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Down:2:Earth Expo

On April 3rd I traveled, along with two of my coworkers, to the Down:2:Earth Expo in Boston, MA. We were invited to exhibit at "Boston's premier destination for conscious consumers...a marketplace for eco-friendly products, a public stage for community initiatives, and an educational forum that addresses sustainability issues on the minds of us all".

Jasna Brown helping a D2E attendee sample seasonal coffees.

After a rainy drive down on Friday and a smooth booth setup, the expo opened that evening for the  Local Bites Preview Party. This was my favorite part of the whole weekend. There was food and beverage sampling from area restaurants/breweries. I discovered one of the restaurants actually has a shop up in VT. If you're in Burlington, check out Boloco: Inspired Burritos on Church Street.

We met some interesting companies and people while sampling our Organic House Blend Decaf, Spring Revival Blend and Island Coconut (all Fair Trade and available now!). Island Coconut got the most attention, having many surprised coffee-connoisseurs raving about a  flavored coffee! We also liked seeing Equal Exchange, who not only showed up in this great ride but were grinding their coffee beans on the spot as well as sampling their delicious chocolate.

Another highlight of the weekend was seeing so many familiar VT faces! We were among many Vermont companies who made the trek to D:2:E. Cabot setup right next to our booth, providing me a constant supply of their Seriously Sharp, Horseradish and Chipotle Cheddars. I learned from the Cabot folks that all their cheese is lactose free since they naturally age their cheese. Other Vermont companies in attentendance were Vermont Soap (my bag still smells like lavender), Brighter Planet, Ibex, and Tara Lynn Studio.

We'll be back in Boston next weekend at the Project Hunger's Walk For Hunger. The Walk for Hunger is the country's oldest continual pledge walk and the largest one-day fundraiser to alleviate local hunger.

Sign up for the walk - your support will help provide nutritious meals for those who would otherwise go without in Massachusetts.


Introducing the 80 Count K-Cup Package

Do you ever have one of those mornings when you reach for a K-Cup 80knewmans-mod5and realize you're out?! Most coffee drinkers would agree, it's definitely not the way to start your day. Green Mountain Coffee now offers Newman's Own Organic Special Blend in an 80 count K-Cup package. With this much coffee on hand, your supply is sure to last longer and keep your coffee habit satisfied.

With 80 K-Cups, that’s almost 3.5 times more coffee than a regular 24 count K-Cup box. And more coffee means more savings per K-Cup. If you do the math, you’ll pay $.55 cents per K-Cup compared to $.58 per K-Cup when you buy a 24 count box. You’ll also get free shipping with every order of the 80 count package. chrome-carousel3

The box will fit easily in your pantry or on your counter for easy access. Or store a few K-Cups in one of our three storage accessories like the K-Cup Carousel.


15 Years later....Remembering the people who were mine

Visiting Genocide Memorial with Alice Musabende (second from left)

A couple weeks ago I received an email (below) from a young woman named Alice Musabende who I met in early 2006 when I traveled to Rwanda with two of my coworkers at Green Mountain Coffee: Lindsey Bolger and Laura Peterson.  We spent a long day visiting coffee farmers and co-ops, and later in the day visited a genocide memorial - a site where 40,000 people were massacred over 4 days in 1994.  Alice was about 18 years old and very bright, and traveled with us as our translator.  She was working to develop radio programming in the Butare region of Rwanda, and had hopes of receiving a scholarship to attend Carleton University in Canada.

After visiting the memorial on our way back to Butare, I sat next to her in the front of our landcruiser, and she told me about her life and the day of the massacre when she lost most of her family and her friends.  She was only a young girl, and when she learned of this horrendous event she headed to Kigali (the capital) - about an hour's drive from Butare - where she found her aunt, one of her only living relatives.

After living there a short period of time, her aunt told her that she was a bright girl and that she needed to go to a girls Catholic boarding school where she could receive a good education, and she sent her there.  Alice did not want to be there, and told me that for the first months she performed terribly.  One day, a nun approached her and asked her why she wasn't applying herself.  She responded by saying that she had lost everything - her family, her home, her friends, and that she no longer saw any reason to keep on living.  Her mother and her entire family had been killed, as had almost everyone she knew.  The nun responded, "Your mother knew that you weren't with her when she died.  What do you think she was thinking about you at that time?  You were and are her only hope in the world for the future, and that is what she was thinking."   Alice told me that this brief conversation with this nun turned her life around.  She hadn't been able to look at this tragedy this way before.

The last time I communicated with Alice was by email a year or so ago.  She was attending Carleton, and I believe may still be studying there.  I have invited her to visit.  Hopefully some day she will.

Here is the note I received from Alice, remembering the ones she lost, on the 15th Anniversary of the Rwandan Genocide:

15 Years later....Remembering the people who were mine.

15 years. 15 long years since the last time I saw my mom’s beautiful smile. Since the day I last saw my little brother’s baby face. The pain is there, has always been there and will always be there. I still remember it all, just as if it was yesterday. Some days, I can’t help but let tears roll down on my cheeks, silently. And some other days, I wake up in the morning, and tell my self that I am going to make it. And I know I will.

Visiting Rwandan Genocide Memorial not far from Butare, near the Karaba Coffee Cooperative with Alice and two other survivors.

15 years passed by but I haven’t forgotten a thing. I never will. I haven’t been able to forgive the people, who one early morning of April 1994 decided to take the lives of the people who were my world. Ever since that day, I have been trying to understand what kind of people who couldn’t just be seduced by my baby brother’s smile or my mother’s beauty and let them live. People who thought they had the right to kill them. I haven’t been able to forgive them. Does this make me the devil one? Maybe, but 15 years later, all that I am left with is my anger and my sorrow, they keep me moving.

exactly what his face looked like. I want to keep everyone’s memory alive. But it is very hard, because they are so many.

In 15 years, I have learnt so much. I have learnt that God keeps an eye on me, every day of this life I call mine. I have learnt that when you loose the family you had, you can always make a new one, a family of friends that destiny puts on your way. I have learnt that sorrow doesn’t kill, it can break you down or it can make you stronger, it’s one’s choice. I have learnt that love is the best medicine, the best way of healing oneself.

I am remembering all of them today, Annonciata, Aloys, Elyse, Alain, Christian, Gabriel, Asterie, Andre, Cadette, Mimi, Flambert, Bosco, Toyota, Mudeo, and so many others I can’t name here. I am remembering them, as much as I remember them everyday, and just as much as I dream about them every day. I am remembering them because I want them to know that I am alive, for me and for them. I want to tell them that the candle in my heart will be lighten forever. And that I will always honor their memory, because they are me and I am them. I am All of them.

-Alice Musabende, 2009


Good Coffee in your Hotel Room

keurig mini brewer coffee for your hotel room

Okay, okay, I know...terrible picture but I took it with my mobile device in my Colonnade hotel room in Boston, MA.  I was so excited to see the Keurig Mini Brewer (Black B30) located next to the flat screen that I couldn't pass up the photo op!

The next morning I woke up early to get some work done and it was nice to make a cup of good coffee for a change rather than brave the usual watered down substitute one typically finds when traveling.

Perfect for on the go, a life-saver in college dorms or your weekend get-away, the B30 packs Keurig brewing technology into a convenient, take-it-everywhere size.  And, when you order this handy brewer we'll include a free variety pack of 10 K-Cups and free shipping!


I'm  actually about to hop another plane today to South Carolina and after calling the hotel where I'll be staying, I'm making sure to pack my personal Keurig Mini (I have a red one) with my favorite Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups!  (It's worth the look security gives me when I send my bag through the X-ray!)

Click here to watch a video demonstration of the Keurig Mini Brewer.

**  If you are a hotel, inn, or B&B and would like more information on our Keurig Mini Brewer, please give us a call today: (888) 350-KCUP


Happy Earth Day - Changing Climate Change Grant Winners!

One way we are celebrating Earth Day here in Vermont is by announcing the four winners of our "Changing Climate Change" grant challenge.  


About 6 weeks ago, we put out a "Request for Proposals", looking for organizations working on the issue of climate change in four specific areas:  threats to coffee-growing communities, transportation-related emissions, building political will, and empowering individual action. We are thrilled to announce the winners here today!


Threats to Coffee-Growing Communities: CIAT/CRS


We selected the proposal submitted jointly by the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT, ) and Catholic Relief Services (CRS, ). They will be using their grant to forecast the impacts of climate change in coffee-growing communities and help smallholder coffee farmers identify, evaluate, and implement adaptation strategies.


Based on the latest climate change science, we believe this project has the potential to make a seminal contribution to both the developing world and the coffee industry. The project will help coffee-growing communities and the coffee industry understand and plan for the effects of climate change on both livelihoods and supply chains. The work will directly address adaptation for coffee-growing communities in a participatory manner.


Transportation-Related Emissions: New England Transportation Institute


New England Transportation Institute ( ), in partnership with the University of Vermont Transportation Research Center ( ), will conduct an in-depth analysis of transportation patterns in the rural Northeast to help inform policy-makers on the likely adoption and ultimate effect of different transportation strategies on greenhouse gas emissions levels.


We believe this analysis models the kind of data-based research on transportation patterns that can ultimately make the transition to more responsible transportation methods possible more quickly. This analysis will provide important and powerful information for policy-makers in rural New England and its methodology will be replicable in other regions of the country and the world.


Building Political Will: Ceres


Ceres ( ) will mobilize its business and investor partners to make the economic case for bold U.S. climate and energy legislation. These leaders will take their message to legislators and the media.


Through its network, Ceres is uniquely positioned to bring business, investors, and civil society together to deliver a coherent and credible message on climate and the economy to our legislators. Ceres' approach is also rooted in consensus science. As a business, we felt this was the strongest and most appropriate voice we could bring to bear on the political debate over emissions, clean energy, and the addressing both the causes and impacts of climate change.


Empowering Individual Action: National Parks Conservation Association


The National Parks Conservation Association ( ) will encourage and empower national park visitors to "Do Your Part" to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through the use of an online carbon calculator and social network. Outreach will include dozens of national parks and their local communities, the web, and hundreds of schools.


This project will drive action by connecting with individuals around an expressed interest - usage of the National Park System - and providing the information, tools and community necessary to help support long-term emissions-reducing behavior change. With nearly 300 million visitors to the national parks system annually, this project provides tremendous leverage in its ability to reach vast numbers of people in a meaningful and relevant way.


As a reader of this blog, you probably know we promoted the grant challenge on our network site at, inviting organizations to submit synopses of their ideas and encourage their friends, relatives, and constituencies to comment on the proposals.  


We had three goals in mind when we decided to promote the challenge on JustMeans:

  1. Generate conversation – conversation about climate change, the submission ideas, and our company’s actions in support of our commitment to the environment;

  2. Use online tools to build a social network of stakeholders interested in staying connected with us on issues of social and environmental responsibility; and 

  3. Provide an input to our decision-making process


The challenge was as successful as we could have hoped!  The JustMeans site received more than one million page hits, over 100,000 unique visitors, and created an online social network of nearly 30,000 stakeholders interested in “Changing Climate Change.”  And more importantly, we found four great organizations, each of which will receive $200,000 over the next 5 years to contribute to fighting climate change.


Check out the challenge page at or follow us on twitter:  @brewbetterworld


Happy Earth Day!!



Keurig Water Filter Starter Kit: New!

09-accessories-keurig-water-filter-lgIs your water supply the best it can be or does it taste a bit like chlorine or some other "undesirable?"  If so, then the Keurig Water Filter Starter Kit is a must-have for your Keurig Brewer.

Great coffee begins with great beans, but it’s still about 98% water. The starter kit includes everything you need to start filtering the water in your Keurig Brewer. The Keurig Water Filter comes with two charcoal filter cartridges and when you use the filter in the water reservoir of your Keurig Brewer you are certain to have fresh, delicious, taint-free tasting coffee.

In addition, we also have replacement filters that come in packs of six which is enough for one full year of deliciously clean water. These can be used in Keurig Water Filters for Keurig Single-Cup Brewers.

Please visit today to read more about our K-Cups, single brewers and new Keurig Water Filter system.


Cafe EXPRESS Platinum

bw_platinumceCafé EXPRESS™ just got better!

Green Mountain Coffee® just introduced
an advance level to the Café EXPRESS™
program called Cafe EXPRESS PLATINUM!

After you place your tenth order with Green Mountain Coffee, as a Café EXPRESS member, you will automatically start receiving greater discounts on your coffee – every time you order.

With Platinum you will receive - $2.50 off every box of K-Cups® and $1.25 off every bag of coffee.

Not yet a member of our ‘Automatic home delivery’ program then sign up today and start saving:

  • (1 – 10 orders) $2.00 off every box and $1.00 off every bag

  • (11+ orders) $2.50 off every box and $1.25 off every bag

  • Free Standard Shipping when you purchase 4 or more boxes of K-Cups

  • 10% off on all non-coffee items


Harnessing the Sunshine - Green Mountain Coffee goes solar

solar210x143Yesterday, while taking a stroll across the company parking lot,  I noticed a couple of large trucks with the words, "GroSolar"  along their box sides.  I guess we are getting down to business in the world of harnessing the sunshine.  Green Mountain Coffee is beginning the instillation of one of, if not the largest single-phase photovoltaic array installation in the state of Vermont (100 kilowatt) on the roof of our Waterbury, VT distribution center! 

"This project has been about a year in the making and is the culmination of both our commitment to supporting responsible energy use and reducing our carbon footprint as well as a terrific collaboration with the State of Vermont’s Clean Energy Development Fund, Green Mountain Power, and Gro-Solar.   Our hope is that this project draws attention to the role that solar energy can and must play in our regional, national, and global energy future."  -Michael Dupee   Vice President, Corporate Social Responsibility

Want to learn more about Green Mountain Coffee's commitment to the environment?  Click here.

UPDATE:  Click here to see what our local affiliate Fox 44 had to say about our Solar project.


Special Reserve - Rwanda Lake Kivu, Cup of Excellence 2008

rawanda-lake-kivuEmbark on an extraordinary coffee journey!

Our Special Reserve coffees are handcrafted on small family farms and remote estates. These coffees epitomize our unique approach to sourcing and our worldwide search for coffees with unsurpassed aromas and exceptional flavor profiles.

Fresh from the roaster our latest Special Reserve coffee has made it's debut - Rwanda Lake Kivu. Five years ago Lindsey Bolger, our Chief Coffee Buyer, began working with a group of young coffee professional in Rwanda. All of them had grown up in the wake of the country's horrific civil war. Many had never drank coffee before.  In 2008 these young professionals, now experienced cuppers, were asked to be judges when Rwanda became the first African country to host the prestigious Cup of Excellence® Coffee competition. Their participation was a dramatic illustration of Rwanda's meteoric rise on the international coffee scene.

Lindsey and cuppers

Tasting Notes: Aromatics of black cherry and citrus blossom are perfectly paired with flavors of red currant, blackberry, and milk chocolate. Sparkling clean in finish, with a hint of sweet almond.

All of our Special Reserve coffees are handcrafted, artfully roasted, and limited in supply, but endless in delight.  These unique finds are offered approximately every other month.  Order a bag today!  Due to the limited supply of these coffees, we suggest you place a standing order (Special Reserve Tour) and we will ship all future offers to you within 24 hours of roasting -now that is fresh!


Green Mountain Coffee in the News

Submitted by:  Joey Daniell


Green Mountain Coffee Roasters gives a one-two punch in this month’s Beverage Industry magazine.  Michelle Stacy, President of Keurig Inc., Scott McCreary, Green Mountain Coffee’s Chief Operating Officer, and Larry Blanford, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters’ President and Chief Executive Officer are featured on the front cover while posing behind the counter at GMCR’s Visitor’s Center.  The magazine that focuses on trends, technology and products that shape the marketplace, discusses everything from our multi-channel strategy to brewing delicious Green Mountain Coffee.  This 10 page article is a great representation of our company’s growth and our business strategy.  To read the complete story, go to Beverage Industry article.


Free K-Cups for Life: it could be you!

sweeps That's right; free K-Cups® for life!*

Can you imagine?  Hot Coca, French Vanilla,  Hazelnut, Dark Magic, Newman's Special Blend...all  yours!  Now is your chance to make that dream a reality! Enter the Perfect Cup Sweepstakes NOW for your chance to win.

While you are there, be sure to take our fun Trivia Challenge to test your wits and play the instant win game for the chance to win your very own Keurig® Platinum B70 Single-Cup Brewer or a FREE box of K-Cups®!

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Fine Print:

To play and for official rules, visit
* Coffee for Life will be awarded in the form of a Keurig® Platinum B70 Single-Cup Brewer, a twelve(12) month Signature Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup Tour (including shipping and handling), and $4,000 as a check in the name of the winner.


Not Everyone in your Office Loves Coffee!

Here's the scenario; you've got this great new OfficePRO™ Brewing System that appears to be a complete hit.  You've noticed more smiles in the office, a more vibrant workplace, and you've even been nominated to receive "Boss of the Year" award!  However; deeper exploration turns up a dark secret - not everyone in your office enjoys coffee!  What to do?

Assuming there must be a solution for this K-Cup conundrum, you run to your terminal, type www.BusinessCoffeeExpress into your browser (why don't you have this bookmarked yet?) and click on your Office EXPRESS account.  After a quick scan of K-Cup flavors, you exclaim, "YES! There is a solution: their new Cafe Escapes!"

Adding one box each of Cafe Escapes Dark Chocolate Hot Cocoa and Milk Chocolate Hot Cocoa to your next order, your grin widens - you are a shoo-in for the Boss of the Year award.  And, you just saved $2.50 per box and received free shipping.

cafe-escapes-headerBe sure to try out our new Cafe Escapes on your next Cafe EXPRESS order and let me know what your office thinks.  We are also going to be launching three new Escape flavors soon;  Cafe Mocha, Chai Latte and French Vanilla Cafe-au-Lait.

From small offices to large corporations we have an office coffee brewer to meet your needs.  Be sure to sign up today!


Coffee for your Small Office

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Keurig Small OfficeGreetings!

I'm the new guy here at GMCR but you'll be seeing me more frequently as I talk about our Small Office coffee program.  I'm a long time Green Mountain Coffee fan and before coming to work here I was lucky enough to be with an organization who had a Keurig brewer.  Not only was it an employee favorite, it also saved us and the company time from having to run to the corner store for a "mediocre" cup of Joe!

At Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, we believe even small offices deserve great coffee.  With this in mind, we've developed the new The Keurig Office Pro coffee brewer.

With a small footprint, the B145 Office Pro is designed for offices that have 15 or fewer people.  This dandy brewer is the perfect fit for conference rooms, board rooms, and reception areas and is certain to impress your clients and visitors with hot and delicious coffee in an instant!  And, if you purchase this brewer and sign your office up for Café EXPRESS, you'll receive 48 free K-Cups in addition to free shipping!

We invite you to read more about our Small Office Coffee program today!