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Just Drink It.

We often get asked how to pair coffee with food and there are so many ways to answer that question. I like warm cider donuts to dunk in a cappuccino. That’s my own holy grail of coffee and food pairing although in my book any good coffee goes well with a chocolate cake dessert. Especially if the coffee has some cream in it.

There’s no right answer except to experiment. But we can share a few opinions from some of the coffee pros (not us – yes, we make a living from coffee – but I mean the people who make a living from being ‘smart’ about coffee and food.)

Ken Davids, the famous coffee writer and reviewer, once said in a presentation that the whole idea was a little overdone, but that in general, heavy coffee flavors (Indonesians, dark roasts, extra bold K Cups, press pot coffee) go with heavy foods and lighter coffee flavors (Central American coffees, light roast blends) go with lighter foods. He worried that “people feel locked in and loose spontaneity” getting worked up about the right match.

Another writer, Timothy James Castle, says there are two ways to pair food with coffee. Contrast – pair foods with coffees that are very different; or resonance – pair foods and coffees that are similar (a la Ken Davids’ approach). By the way, Mr. Castle also suggests that if you are using coffee to cook with or to flavor a dish for an evening meal, use decaf. Apparently, he learned that lesson the hard way.

If you’re serving good coffee and good food, you can’t go wrong. Happy Holidays!


Big news in Boston

We've had a ball in Boston these past few months, meeting great people at our sampling events and getting out the word on the T and in the papers.  We wanted to do more and started thinking big ... and by big, we mean really big!

Introducing our new, jumbo-sized signs!  Fun to see how they go up and what they look like when completed ...

In progress

the finished masterpiece


 If you're in Boston, check them out and let us know what you think!

Theater District - corner of Tremont & Stuart

Allston - Brighton Ave (near Harvard Ave.)

Downtown Crossing - 52 Summer St.


Where do you Keurig?

Yes, that’s right; I’m using “Keurig” as a verb. Definition: to brew an individual cup of coffee with a Keurig Brewer at-home or on-the-go.

More and more Keurig customers tell us they can’t live without their brewer. And when it comes time for vacation, they wouldn’t dream of leaving home without it. From camping trips to extended road trips, our customers are packing up their Keurig Brewers and bringing the convenience on-the-go. 

Where do you “Keurig”? Are you the Keurig owner who brings it to every hotel like a security blanket? Have you figured out a way to strap it to the back of you Harley or slip it into your carry-on suitcase? Send us your best stories and pictures of where you Keurig.


The Daily Commute

Before moving to Vermont, where the daily commute is a gorgeous drive through the mountains, I was an urban commuter.  Bleary-eyed, coffee in hand, I'd make my way to the subway for the morning ride.  Once on the train, I'd wriggle into a seat and, for lack of other reading material, scan the overhead ads.  Dentures, donuts, language lessons and legal help - it was all there.

Offering a break from the usual, Green Mountain Coffee is livening up the ride.  If you are an aficionado of the Boston T (green line) or bus system, you may note our new transit ads brightening your daily fare.  These posters also offer you a chance to text us your revelation - we can't wait to hear from you!

Boston T Poster


Grounds for Health Featured on Worldfocus

Grounds for Health, a nonprofit organization founded to provide healthcare services to women in coffee growing communities and based right here in Waterbury, was recently featured in a brief documentary. It features a campaign in Jinotega, Nicaragua that treated some of the female coffee farmers in SOPPEXCCA, one of our suppliers. Worth a watch.

Holiday Blend Review

With just one week left for holiday shopping, this may be your last chance to get Holiday Blend Coffee, which scored an outstanding 90 from Kenneth Davids! Of course, all of us here at Green Mountain Coffee were very excited about this!

"A very comfortable coffee. Sweetly balanced aroma: dark chocolate, raisiny fruit. In the cup low-toned, gentle acidity, roundly silky mouthfeel, continued dark chocolate and raisin notes supported by aromatic wood and perhaps a hint of lemon. The chocolate notes persist in the quietly rich finish." -Kenneth Davids, December 2008

Kenneth Davids is the editor of Coffee Review, one of the most respected and widely-read coffee publications in the world. He conducts blind coffee "cuppings" and reports his findings using a 100-point scale, similar to those used in the wine industry. Coffee is judged on aroma, acidity, body, flavor, and aftertaste. Coffee connoisseurs look for a score of 80 or above.

I wonder what Will Ferrel's Elf character would think of this score?  Hmmm...



For Boston readers....

Devoted blog readers might already know that Green Mountain Coffee is spending lots of quality time in Boston these days, both in person at all of our sampling events and in spirit through our inaugural advertising campaign.

For devoted blog readers who are also devoted newpaper readers, we hope you'll look for us in the Boston Globe, Boston Herald, Boston Phoenix and the Metro.  We've already made a few appearances and have a few more surprises in store for the coming months!

Boston Globe ad

Boston Phoenix ad


Keurig: Coffee House Taste in the Comforts of your Home.

Champlain College media students were assigned to create a short video for Green Mountain Coffee as part of their final exam. Their objective: show how using a Keurig brewer at home beats the coffee house hassles.

Here's our favorite video that best hit the mark.


Keurig vs. Coffee Shops: Stretch Your Coffee Dollar

One cup of coffee or five?

In the heart of this recession, you quickly learn to draw the line between “needs” and “wants”. Facing economic constraints, it makes sense to cut back on personal luxuries. Some may cut back on dry cleaning or overpriced, greasy take-out food. Even the luxury of stopping for the fancy coffee house drink may not make the cut.

According to a recent Morgan Stanley survey of 2,500 coffee drinkers, one-third of a very popular coffee chain's customers have cut back on their visits. Their number one reason: cost.  And then there is the everyday hassles of stopping at the coffee house, finding a parking spot, standing in line and forking over $3.00 or more for something you could make at home.  For the cost of a typical coffee-shop coffee, you can have five cups of coffee from a Keurig brewer.

So save money and brew it yourself.  With the Keurig Brewer, enjoy coffee house taste in the comforts of your home. No more waiting in lines, no more inconsistent service. And the best benefit: no more wholes in your wallet. At $0.58 per K-Cup (and even cheaper with Cafe EXPRESS), you can afford to have more than one cup at a time…and maybe a little chocolate syrup and whip cream when you’re feeling luxurious.

But don't just take my word for it, follow the good advice and observations of the folks over at The Motley Fool:

...Green Mountain will continue to do well as folks sidestep the $5 coffees on the way to work and invest in K-Cup home-brewing systems instead.


Help our Waterbury Neighbors!

Ever see a neighbor in need of financial assistance, but didn’t know how to help? Although giving food and clothing to food shelves and shelters help many in need, sometimes people just need money for gas or to pay the heating bill for this month. The Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund, a Vermont non-profit does just that by raising funds for Waterbury residents in need of emergency financial assistance. The money pays for heating oil, rent, car repairs and gas cards. Each year the fund donates $7,000 to residents. This year the fund has paid out about $1,000 per month as the number of requests continues to rise.

On Friday December 5th, we kicked off the GMCDonation Tree Fundraiser for the Waterbury Good Neighbor Fund at the Green Mountain Coffee Visitor Center and Cafe. Check out the video:

You can purchase ornaments to decorate the tree, with all donations going to the Fund or click here to see how you can donate directly to the Fund. The fundraiser is open to everyone and will be going on through January 1, 2009.

We will be matching all money raised, up to $5,000. So far, $310.00 has been raised, so help us help a neighbor out!


Ripped from the headlines...

From the New York Times, Christoph Niemann's wonderful and witty ode to coffee.  These are but a few of the gems!



 (C) Christoph Niemann