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Many of us have a story about how they were first introduced to their beloved Keurig brewer.   My story starts when I was about 22 (wow, 6 years ago!).  I arrived at my dad's house and to my surprise I found a very strange device taking up space on his kitchen counter top.  He explained to me that it was the latest and greatest in coffee makers and that it was going to change the face of morning coffee routines around the world (I'd say he was excited).  I just had to try it out.  I popped a k-cup in the brewer,  pushed the button and waited for my first ever freshly brewed cup of coffee from a Keurig brewer. 

 Well, that's my story.  What's yours?

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Real Simple Gives Props to Keurig Nell's Breakfast Blend

Real Simple is one of my all-time favorite magazines, chock full of useful stuff for real people and lots of practical advice, tips and tools that you can easily and immediately incorporate into your life.

So I was thrilled when Real Simple called out the Keurig brewer on its technology blog, and gave props to one of our Fair Trade organic coffees in its coffee round-up -- all in the same week!

In Real Simple's February print edition, now just hitting newsstands, Nell's Breakfast Blend (one of the coffees we source, package and roast for Newman's Own Organics) was included among eight "buzz-worthy" coffees "worth waking up for."  Nell's Breakfast Blend was recognized as the "best whole bean" in the light roasts category.

And last week, one of Real Simple's guest bloggers wrote a post entitled, "Fueling my caffeine addiction," which is all about her Keurig brewer.  Kristin, the author of popular web site ManicMommies, writes about how her husband bought her a brewer after she fell in love with the one at work (what a guy!).  She mentions the variety of K-Cups and that it's even easy for her 80+ year old grandparents to use!


Golden Globes Go “Platinum” With Keurig

Sally Hawkins won the Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Comedy or MusicalThe Golden Globes may have been a glitzy showcase of A-List talent, but the real stars at the Golden Globes were our Keurig Single-Cup Brewers!

The Keurig bar at the Access Hollywood Golden Globes gift lounge at the Sofitel Hotel in LA was the hippest spot in town.  Keurig Platinum Single-Cup Brewers and K-Cups were gifted to participating celebrities in this exclusive gift suite before the ceremony. 

Celebrities and press alike buzzed about Keurig being the best gift in the suite.  Many prominent luminaries have Keurig brewers on their sets, trailers and dressing rooms and loved receiving one for their homes.  

Keurig is a hot item in Hollywood.  Keurig brewers are in the sets of some of the most popular shows on TV right now.  Have you spotted a brewer on one of your favorite shows?


We Need Your Vote!!!

Yes, the inauguration is next week, but your vote STILL counts and WE need it!

Investment site Motley Fool is conducting a poll - they have identified their top 5 choices for the most socially responsible company of 2008.  The article provides a little background on each company and then invites you to vote.

So who should it be? 

You probably already know a lot about us, given that you are here on our blog, poking around for cool stuff.  Have you checked out our most recent Corporate Social Responsibility reporting data??  If yes, then you know everything we were working on in 2008 and where we hope to go from here (if you haven't seen it, go right to!!)

BUT...did you also know that we were named one of the 10 best stocks of the last 10 years, according to Motley Fool (click here to see that article)? 

And 2008 was a heckuva year for us as well, despite a very challenging economic environment - check out the press from Investors Business Daily (here) or Investopedia (here).

So who gets your vote?  How about a company that's been making the world a better place AND making money for a long time?





Save the chimps. Drink great coffee.

Our founder, Bob Stiller, received a Corporate Social Responsibility award from Dr. Jane Goodall in Washington, D.C. recently. We worked with the Jane Goodall Institute to develop Tanzanian Gombe Reserve, a coffee that helps protect chimp habitat. When Dr. Goodall visited us in Vermont to say thanks, she recieved TWO standing ovations from our employees and gave an inspiring speech about what we all can do to make a difference. The highlight for many, 'though, was her introduction. She started off by giving a dead-on impression of a chimp greeting. Hoot hoo hoooooooooowah! She's an amazing woman.

Craving coffee?

Looking to escape January's frigid temps? 

We're packing up our best selections and Keurig brewers and heading to Boston at the end of the month.  If you live in the Boston area, come and visit us - we'll have a chill-chasing cup of coffee waiting for you!

Boston Home Show - January 23-25, Bayside Expo Center

Boston Wine Expo - January 23-25, Seaport World Trade Center


French Toast K-Cups back for winter!

Good news flavor fanatics:  our Winter Seasonal French Toast coffee is back in both K-Cup and traditional Ground packaging.  Enjoy it's wonderful buttery smell as it brews.

In addition, our dark-roasted Wicked Winter coffee is back too, in K-Cup and Ground

Better get 'em before they run out 'cause they'll be gone by spring!