggnog, you may have stumbled upon our brand new Keurig commercial. The new spot is popping up all over the airwaves – Ellen, House Hunters, Iron Chef and many more – and now on our blog, too!

Take a peek:

A big thanks to the Keurig team for producing such a fantastic spot!

With the new holiday ad out, all we can say is, "Let the season begin!"



Thanksgiving Countdown...

Thanksgiving is in 6 days.  Time to cue the countdown to family, parades, and, of course, food.  Lots of it.  Mounds and mounds of turkey, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie.

Of course, on a personal note, I don’t supply any of those dishes to the Thanksgiving meal.  This isn’t out of spite or maliciousness; it’s just that…well: Burnt sweet potato-marshmallow bake, undercooked rolls, and salmonella stuffing tend not to bode well on the menu.  The safest bet for me has always been something canned; I was thinking of offering the cranberry sauce this year.  Nothing says Thanksgiving more than a can-shaped stack of gelatinized cranberries.

But maybe something different this year?  Something with a little pizzazz?  Something with flavor and flair?  Something that pairs well with a slice of pie and picks you up from the Turkey coma?

Special Reserve Finca El ValleSix-letters for you: Coffee.

But not any coffee, mind you – a coffee that is so unique, so special that even the gobbler on the table will be in awe of my caffeinated expertise: Green Mountain Coffee’s Special Reserve Finca El Valle.

I mean, look at the tasting notes:

A contemplative cup with heavy body and bright but tempered acidity. Intensely aromatic, the flavor is infused with ripe fruit tones: plum, black cherry, and apricot.

Sounds like a Thanksgiving winner.  This has to beat a can of cranberry sauce, hands down.



Volunteering at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta's new location

Green Mountain Coffee employees have a long history of volunteering with Camp Ta-Kum-Ta, a camp based in Vermont for children who have or have had cancer. In their own words, “Camp T-K-T is where kids go to reclaim a childhood robbed by cancer”. Behind this magical week, is Ted Kessler. Ted visited the GMCR campus a few weeks ago to share the history of the camp, his moving memories of the children, and the amount of work that needs to get done at their new location in South Hero, VT. (Click here to watch a moving video about their new location)

Last week the entire Service group took the day to help with that work, using a few of their 52-hours of paid-time off to volunteer. Below is summary from Paul Guilmette:

“At this year’s annual meeting, the Service group decided that we would have a team CAFE event at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta (Camp TKT)—a week long summer camp for children with terminal illnesses.

Although we had heard many stories of fellow service member’s experiences at the camp, it was the first time to volunteer for myself and other technicians from the ROC’s.

We were welcomed by Ted Kessler, Executive Director of Camp TKT.  He told us a short history of the camp and how they came to be at this location.  In his voice you could hear the commitment and passion for this program which helped energize us to get to work and help make a difference.

Ted talked of the magic that happens during camp week, and how the children were thrilled about the staff that gives them a week to just be kids, and to forget about life woes for awhile. The children were also thrilled about the new location. The building and land were worth millions of dollars, but the view overlooking Lake Champlain was priceless.

Green Mountain Coffee Employees Volunteer at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta

It was a cold, drizzly day, even though the weather man had predicted warm, sunny one. With many of us being seasoned Road Technicians, we were not about to be put out by a little rain and cold.  We grabbed our gloves and rain jackets, shovels, picks, wheelbarrows and chain saws, and went to different locations to pick up, clean up and throw out.

It was a lot of work, but I think the rest of the Service Department would agree that at the end of the day it felt really good to help in this way.”

Have you volunteered at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta or a similar camp for children? How did the experience affect you?


How do you share your K-Cup love? With a Wedding Cake, perhaps?

Earlier this week, a photo entered our Customer Service e-mail in-box that caused more than a few sappy smiles around the office: An image of an elegantly decorated three-tier wedding cake, complete with roses and cake topper.

A wedding cake – or was it?

Upon further inspection (and a few, “Do you see what I see?” conversations), the wedding cake was revealed to be – get this – made of Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups. 15 different varieties, to be exact.

Coffee Cake

I could tell you the story behind this show of K-Cup love, but I think one of the architects of this no-sot-edible-but-oh-so-brewable confection says it best.  Take it, Alice:

“My sister’s son is getting married on November 7, 2009.  He and his fiancé received a Keurig coffee maker at her bridal shower.  My sister and I also own Keurig makers and LOVE them.  We also love the flavors of coffee that Green Mountain has to offer.


So, my sister, who doesn’t have one crafty bone in her body, decided that it would be a cool idea to make a “coffee cake” to surprise them with at the reception.  But, because she didn’t know how to start, she brought me in on the project to be the “cake boss”.  We used a plastic cake stand and started out with about 15 different flavors of coffees in white cups. […]


We had the best time making it and thought that Green Mountain Coffee would enjoy our craftiness with their product.  And, I am sure the bride will be enjoying coffee while she dismantles it!!”

We send our best wishes to the happy couple!  May your days be caffeinated and full of wonderful revelations!

Happy brewing!



I Realized Coffee Drinkers Are Inspired By Their Coffee

by Alex Aldrich

Thank you to everyone who participated in our Revelation Statement campaign!  Over the past several months, a message on our eco-friendly cups encouraged our fellow coffee lovers from across the nation to text in their own revelation while enjoying an inspirational cup of Green Mountain Coffee.  After all, with a coffee experience this good, it’s worth sharing the enthusiasm!  We have been overwhelmed and delighted with all of your responses.

The following Revelation Statements came into Green Mountain Coffee, and we loved them so much we decide to print them on our 10, 12, 20, and 24 ounce eco-friendly cups!

Congratulations to the following winners!

I realized action is the only cure for fear.” – Autumn C., N. Bennington, VT

I realized quality coffee improves quality of life.” – Matthew M., Sarasota, FL

I realized it’s all about the company you keep.” – Caitlin B., Madison, WI

I realized happiness can be found in the most unlikely places.” – Marisa T., Hingham, MA

I realized I am the change I wish to see in the world.” – Ali W., New York, NY

I realized you have to speak your mind even if your voice shakes.” – Meagan H., N. Bennington, VT

I realized it would be a great day when I awoke to find the kids had made the coffee for me!” – Rebecca B., Waterbury, CT

You can find all these revelations on eco-cups wherever Green Mountain Coffee is sold.


A Taste from Home in The Mudhouse at Camp Taji, Iraq

Soldiers at the Mudhouse, Camp Taji, Iraq

In the summer of 2007, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters began working with Holy Joe’s Cafe, a Connecticut based non-profit that works with military chaplains stationed in Iraq and Afghanistan to create coffee houses on different military bases for soldiers.

“Coffee houses? What do coffee houses have to do with our soldiers?”

Answer: Plenty.

Take the Mudhouse in Camp Taji, Iraq, for example. A coffee house located in the largest military base in Iraq, the Mudhouse serves an inordinate amount of servicemen and women as the vast majority those stationed in Iraq come through Camp Taji before moving elsewhere. The Mudhouse is staffed by and serves soldiers looking for a quiet place to reflect, write to loved ones, or just take a sip from a mug of coffee that reminds them of home.  Holy Joe’s has created an environment of respite in a place that rarely offers such things.

Since that first year, Green Mountain Coffee has annually donated 1,500 lbs of whole bean coffee to the Mudhouse.  This year, we’ve donated an additional 1,500 lbs to the Lighthouse, another Holy Joe’s coffee house in the Baghram Airbase in Afghanistan.

We’re proud to send our coffee to where it’s needed most.  Knowing that Green Mountain Coffee is with servicemen and women overseas makes us think of our soldiers when taking the morning’s first sip – even when oceans separate us, the ritual of great coffee brings us back together again.

Remember, November 11 is Veterans Day.  Show your thanks.



Drink Green Mountain Coffee Win Ski Stuff!

green mountain coffee rewardsNow that the trees have shed their leaves, up here in Vermont we really start thinking about snow – and lots of it!  With this in mind, we’re pleased to announce that we’re adding a little “win” into your winter!

Visit your nearest convenience store that serves Green Mountain Coffee and earn discounts on ski lift tickets, daily prizes and enter to win a grand prize of a $2500 Vermont Ski Weekend!  While you're there, get an entry code and visit our Rewards Site to rack up virtual 'cups.'

  • Earn 10 cups and you'll get $15 OFF a lift ticket at one of the 14 participating Ski Vermont resort locations.

  • Plus, every entry is another chance to win the grand prize ski vacation and lift tickets, or a Rossignol Raider bag, courtesy of Ski Vermont.

Visit one of the 2000 convenience stores that are participating in the Green Mountain Coffee Rewards program.

For more information, please visit our Green Mountain Coffee Rewards site.   Good luck and happy skiing!